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Chapter 104: This Shi Yu Is Poor

“His Beast Taming Talent is Spatial Strengthening Talent.”

Speaking of this talent, Zheng Yingjie showed an envious expression, almost drooling.

“Didnt you say just now that it was a special talent Why did it become a strengthening talent…” Shi Yu curled his lips.

“Ah, sorry.

There are two Spatial Strengthening Talents.

One is Spatial Strength Strengthening Talent.

This classification is Strengthening.

Its used on pets.

Its also very strong.”

“His Beast Taming Talent is Beast Taming Space Enhancement.

Its used on oneself, so its a special type.

It can strengthen the Beast Tamers affinity for the Beast Taming Space and strengthen the strength, scale, and environment of the Beast Taming Space.”

“Let me put it this way.

Ordinary Beast Trainers can only contract one pet.

They can contract transcendent race pets, but with this talent, they can contract two pets at the trainee stage and contract commander pets.”

“The Beast Taming Space, after it reached the second level, would make it so that the upper limit can contract four pets, which is twice that of an ordinary Beast Tamer.

At the same time, the growth level and race level of the contracted pet are also higher than that of a Beast Tamer of the same level!”

“This is the Beast Taming Talent of the legendary Beast Tamer Yin Zhongrong, the legend of the ancient capital.

If his son also inherits this talent, that would be awesome.

He would definitely be another legendary Beast Tamer in the future.”

Beast Taming Space Strengthening Talent

Good lord.

Shi Yu was stunned.

This guys talent was so unscientific!

It was cheating!

How were the other Beast Tamers supposed to deal with this

However… his skill index wasnt much better.

It seemed to be cheating in other aspects too.

He had already mastered one of the combination skills mastered by a master-level Beast Tamer.

On the other hand, Beast Tamers who had the Beast Taming Space strengthening talent could enjoy the benefits of the high-level Beast Taming Space at a low level.

He felt that this Beast Taming Talent was also very fragrant.

[Skill index, skill index, you have to be more careful.

Its fine if you say that theres a limit to the number of skill replications, and its fine if the teaching cost is so high, but you actually have some confidence.

When can you be a little more promising and evolve an ability to replicate Beast Taming Talents] Shi Yu thought.

Shi Yu expressed that he also wanted to learn skills.

“This talent is low in the top 30.

I feel that it can be ranked in the top 20 since ancient times,” Wang Le said.

Zheng Yingjie said that the Beast Taming Space Enhancement talent could also be ranked in the top 30 of all Beast Taming talents.

Regarding this, Wang Le denied his views.

“Who cares This kind of thing has never been ranked official before.

In short, its very strong,” Zheng Yingjie said.

“But the more powerful this Beast Taming Talent is, the greater the burden on Beast Tamers.”

“I heard that Legend Yins money to buy cultivation resources every year is insane, you could travel around the world with that.

Its slow enough for ordinary people to increase the level of the Beast Taming Space.

Its only harder for Beast Tamers with Space Enhancement talent to increase the level of the Beast Taming Space.

Its purely a rich mans talent.”

“However, with a legendary father, Legend Yins son should be able to cultivate very comfortably.

He probably grew up on a pile of Ethereal Stones.

His first pet must also be of a high race.

Its so frustrating!”

“My Legendary Beast Tamer Father”, Zheng Yingjie also wanted to be able to say a sentence like that.

What kind of vocation assessment was this He came to participate in the vocation assessment at the age of 12 purely to attack people.

Everyone looked at Shi Yu in unison.

Strangely, Shi Yu looked calm at that moment.

He didnt seem to be under any pressure

What was going on Why was he not worried

Shi Yu was stunned and said, “What are you looking at me for”

There were also rankings for those who passed the vocation assessment.

Rankings were also the goal of many quasi-level beast tamers.

The few of them thought that Shi Yu was lazy and did not want to compete.

“Arent you going to compete” Senior Panda leaned against the wall and hugged her chest.

She smiled and saw through Shi Yus true nature.

To put it bluntly, someone like Shi Yu lacked motivation.

“Eleven has mastered so many powerful techniques and even a combination technique.

Its not necessarily inferior to those supernatural commander-level beast pets.”

“Why dont you guys give it a try The higher your ranking, the greater the benefits.”

“For example, if you can rank in the top 20 of this years assessment and enter the Ancient Capital University, not only will you be exempted from the four-year tuition fees, but the school will also provide a huge enrollment scholarship and credits that can be exchanged for various resources as a reward.”

“As for the top five… the top-grade commander-level beast cub school can also get you one of their cubs.

Its not too much to say that its a 10 million-level scholarship.”

“First place, well… there should still be cultivation resources worth tens of millions.

After the annual vocation assessment, its very common to try and keep people in.

The main reason is to prevent the genius beast tamers from taking the assessment in the ancient capital from being transferred to other top-level colleges.

Therefore, the school will spend a lot of money to keep these geniuses,” Senior Panda said.

This was the advantage of being in a top-notch school.

As long as one had talent, they could compete and nurture many resources.

It was far easier than obtaining resources in society.

“Thats right.

Junior Shi Yu, charge.

Theres only one chance,” Zheng Yingjie and the others said.

At this moment, after everyone finished speaking, Shi Yu was slightly stunned.

Not hidden benefits, but true gold and silver How could they be so direct

He had already decided to enroll in the Ancient Capital Universitys Department of Archeology.

Because it was introduced by Senior Lu, the benefits and treatment were probably not bad.

However, this was indeed a little suspicious…

If he could use his potential to obtain resources, he might be able to use it more comfortably.

After all, the discovery of the Iron-eating Beast Ruins was considered one.

In addition to the vocation assessment, it should be able to represent his comprehensive potential… This school might indeed be a very good place to develop.

“I didnt say that we werent competing… But theres no need to risk our lives.

Lets just perform normally.” Shi Yu said seriously.

Originally, he was also prepared to test the results of his training with the vocation assessment.

This time, he had an even more important reason…

Alright… whether it was a bone dragon or a dragon soul, or a twelve-year-old kid, although he still didnt know how powerful they were… For the sake of the scholarship, please experience the weight of nearly ten million supplements later.

That night, when he heard that Shi Yu had returned to the ancient capital, Hall Master Lin also returned to the Iron Beast Research Institute.

In order to study the evolution of the Iron-eating Beasts and find experimental subjects, he had been so busy these days that his scalp had gone numb.

In order to study the evolution of the Iron-eating Beasts and find experimental subjects, he had been so busy these days that his scalp had gone numb.

For example, it was not a bad thing to have researched the evolutionary materials that determined the evolution potential of the iron-eating beasts.

Instead, it was a good thing.

This greatly reduced the threshold for ordinary beast tamers to nurture iron-eating beasts to evolve.

This allowed the iron-eating beasts to have good value in the low-level, middle-level, and high-level markets.

Now, it was a pity that the Iron-eating Beast only displayed combat value.

Now, the Beastmaster Association favored the beast pet races that had low requirements for evolution and could evolve smoothly and bring huge financial benefits.

For example, a pet that could produce such resources was a pet that could bring financial benefits.

And those pets that could farm.

This kind of pet that had mastered special abilities was the main demand in todays era.

This was also why some researchers had been studying the evolution of the Green Silkworm in exchange for fame and benefits.

The Green Silkworm was highly malleable and had many evolution directions.

Perhaps they could develop an evolution form that could cause changes in a certain field.

However, the evolution form of the iron-eating beasts was actually not bad.

After all, the upper limit was a high-end battle power that might approach the overlord races.

If high-level battle power was thrown into the wild for future city developments, the economic benefits were not bad, maybe even better.

With such a racial level and the fact that the Iron-eating Beast was a unique pet of the Dong Huang, it was not impossible for the Iron-eating Beast to become the “national treasure” of the country.

The final goal of the Iron-eating Beast Research Group was to operate the Iron-eating Beast into one of the national treasures of the Nation.

Regardless of whether it could succeed in the end, when the time came, Shi Yu, who discovered that the Iron-eating Beast had evolved, would definitely become popular.

He would directly gain both fame and fortune.

“How nice.”

At night, because Shi Yu said he wanted to see the iron-eating beast evolve, Hall Master Lin Hongnian directly let his iron-eating beast out.

Then, they saw Shi Yu go up and touch and pet it as if he had seen a relative, leaving Lin Hongnians Iron-eating Beast at a loss.

This guy wasnt even petting his own Iron-eating Beast baby, so why would he be petting a twenty-year-old Iron-eating Beast veteran

[Confirm recording]

Skill: Inner Power

[Skill Level]: Super level

Status: no target

Before long, Shi Yu stopped with a smile.

The other skills werent important.

He had to let Eleven learn this godly skill quickly.

After Lin Hongnians research, this skill, even if it didnt cost him, had very strong battle power.

As long as the iron-eating beast didnt release its strength and was in a restrained and cute state, it was actually a process of accumulating strength.

It was equivalent to the Iron-eating Beast being able to slowly accumulate additional energy in its body even at full strength, waiting for the time to directly erupt.

Now, Shi Yu was very curious if he could teach super skills with his physique.

As he was too anxious to verify it, Shi Yu didnt talk to Hall Master Lin and the others about the research progress and the vocation assessment for too long.

He directly returned to the room and summoned Eleven.


After coming out of the ruins bead, Eleven looked at Shi Yu in confusion.

Then, it quickly saw Shi Yus expression.

Shi Yu even revealed a look of despair.

Skill: Inner Power

Status: Cannot be taught

“Damn! Why!”

Shi Yu: ¥#% # ¥#% #% #


It was the same as the super skill Plant Control!

It couldnt be taught!

At that time, Shi Yu concluded three reasons.

There were two reasons why pets didnt have enough compatibility and strength.

Shi Yu didnt believe that Eleven wouldnt meet these two conditions.

So, it could only be the third reason

Third, his physique was still too lousy and insufficient to withstand the teaching of super skills.

The index was afraid that he would die, so it didnt allow him to teach.

Just like the cooldown time, it was a protective mechanism… Shi Yu hated it!

As expected, it was because he was too lousy

“Wu wu”

Although Eleven didnt know what had happened, it couldnt help but pat Shi Yus thigh comfortingly when it saw his depressed look.

Its alright, its alright.

Relax, he still had Eleven and Buggy by his side!

“I still hate it.” Shi Yus eyes were filled with tears.

It would take nearly a week to teach high-level skills, so super skills would probably be even more terrifying… When exactly could he teach them

This was still an entry-level super skill.

If he still needed to increase some proficiency, Shi Yu didnt dare to imagine what he would become.

Not only was the learning difficulty higher than low-level skills, but it would also be difficult to increase proficiency in the future… It was so tiring.


Eleven looked up.

Was everything alright now If so, it would go back to train!

“Yes.” Shi Yu said weakly, “Its time for the assessment soon.

Just warm up appropriately.

Why are you training Come, do two sets of papers with me.

Then, be good and turn into a big bed and sleep.”


Eleven: (๑ ╯ ╰ ) Let the worm do it.

It can change many more ways than I can!!


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