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Chapter 145: The Truth About the History of Icefield

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“Its just a totem that died in an attempt to be reborn.”

“By the way, are you humans of Dong Huang”

Faced with this question, Ice Dragon breathed out cold air.

“Yes, were all from Dong Huang…”

“But, rebirth”

President Feng frowned.

He had a bad feeling.

Damn it.

Rather than having a totem revived, it would be better to let the ice dragon go berserk on them.

The threat between the two was on a completely different level.

“Well, the Ice River Giant is an elemental creature.

After reaching the totem level, its almost immortal.”

It slowly looked at everyone.

It thought that everyone was here to complete the agreement.


But it was also good.

It could continue to absorb energy.

Every time the Ice River Giant wanted to revive, it would absorb its energy.

After two thousand years, the Ice Dragon felt that it was almost at the totem level.

It was awesome.

It felt that it could suppress the Ice River Giant for thousands of years.

“Sister, tell me in detail,” Shi Yu said.

Ice Dragon said, “Call me Grandma.”

Shi Yu: “”

Everyone: “”

Damn, why didnt these dragons follow human social rules

“Grandma Ice Dragon, tell me in detail…” Shi Yu said.

“Then Ill tell you.”

It was rare for an outsider to bring a keepsake over, after all.

Ice Dragon yawned.

“Probably thousands of years ago.

I dont know how long ago.”

“An Ice River Totem was born in this icy plain.”

“This fellow is very greedy.

He wants to expand his territory and enter the sea area.”

“Therefore, it began to use the excuse of protecting humans to let human Beast Tamers help it nurture its clansmen, the Frost Stone Giants.”

“This is also the origin of the Icefield Tribe.

Under the rule of the Ice River Totem, the Icefield Human Tribe and the Stone Giant Tribe have marched into the ocean many times.

The war lasted for a long time.”

“In this war, the entire stone giant race and humans were severely squeezed dry.

In the end, the human Beast Tamers and Frost Stone Giants wanted to resist and didnt want to fight the sea anymore.”

“Later on, just as you humans were rising, the Ice River Totem was directly killed in a large scale battle.”

“However, the Ice River Giant is an elemental creature, and its extremely difficult to die.”

“In a few decades, the Ice River Giant that was killed will be reborn due to the rich ice elemental power.”

“My Beast Tamer, Mu Huiyin, was the strongest expert of the Icefield Tribe at that time.

He was also one of the generals under Emperor Shi and was named General Ice Dragon.”

“Her lifespan is coming to an end, so she might as well directly modify the Beast Taming Space into a sealed space, permanently sealing the Ice River Totem here, cutting off the opportunity for the Ice River Totem to revive.”

“As for me, as her partner, I assisted in suppression and became the guardian of this place.”

Ice Dragon glanced over.

“How did you guys turn this story into that mess about me being sealed here”

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding.” President Feng and the others looked embarrassed.

“Then, what is the agreement about rthe token that you mentioned”

“Back then, Mu Huiyin and I agreed to assist in suppressing the Ice River Totem.”

“The agreement is that when I break through to the totem level and have the strength to completely destroy the Ice River Totem, I can resolve the hidden danger and leave.

Apart from that, when the Icefield Humans in the outside world have the strength to resist the Ice River Totem, there will also be people who will come with a keepsake and cooperate with me to completely destroy the Ice River Totem.

“So, just now, I thought that a Beast Tamer more powerful than Mu Huiyin appeared from the Icefield Tribe with a keepsake.” Ice Dragon looked at everyone.

“Looks like Im overthinking.”

President Feng blushed.

In the current Icefield City, there wasnt even a legendary Beast Tamer, let alone a Mythical Beast Tamer… It was difficult to fight against overlords, let alone totems.

“But its also within my expectations.” Ice Dragon lay down again.

“After that great calamity, Im afraid that the Icefield humans dont have any records of the Ice River Totem anymore.”

Initially, it didnt expect to rely on humans.

“Senior Ice Dragon, the disaster you mentioned just now means…” Lu Qingyi asked with a serious expression.

The first generation of the Dong Huang Dynasty established by Emperor Shi was destroyed for unknown reasons.

This was also a question that modern historians had yet to explore.

Although Dong Huang Scripture was rebuilt by someone else, this reason had always been an unsolved mystery.

“I dont know.

It might be war.”

Ice Dragon didnt mind.

“At that time, I was sleeping here.

When I woke up, the world outside seemed to have changed.”

“Alright, Ive helped you solve your confusion now.

You guys can leave.”

Ice Dragon looked at Buggy.

The blue dragon whisker instantly flew from its hand to the Ice Dragon.

It directly took back its Ice Dragon Whisker.

It was afraid that someone would use this to pretend to be its descendant in the future.

After waking up, it suddenly had an additional worm descendant.

Who could stand this


After the Ice Dragon casually took away the Ice Dragon Whiskers, Buggys eyes widened.

Shi Yus heart was also bleeding.

Holy **.

At least level seven or eight… This top-notch ice and dragon dual-element resource was directly taken away

The problem was that Shi Yu didnt dare to ask for it back.

“Since we brought a keepsake over, then… Do you need us to cooperate with you to completely destroy the Ice River Totem”

Lu Qingyi wasnt in a hurry to leave, but said to the Ice Dragon.

“Eh.” Ice Dragon was just about to close its eyes when it suddenly opened them and looked at Lu Qingyi.

“In this way, you can also leave here and be completely free, right” Lu Qingyi said.

Ice Dragon was in a strange mood.

The problem was, It didnt want to leave.

It could still sleep every day here and absorb the power of the Ice River Totem to quickly become stronger.

It liked this place very much.

Otherwise, why do you think Mu Huiyin made me stay

“You think you can kill the Ice River Totem”

On the surface, Ice Dragon looked at Shi Yu and the others in disdain.

It felt that his breath could freeze everyone and their pets here.

If it really let the Ice River Totem be revived, it would be trouble.

That guy would be even fiercer than it.

Monarchs, overlords, guardians (totems), and myths.

Among them, totems were also called quasi-mythical by Beast Tamers.

At that time, in the entire Dong Huang Dynasty, only Emperor Shi alone could kill totem-level creatures.

Those generals given titles by Shi Di could at most barely resist the totems.

It didnt believe that Lu Qingyi and the others could do it.

“A mere totem.”

“We cant, but the humans now can.

They can take out the power to destroy totems at any time,” Lu Qingyi said calmly.

President Feng, Master Lin, and Commander Hes hearts trembled.

“Mere totem”..

However, from the perspective of the entire human race, this was indeed true.

“A mere totem” The frost dragon widened its eyes.

Were all the Beast Tamers of the later era so fond of bragging

“If the Ice River Totem really revives, I can apply for a forbidden weapon.

The high temperature triggered by hundreds of millions of energy points is enough to instantly kill the Ice-type totem with its attributes.”

Lu Qingyi said.

Compared to ancient times, the reason why modern human societies were relatively peaceful was because the overall strength of humans had increased by more than a little.

A Legendary-level Beast Tamer who could defeat overlord-level creatures…

A top legend who could resist totems and was given a title by the Beast Tamer Association…

There were also Beast Tamers who could kill totems.

The number of Beast Tamers in modern times definitely exceeded that of ancient times.

Not to mention that there was also a super forbidden weapon whose attack range covered half of the blue planet and had the power of a guardian.

With this, it was enough to make those overlords and totems not dare to enter the human countries on a large scale.

They could only stir in a small area of the border battlefield.


Seeing how serious Lu Qingyi was, Grandma Ice Dragons body stiffened.

It felt like this group of people wasnt lying to him

These human Beast Tamers who came with a keepsake really had the ability to destroy totems

“Forget it… I wont trouble you guys.

Ill continue to suppress it here.”

Ice Dragon yawned and said, “Theres no better place to stay than here.”

“When Im tired of suppressing it, Ill ask for your help.”

Everyone looked at each other.

Good heavens, it was a shut in dragon.

Although that was the case, after everyone learned that a totem was sealed here, they definitely wouldnt be able to sleep well when they returned.

Perhaps the Ice Dragon Snow Mountain would be strictly monitored by the Dong Huang Nation for 24 hours.

“That beast tide…” He Biao said.

“The beast tide was also caused by the Ice River Giant.

Its revenge on the Icefield humans and the clansmen who betrayed it,” Ice Dragon said.

This time, everyones confusion was completely cleared.

So, Ice Dragon was taking the blame for the Ice River Totem the whole time

“In that case, well bid farewell first,” Lu Qingyi said.

Since this Ice Dragon didnt have any thoughts for the time being, they would talk about it later.

Moreover, they werent qualified to negotiate with this Ice Dragon.

Since they knew the situation here, it was easy.

Later on, there would be higher-level Beast Tamers coming.

“Wait,” Ice Dragon suddenly said and looked at everyone.

“You wont use that forbidden weapon to blast the snow mountain when you go back, right” Ice Dragon was suspicious.

In theory, these people were far too different from the group of Icefield humans it had promised to protect.

It didnt know what the other party was thinking.

Everyone was stunned.

No, no, of course not!

“No…” Lu Qingyi was speechless.

“Thats good.

Ive shed blood for the human race, and Ive done meritorious service for the human race.

I can be considered your guardian dragon.

I was sealed by the Time Emperor, so you guys have to show some respect.” Ice Dragon was still worried.

“Actually, its not impossible to think about completely destroy the Ice River Totem now.

We have to take our time to consider this.”

Ice Dragon thought about it.

It had slept long enough.

After finishing the Ice River Totem, it would be good to go home and take a look.

“How about this” It glanced at everyone, especially Shi Yu, who came in with the Ice Dragon Whisker.

“Ill return the keepsake to you.” Ice Dragon blew back the Ice Dragon Whiskers as if nothing had happened.

“Well, the energy in that one is almost exhausted.

Give you one more.”

It blew another one at Shi Yu.

Shi Yu took two Ice Dragon Whiskers with a stunned expression.

However, what stunned it the most was that the second Ice Dragon Whisk was filled with vitality and even contained faint dragon might!

“The second one has my Dragon Might.

With this, the ferocious beasts on the snow mountain wont attack you.”

After Ice Dragon finished speaking, Shi Yu was still in a daze.


Skill: Skyfrost Cold Energy

[Skill Level]: Super Level

Its a dual skill of ice and time.

Its a special type of ice power.

After mastering it, you can transform your ice power into Heavenly Frost Cold Energy that can freeze time.

[Do you want to record]

Ever since he entered the ruins space, Shi Yu had always felt that the time flow here was a little strange.

Holy **, what the hell was this skill

If Shi Yu remembered correctly, the frost dragon didnt have this skill at all.

How come the frost dragon even had a time-type skill This wasnt scientific.

However, the ice dragon in front of him was indeed different from other frost dragons.

Shi Yu was silent for a moment, wondering if it had something to do with that Emperor Shi.

Previously, when he learned about this history, he was very excited.

He thought that it was an emperor with the same surname as him.

Perhaps there was another fate.

Later on, after careful investigation, he realized that the other party was called Emperor Shi (Time) purely because he had time-element talent..

His surname was not Shi at all, and this made Shi Yu happy for nothing!


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