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Chapter 152: Baby Ginseng Wants to Evolve Too

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“This silly flower…”

Seeing that Giant Sunflower still did not look very smart after its injuries gradually recovered, Shi Yu patted his hands and walked away from it.


At the same time, the ginseng baby quickly moved away from it.

It was said that stupidity was contagious.


Giant Sunflower swayed and gradually remembered what was going on.

It had been blown up by nutrients!

When it thought of this, its lungs exploded with anger.

It looked at Shi Yu and the others in anger.


However, at this moment, Giant Sunflower suddenly recalled what its teacher had said in its ear just now and could not help but be stunned.

It seemed to make sense.

Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng had said that they were going to battle.

It had underestimated its opponent and thought nothing of it…

So, that wasnt a nutrient for it, but an attack

Giant Sunflower could not help but be stunned.

The idiot was actually himself, not the opponent.

They werent sneaky at all…

It was momentarily unable to accept reality.

“Youve recovered, right Do you want to continue fighting”

Shi Yu looked at Baby Ginsengs unhappy expression and could not help but ask the suspicious Giant Sunflower.

“F*ck!!!” Giant Sunflower suddenly looked over and nodded crazily.

Of course! It wanted revenge!!!

In the hall of the plant garden building.

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As they saw that the Learning who injured the Giant Sunflower had grown up…

However, in the image, Giant Sunflower had already been healed.

“Theres clearly nothing here,” everyone said.

“Yes, but after Baby Ginseng injured the Giant Sunflower, it was healed…”

“Wait, it doesnt make sense again! Isnt slow healing only able to heal oneself… Thats… high-speed healing”

The feed department senior was stunned.

At that moment, before everyone could understand what he said in detail, Baby Ginseng and Giant Sunflower started fighting again.

Then, this senior wasnt the only one whose eyes exploded.

In an instant, everyones expressions were stunned.

In the video, the Ginseng Baby directly connected to the ground and turned into “Earth Ginseng Baby”.

Like a war fortress, it threw out the “nutrients” in its hand as if they were free, forming a “Gunfire Suppression”!

And facing these nutrients, the Giant Sunflower acted like it was facing a great enemy.

It immediately released light from the Sunflower, hoping to detonate them in mid-air.

However… It was useless.

This time, it wasnt a small amount of energy fruits, but the full version.

Before the Giant Sunflower exploded, Baby Ginseng still detonated them itself!

With a boom, white roses bloomed in midair!

A terrifying energy impact instantly spread to the side of the Giant Sunflower, instantly devouring the energy storage beam, scaring the Giant Sunflower into hurriedly pulling open the light screen!

Unfortunately, in the face of the explosion wave, the light screen also shattered instantly.

The energy wave blew the Giant Sunflower away with a bang!

It was ridiculously powerful!

This attack did not cause much damage to Giant Sunflowers body, but it caused incomparable damage to Giant Sunflowers heart!

“F*ck!!!” It looked at the ginseng baby as it created two large radishes in horror.

“F*ck!!” Is this a ginseng baby

Holy **, why does it have so much stamina It can condense a bomb of this level just like that And there were several of them at once

At this moment, Giant Sunflower understood that its strength was not on the same level as the other party at all.

Without looking back, it turned and left, not wanting to be injured by the explosion.

This action… left Shi Yu and Baby Ginseng confused on the spot.

It ran away again

“Are all the pets in this plant garden so challengeless”

It was fine if it was just a weak Violent Wood Lizard, but why was this very strong Giant Sunflower the same!

“So be it.” After a moment, Shi Yu shook his head.

In any case, he had obtained the key skill.

As for Giant Sunflowers other skills, Shi Yu did not fancy them either.

Although its light skills were also very rare, they were not suitable for Ginseng Baby.

Apart from the storage beam, Shi Yu felt that there was another light-element skill suitable for Baby Ginseng.

It might be the combination of fire and light.

This was a type of weather skill, similar to Praying Rain.

It could form a continuous skill with the storage beam.

It was just that he didnt know if Baby Ginseng could learn this skill.

Shi Yu actually lacked a weather skill.

A domain skill that was extremely suitable and could increase the strength of the entire team.

However, because the attributes and battle styles of Eleven, Worm, Ginseng Baby were too different, it wasnt easy to find a weather skill, area skill, and domain skill that could help all three of them at the same time.

Shi Yu looked at the ginseng baby that was holding the Energy Fruit.

It didnt know whether to throw it or not.

“See I told you, youre strong.”

Currently, there was a Ginseng Baby with more than 8,000 energy points with a proficient high-level skill Energy Fruit.

Not to mention this Giant Sunflower, even Yin Zhengfans Zonyan Rock Beast would be unable to defend!

It was only because Elevens max level Hardening was too abnormal and Worms spatial skill was so shameless that Baby Ginseng thought it was useless.

“Youre not really weak.

Youre just weak in the team.”

“(ಥ_ಥ)… Yi…” Baby Ginseng felt that Shi Yu was horrible at consolations.

The confidence it had just regained was instantly destroyed.

After a moment of silence, it ran back to Shi Yus shoulder and asked an important question.


Eleven and the worm seemed to be preparing to evolve.

They were already very powerful.

If they evolved, would their strength become even more ridiculous

This way, wouldnt its junior position in the team become more and more solid

Baby Ginseng didnt want to be an emergency supplement for the rest of its life.

It also wanted to be the main force and trump card of the team!

“Isnt that for sure”

Shi Yu muttered.

After all, in essence, although Eleven and Buggys battle power was off the charts, it was all due to their skills.

Their races were instead a burden.

Although their race had received some enhancements because they had learned a bunch of external skills, there wasnt too much of a difference between them and the original race.

If Eleven didnt use skills and fought with an Ice Dragon cub, it would probably be knocked out with a slap.

As for Buggy… after evolution, their race would completely change.

It would definitely be reborn.


Baby Ginseng expressed its anticipation that it could also evolve.

“This…” Shi Yu said,” In theory, yes.

“Yi (theory)”

“Actually, its quite difficult.”

Ginseng Baby:〒▽〒

“Dont you know When you were at Grandma Lis place, she had already tested if you could evolve…”

“The result of the experiment is that the evolution method of a normal ginseng baby is useless to you.”

Baby Ginseng:!!!

After saying that, Baby Ginseng was dumbfounded.

It really didnt know that the old witch had performed an evolution experiment on it.

Shi Yu continued walking with Baby Ginseng.

The evolution form of [Ginseng Baby] was [Ginseng Fruit Tree].

This evolution form made Shi Yu feel like complaining.

It gave him the feeling that humans would evolve into ginseng fruit trees.

The species itself had completely changed.

It was as ridiculous as a carp evolving into a dragon.

In fact, the ginseng baby wasnt a ginseng, and the ginseng fruit tree wasnt a ginseng fruit tree either.

These werent the same things.

But in short, even though the ginseng baby could evolve into a middle class commander races ginseng fruit tree, it still couldnt escape the fate of the supplements.

Compared to the sweet and slowly healing ginseng baby, the ginseng fruit tree only had two racial skills, Earth Chain and Nutrition.

It still didnt have any offensive skills.

In combination, the current situation was very clear.

The mutated ginseng baby was already much more impressive than the ginseng fruit tree.

This evolution path no longer applied to it.

This Grandma Li had already studied it.

The racial skills that the ginseng fruit tree knew, Earth Chain and Nutrition, had long become the racial skills of the mutated ginseng baby.

It would even have an additional source of life skill.

The evidence was that after Shi Yu had leveled the Earth Chain Point into transcendent, it still wouldnt have reached the maximum level.

Therefore, mutated ginseng babies and ordinary ginseng babies could no longer be considered the same race.

This was also why Grandma Li judged the mutated ginseng baby as a low-level monarch race.

The evolution path of a normal Beast Tamers Ginseng Baby was: Ginseng Baby → Ginseng Fruit Tree → Unknown.

As for Shi Yus Ginseng Baby, it evolved through the mutation of the Fruit of Life.

It was a new evolution chain: Ginseng Baby → Mutated Ginseng Baby → Unknown.

“Dont be too pessimistic.”

Shi Yu smiled when he saw Baby Ginsengs desperate look.

“More than a hundred years ago, a Beast Tamer with the talent ofevolution among humans has already proven that all creatures have the possibility of infinite evolution, all the way to the Mythical Race.”

“So, you must still have an evolution path, but its just unknown at the moment.”

“After Eleven and Buggy finish studying evolution, well consider your evolution path together.”

Shi Yu comforted the ginseng baby considerately.

Although his skill index was not as clear as his evolution talent, if he studied it carefully, he might be able to open up an exclusive evolution path.

After all, there were many evolutionary skills.

He should give it a try.

If he pressed the evolution skills of other plant-type pets onto Baby Ginseng, maybe it could also evolve.

“Yi…!” Baby Ginsengs eyes regained its luster.


“You can choose not to believe me, but you cant not believe that evolution big boss.” Shi Yu pushed the blame and said, “If you cant evolve, go and scold him.”

Baby Ginseng:

“Im just kidding.” Shi Yu chuckled.

However, he also felt that what the evolution big boss said made sense.

Any creature had the potential to evolve into a Mythical race as long as they found the right method.

However, it was awkward that the evolution big boss himself couldnt cultivate a Mythical race or Mythical pet.

It was said that the Beast Tamer had evolved all the pets he contracted into a high-level overlord race before the age of 30, and their strength had all been cultivated to the totem level.

It was also because of this that he was known as one of the legendary Beast Tamers closest to the Mythical Domain, just like the ancient legend Beast Tamers like Emperor Shi.

Unfortunately, although he had created the view that pets could evolve infinitely, before he could evolve into a Mythical species or Mythical pet, this person disappeared.

There were also different opinions about his whereabouts.

Some said that he had encountered an accident while exploring the Mythical Ruins in order to pursue the Mythical domain.

Some said that he left the Blue Planet and went to the Moon to look for evolution materials before getting lost in the starry sky…

There were all kinds of strange theories.

In any case, this Beast Tamer of Dong Huang, who had left a lot of marks in the field of evolution, never appeared again.

“Perhaps he transmigrated..” Shi Yu predicted in his heart.


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