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Chapter 144: Origin of Dong Huang

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As Buggy finished shouting, the ruins started to tremble.

Commander He widened his eyes and pointed at the shaking ruins, losing his ability to speak.

What the f*ck!

Did it really react

This f*cking worked

President Feng and Hall Master Lin also had strange expressions and shock.

As for Lu Qingyi, she looked at the Ice Dragon Buggy.

Apart from silence, there was only more silence.

“It must be because of that Ice Dragons whiskers.”

Lu Qingyi kept comforting herself.

That Ice Dragon Whisker was the key to the ruins.

It had to be.

At this moment, as the Ice Dragon Ruins shook, Shi Yu revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“It really moved”

But soon, his expression tightened.

Holy **.

If he really baited out a response, didnt that mean that there was really an ice dragon inside

The few masters also quickly thought of this possibility and couldnt help but freeze.

At this moment.


A terrifying dragon roar suddenly came from the sky, causing the expressions of everyone present to change.


Buggys eyes widened.

It was almost scared to death.

It really made a dragon daddy come out!

The dragon roar didnt hurt, but it seemed to contain a deterrence that made ones heart tremble.

Apart from Lu Qingyi, everyone present was a little pale.

A moment later.

Everyones expression was a little stunned.

Because this dragon roar… clearly conveyed some meaning.

[Im a female! Ive never done it before, so where did this child come from!]

[However, whats with this bloodline connection Where did you guys get it]

Everyone was shocked to the extreme.

Ice Dragon Ruins… Not only was there an Ice Dragon…

And it was a living, conscious ice dragon that could talk!!!

This wasnt the first time the Ice Dragon Ruins released dragon might.

But having dragon might not mean that there were living creatures inside.

Spirit plants like Dragon Soul Grass or transcendent-level deterrence might be preserved.

But a dragons roar, a dragons roar that could answer questions, definitely meant that there was a living dragon!

“I, lets go.” Old Fengs eyelids twitched.

A frost dragon that had lived for two thousand years was at least an overlord!

Moreover, as a dragon, it was definitely the overlord with the highest battle power.

Even if the few of them added up, it wouldnt be enough.

Unless a titled legendary Beast Tamer came.

There was indeed something wrong with this ruin…

“I feel that it means no harm.”

Shi Yu said, “Perhaps, history isnt like legends.”

At least, the stone statue had said time and time again that the legend passed down from the icy plain was wrong.

Perhaps Ice Dragon was a good dragon

Its answer was quite down-to-earth and friendly.

“Its alright, try talking to it,” Lu Qingyi stood at the side and said.

It was as if she had the confidence to face the dragon overlord without fear.

Shi Yu glanced at Lu Qingyi…

He didnt believe that Lu Qingyi was a Titled Legendary-level big boss.

Even if it was an ordinary Legendary or top-notch master, it was a little exaggerated.

However, it seemed that this rich lady had a lot of backup plans.

That made sense.

As an archaeological big shot who often explored Mythical ruins, how could she not have a few trump cards

[Sorry, my pet is playful.

It was just kidding.]

[Its not your child, but we have an Ice Dragon whisker.

Excuse me, is this yours]

[The bloodline connection might be from this.]

Shi Yu used telepathy at the ruins.

In the ruins space.

The frost dragon on the seal was slightly stunned and fell into deep memories.

Ice Dragons Whiskers…

It seemed to have indeed given away a single strand of dragon whisker as a keepsake.

It had been two thousand years.

Someone had finally brought the whisker here.


The frost dragon roared.

In an instant, a huge door appeared in the outside world, in the buildings of the ruins.

It was a passage that connected to the ruins!

Upon seeing this scene, the expressions of Shi Yu and the others changed again.

[You guys, come in.]

The frost dragon sent a telepathic message.

When purebred dragons reached the monarch level, they would awaken their telepathy abilities.

Some spiritual-type creatures also had the aptitude to awaken telepathy.

This talent was not exclusive to humans.

Their telepathy reached everyones hearts, and everyone hesitated.

“You guys wait outside, Ill go in,” Lu Qingyi said to everyone.

“Ill go with you,” Shi Yu said.

Lu Qingyi glanced at Shi Yu and said, “Then dont leave even one meter away from my side.”

The three masters looked at each other.

Are you archeologists crazy

How could they enter

It wanted you to go in, so you went in

They collectively cowered.

They kept feeling that it wouldnt be so easy to come out of the Ice Dragon Ruins space after entering.

“No… Ill go in too,” Master Lin Hongnian said.

He had promised his daughter to protect Shi Yu well.

Although he felt that his battle power was useless at the moment, he couldnt let Shi Yu and Dr.

Lu take the risk themselves.

“Then well follow in too.” Commander He and President Fengs eyelids twitched.

Lu Qingyi glanced at the three Masters.

Seeing their uneasy looks, she couldnt help but feel speechless.

Then, she looked at Shi Yu.

Now, Shi Yu looked curious, expectant, and excited.

She didnt know if she should praise Shi Yu for being brave…

“It doesnt matter.

Just remember to stay one meter close to me.” Lu Qingyi took a deep breath and stepped forward.

Shi Yu and the others hurriedly followed behind her.

A moment later.

Space changed, and the stars changed.

Shi Yu and the others appeared in a completely frozen world where time seemed to have stopped.

The extreme cold was several times colder than the deepest part of the snow mountain.


As soon as they entered, the five of them saw a huge monster at least ten meters tall lying on a huge ice and snow altar.

The creature in front of them had a strong body made of ice rocks.

The color was ice-blue and dark purple.

It looked cold to the bone.

Its body, its neck, head, long tail, sharp claws, and fangs, its four strong feet, as well as its pair of wings, were all made of ice and stone.

Its scales revealed coldness and snow lingered.

“Roar!!!!” The Ice Dragon, who was lying on the altar, glanced at everyone and roared.

Instantly, snow and wind condensed.

During the roar, Ice Dragon glanced over with its deep eyes.

Its little ice-blue beard fluttered in the wind, looking majestic.

It was identical… It was identical to the ice dragon that Shi Yu had seen in the ruins of the trial!

At this moment, Ice Dragon glanced at the insect that had transformed into a frost dragon.

It felt the Ice Dragons whisker in its hand and fell silent.

A worm

This skill… was so familiar.

“Ji…!!” Being stared at by the frost dragon, Buggy cried.

This was all its Beast Tamers mission.

Dont look at it.

The pressure that the real Ice Dragon gave Buggy was too strong.

It wasnt the only one.

The three masters pets, Eleven, who was on Shi Yus shoulder, and Baby Ginseng, who was in his pocket, all had nervous expressions.

Only Lu Qingyis Green Phoenix could still maintain its calm at this time.

[Are you here to complete the contract]

Ice Dragon raised its head and spoke to everyone.


What contract…

Shi Yu and the others were confused.

They felt that they werent on the same wavelength as Ice Dragon.

“Wh-what contract”

Shi Yu asked carefully before filling it in with his info.

“Theres a historical legend outside.

It says that the human tribe living in Icefield City once fought with an ice dragon and sealed the ice dragon on the snow mountain.

However, some people say that this historical legend is wrong.

We came here to explore the real history.”

Ice Dragon raised its huge claws slightly.

What was going on It was sealed Why didnt it know

“I obtained this Ice Dragon whisker from a Dream Shell in another ruin space.

It was it who told me that the historical legends of the icy plain were wrong.

As for what this contract is… we dont know.”

The frost dragon listened quietly.

When it heard the name Dream Shell, it recalled something.

“I see.

Looks like no one remembers the contract anymore.”

“The Dong Huang Dynasty and the Icefield Tribe didnt manage to survive that calamity.” The ice dragon sighed.

It conveyed a message that everyone present was rather concerned about.

“Sister Ice Dragon, I feel that the outside world has misunderstood you.

Why exactly are you here, and… do you know the reason why Beast Tides often happen in the snow mountains Can you tell us so that I can explain to the outsiders when I go out” Shi Yu said.

The moment he spoke, this scumbags true colors were revealed.

Lu Qingyi and the others looked at him silently, especially Buggy.

Good lord, he called it daddy just now, but now he called it sister


The ice dragon hit the altar with its claw and showed a dissatisfied expression.

It was dissatisfied that the Icefield people outside had actually forgotten its existence.

“I am the battle beast of the Ice Dragon General, Mu Huiyin, under the command of the Emperor Shi of the Dong Huang Dynasty.

Im here to suppress the Ice River Totem!”

“You guys say that Im sealed here”

Did they want it to fly away directly and release this Ice River Totem

As soon as Ice Dragon finished speaking, the expressions of the five people present changed again.

Emperor Shi


Was it kidding

The Ice Dragon Ruins that they thought were at most overlord-level actually involved such a deep thing

Emperor Shi… That was the title of the first ruler of Dong Huang.

As for totems, they were known in ancient times.

In modern times, they would be guardian-level!

More than two thousand years ago, a Beast Tamer with Time Strengthening talent rose and stepped into the legendary domain.

He issued a God Annihilation Decree and destroyed countless totem clans.

He threw them into pitfalls, sealed them, and expelled them.

He ended the era of totem rule that lasted for tens of thousands of years and established the Dong Huang Dynasty.

He was known as the Time Emperor.

He was also one of the legendary Beast Tamers closest to the Mythical Domain in human history.

This was the beginning of the rise of the Eastern people, and also the birth of Dong Huang.

“Youre saying that theres a totem under the altar” Lu Qingyis expression was solemn.

The totem era was not a very good era for humans.

Although there were very few kind totems that were willing to protect humans, most of them raised humans as food.

Even after humans developed the Beast Taming Space Talent and entered the mid-stage of the totem era, this phenomenon still did not change.

At that time, humans had become the growth nutrition of many transcendent creatures.

Many powerful totems used the excuse of protecting humans to make humans use the Beast Taming Space to help them nurture their clansmen.

In this era, it was common for Beast Tamers to be forced to contract pets that exceeded the limit of the Beast Taming Space.

Their lifespans were average below 30 years old, and they would die from being drained dry by their pets.

At that time, countless powerful totems competed for the territory of Blue Planet.

All races lived together.

Humans were very low and small, just servants who did odd jobs for many totems.

Of course, it was precisely because of this kind of contempt that they didnt treat humans as competitors.

The thousands of races gave humans a chance to grow.

At the end of the totem era, in the east, the Shi Emperor rose and issued the God Annihilation Decree.

He gathered some Beast Tamers who had escaped the control of the totems and launched a counterattack against the totems.

From then on, the totem era in the East ended and entered the Beast Taming Era.

In the country, humans were supreme, and only pets became slaves..

This history was still clearly recorded, and everyone was not unfamiliar with it.


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