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Chapter 105: Battle Restaurant

There were two ways to register for the vocation assessment.

One was to register at the local Beast Tamer Association, and the other was to register online.

Shi Yu had signed up on the Internet, so he just had to wait for the assessment to start.

“Theres still a day…”

After waking up in the morning, Shi Yu stretched.

At the same time, he thought about whether he should give Eleven and Buggy a double combat strategy at the last minute.

The first stage of the vocation assessment was alright.

It was to verify the Beast Tamers Beast Tamer level and pet level.

It was similar to an interview.

Beast Tamers who reached the threshold could pass.

After being reminded by the panda senior, Shi Yu knew that the most important stage was the final assessment.

At that time, all the candidates who had passed the first three assessments would undergo the ranking battle.

There were no restrictions in this assessment.

For example, some Beast Tamers only cultivated one pet, but if their opponents cultivated two, they could only fight one against two.

To be precise, it was two against three, because in this battle, Beast Tamers could also participate in the battle.

This was to give some Beast Tamers with special talent a chance to display their strength.

Therefore, this time, it was a test of the overall battle power of the Beast Tamer.

For example, the 12-year-old prodigy Zheng Yingjie mentioned might be able to summon three or four pets with his talent.

There were even candidates who had reached the third level in the Beast Taming Space in advance who could possibly summon three pets.

This way, teamwork was especially important.

Beast Tamers who hadnt undergone this training would definitely suffer.

“Panda, Buggy…”

“It doesnt match.”

After washing up, Shi Yu began to think.

In fact, he also trained Eleven and Buggys tacit understanding.

Eleven and Buggy often trained and fought together, so the two pets knew each other very well.

However, due to race and skill restrictions, if they wanted to cooperate, it would be to use the worm silk to control the opponent while Eleven attacked.

Although they could barely cooperate, he felt that there was no qualitative leap.

It wasnt a perfect fit.

It was far inferior to the Dragon Soul Possession Bone Dragon.

The improvement brought by the integration strategy was more direct.

“Forget it, forget it.

Well talk about it in the future.” With the skill “Illusory Phantom”, if he wanted to, Buggy and any pet could cooperate very well, but he needed a lot of time to practice them.

Now, Shi Yu clearly didnt have much time.

Moreover, Eleven and Buggy had yet to master their own pile of skills, so how could they have the time to study double combat tactics

Shi Yu was hoping that Eleven and Buggy could rely on their outstanding individual qualities to fight two to three.

This was also a method.

In short, as long as the pets were strong enough, the number of the enemy didnt matter.

Moreover, Eleven also had the deterrence skill.

“Eh, no one” When Shi Yu came out of his room, he realized that the research institute was cold and quiet.

Only Senior Panda was there.

It was only nine.

He wasnt late either.

“They went to buy experimental equipment.” Senior Panda was preparing a nutritious meal for the little Iron Eaters in the backyard.

“Oh, oh.” Shi Yu nodded.

“Did you have breakfast”

“Do you want to drink the fresh milk prepared for the iron-eating beast”

“Forget it.” Shi Yu waved his hand.

The iron-eating beasts drank too much milk.

He was afraid that it would exceed the metal content.

Panda smiled and said,

“You can go to the school canteen to take a look.

There seems to be instant noodles in the other cabinet too if you want.”

“Then Ill go out and take a look.” Shi Yu didnt really want to eat instant noodles either.

“If you want to go out, do you want to go to your own examination venue tomorrow” asked the panda senior.

“Ancient Capital is still pretty big.

Do you know where your next examination venue is”

It would be too awkward if he missed the assessment because he was late to the wrong venue.

Although it looked pretty stupid, there were such Beast Tamers every year.

When Lin Xiuzhu participated in the assessment back then, she saw someone crying outside the examination hall because he was late… This group of unlucky children.

There were all kinds of people in the world.

Shi Yu exclaimed.

Which examination hall was he from

A certain someone fell into deep thought.

He really didnt notice!

He originally wanted to confirm his location today, but Senior Panda reminded him just in time.

Shi Yu took out his new cell phone and checked it.

“It looks like the Lotus Lake Arena… Ill go take a look later,” said Shi Yu.

“Its quite far from here,” said the panda senior.

“Then why dont… you send me there” Shi Yu was addicted to sitting in the car.

The panda senior rejected and said, “Go alone.

I still have to take care of the iron-eating beasts.”

“Besides, the car was also driven away by Junior Sister Lin Yuer.”

“I understand.” Shi Yu was sad.

The vocation assessment was such a big thing.

Didnt he get the treatment of getting a car

After all, he might become the scholar of the year this year.

Shi Yu went out alone.

But thinking about it, it seemed normal.

This assessment was like the college entrance examination.

The candidates, parents, and official institutions were the ones who thought about it all day.

Although outsiders would also pay attention, they were purely watching the commotion.

Shi Yu didnt have any relatives, so he was definitely being treated like an orphan.

“A taxi, my savior.”

It was not as convenient to buy a car.

Next, Shi Yu chose to listen to Senior Pandas suggestion and stepped on the examination venue in advance.

The Lotus Lake Arena was a very large venue in Ancient Capital City.

It could accommodate 50,000 people at most, so it was definitely not a problem to treat it as an examination hall.

Shi Yu took an hour via taxi before rushing over from the research institute.

Without a traffic jam.

From the looks of it, he had to get up early tomorrow… Otherwise, he would be dead if he got stuck in a traffic jam.

“Why dont we just not go home”

Shi Yu stood outside the arena and was silent for a long time.

Finally, he picked up his cell phone and called Senior Panda.

“Are you there” The other side asked.

“Were here.

Its a little further than I thought, so I wont be going back today.”


Was this how he did things

“Is there still a place to stay At this time, shouldnt the surrounding hotels be full”

“Dont worry,” Shi Yu said.

He had the Ruins bead.

When the time came, he could just sleep on the panda bed in the bead.

Why would he want a hotel

In order to avoid waking up early tomorrow and to consider the risk of traffic jams, Shi Yu felt that it was safer to sleep near the examination hall.

As expected of you, Shi Yu.

He directly eliminated the risk of being late.

He sure was smart.

“Then, alright.”

Regarding this, Senior Panda was speechless.

However, during the vocation assessment, in order to avoid some unnecessary trouble, she seemed to have rented a room near the examination hall.

This was indeed the easiest way.

After saying goodbye to the panda senior, Shi Yu hung up.

He looked at the arena.

At the moment, the arena was in a sealed state.

People were gathered around.

Judging from the age distribution of the crowd, they should be similar to him.

They were all here to set the stage in advance.

In other words, they were all competitors…

“Forget it, lets not think too much.

Lets find a place to eat first.”


After confirming the examination venue, Shi Yu began to pay attention to his stomach.

He definitely didnt have time to eat breakfast, so he might as well eat lunch now.

He held his cell phone and started to search for restaurants nearby through the food reviews.

To be honest, Shi Yu really found a restaurant that looked impressive.

Halberd Eating Garden.

Upon seeing the name, Shi Yu felt that this place was not bad.

It might even be a little trashy.

This was a national chain restaurant that mainly used transcendent creatures as ingredients to make fantasy-level food.

It was spread all over nine first-level cities.

The head chefs were all food Tamers with professional strength and big bosses in the cooking world.

At the moment, this restaurant was the most popular.

Shi Yu opened the comments and immediately knew the reason.

This was still a high-level battle restaurant.

The restaurant was in the midst of an activity.

As long as any Beast Tamer who participated in the vocation assessment passed the battle test in the restaurant, the meal would be on the house.

“Its a fancy promotion.” When Shi Yu saw the rules, he immediately thought to himself that these guys were business masters.

He understood the rules.

Generally speaking, the restaurants welcomed the Beast Tamers who participated in the vocation assessment to eat.

After the meal, the restaurant would arrange for two guests to battle.

The winner of the battle was directly exempted.

The losing party only needed to pay their own expenses, and there was no need for additional payment.

From the looks of it, the store was at a huge disadvantage.

Not only did they have to waive a single order, they also had to provide the venue.

It was a discount activity that was beneficial to all the customers.

However, when Shi Yu saw the price of the food, who would believe that the store would lose money

As long as enough people went, even if only half of them spent money, the restaurant would still make a killing and even become famous.

This marketing method was worth learning for other restaurants, because in this way…

“If every restaurant is like this, wont I be able to freeload every meal”

Shi Yu was clearly very confident in his own strength.

He headed straight for the restaurant.

He clearly knew that the restaurant was baiting, but who would think that they were being baited

Moreover… Shi Yu didnt just do it for free.

“Eating is secondary.

Why dont we take the opportunity to let Buggy battle”

Shi Yu thought to himself that the vocation assessment was coming soon.

Apart from fighting Eleven, Buggy had never fought other pets.

Should he let it experience it in advance Otherwise, Buggy would fail at the critical moment.


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