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“What terrifying raw physical strength he has!”

The Iceworm Fourth Elders pupils trembled as he looked at Chu Kuangren.

Even a Seventh-grade Gilded Immortal like him was sent flying with a single punch.

Chu Kuangrens power as a Physical Gilded Immortal was much more terrifying than he imagined!

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren attacked immediately right after, not even giving him the chance to react.

With his surging Immortal Core energy, he unleashed various divine abilities and Immortal Techniques continuously!

However, those techniques were just only to distract the Iceworm Fourth Elder.

Chu Kuangrens real weapon was actually his indestructible physical body!

Using a barrage of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities as a shield, Chu Kuangren steadily approached his opponent!


By the time the Iceworm Fourth Elder could react, Chu Kuangren had already appeared in front of him.

His lethal close-combat techniques erupted at once!

Using his fists, elbows, fingers, palms, knees, feet…

Chu Kuangren had seemingly turned his body into the most violent murder weapon in the world.

He unleashed all sorts of refined combat techniques without restraint!

The roars of a dragon reverberated through the surroundings.

As Chu Kuangrens fists and palms landed on the Iceworm Fourth Elders body, cracking and crumbling sounds were heard.

His opponents body was on the brink of shattering.

“D*mn it!”

“Blizzard Overworld!”

Huge amounts of freezing qi spread out from the Iceworm Fourth Elders body, freezing everything in the surroundings.

Soon, Chu Kuangrens body was covered with a layer of frost.

However, his body trembled once and instantly shattered the ice!

“Very well.

If its a close combat you want, I shall entertain you!”

A ferocious look appeared in the Iceworm Fourth Elders eyes.

He shielded his body with a layer of Immortal Core energy and immediately engaged Chu Kuangren in battle.

Their fight was like a battle between two ancient wild beasts.

Just the mere shockwaves produced from their battle had caused the surrounding terrain to crumble into pieces!


As their fists collided once more, Chu Kuangren and the Iceworm Fourth Elder were both forced back hundreds of meters.

“Haha, Chu Kuangren! I bet the poison must have seeped into your bones by now! Time is running out for you!”

Everyone else was a little confused by that.

However, only the iceworm cultivators from Frost Dragon Mountain knew what was happening, so they sneered.

“The Fourth Elders Iceworm Poison is among the most lethal in the Frost Dragon Mountain.

Even an Arch Gilded Immortal would feel his limbs going numb after getting poisoned, let alone someone like Chu Kuangren.”

“Thats right.

During the closed-combat fight with Chu Kuangren, I bet the Fourth Elder mustve secretly injected some of his Iceworm Poison into his body.”

“So what if hes a Physical Gilded Immortal Once hes inflicted by the Fourth Elders Iceworm Poison, his death is certain.

Hed only live longer than other Gilded Immortals at most.”

The iceworms of Frost Dragon Mountain were engaged in a discussion.

Upon hearing their discussion, everyone else understood the situation.

“I see.

It turns out that the Fourth Elder already had something prepared.

Thats why he was willing to engage with Chu Kuangren in a closed-combat fight.”

“I thought he was out of his mind for picking a close-combat fight with a Physical Gilded Immortal.

Well, it looks like experience trumps all in the end.”

The Iceworm Fourth Elder looked at Chu Kuangren with a sneer, as if victory was already his.

However, Chu Kuangren merely chuckled.

“You id*ot!”

The qi and blood within Chu Kuangrens body that contained dense Gilded Trait suddenly erupted.

The roars of a dragon sounded again, followed by countless bolts of Blood Lightning in the air!

That attack was incredibly terrifying!

The Iceworm Fourth Elder was blown away uncontrollably with blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

“This… This is impossible! How are you not affected at all”

“Did you think I wouldnt notice that Iceworm Poison you injected in me earlier Shame on you for using petty tricks!” said Chu Kuangren indifferently.

With the Demonic Omnitoxin Technique, every poison was no different than a supplement for him to strengthen his body.

The same thing could be said for the Iceworm Poison.

“D*mn you!”

The Iceworm Fourth Elders expression was extremely grim.

He looked at the other Gilded Immortals from the Frost Dragon Mountain, seeking to ask their help to defeat Chu Kuangren.

However, a mysterious energy fluctuation that made his scalp tingle suddenly appeared.

He looked at Chu Kuangren and saw a pair of purple eyes.

‘Thats the Violet Eye!

Chu Kuangren activated his Violet Eye Technique!

His extremely powerful soul energy immediately struck the Iceworm Fourth Elders soul.

That soul energy was not enough to destroy the Iceworm Fourth Elders soul, but it was enough to stun the Iceworm Fourth Elder for a brief instant!

That brief instant was enough for Chu Kuangren to make his kill!


Having activated the Violet Eye Technique to stun the Iceworm Fourth Elder, Chu Kuangren immediately charged toward his opponent.

A bronze halberd appeared in his grasp!

“Great Wasteland Halberd, Great Wasteland Subjugation!”

The Great Wasteland Halberds final technique erupted!

A terrifying surge of Immortals Core energy containing Golden Immortal Sparks and qi blood was released in quick succession!

That attack directly landed on the Iceworm Fourth Elders chest.

Sounds of bones cracking sounded, followed by a mist of blood that spewed out!

The Iceworm Fourth Elder was immediately sent flying and crashing into several frost mountains.

Snow continued to fall as winds blew, and smoke and dust rose into the air.

The Iceworm Fourth Elder was seen lying deep beneath the ground.

The Daoist patterns on his body had crumbled, and he was bleeding non-stop.

The next instant, he immediately reverted to his true form.

However, every sign of life gradually exited his body, leaving only a stiff corpse behind!

The Fourth Elder, a Seventh-Grade Gilded Immortal, was dead!

When the members of the Frost Dragon Mountain saw that, their faces immediately turned pale with horror, and their pupils trembled!

That was the Frost Dragon Mountains Fourth Elder!

He was the only elite second to an Arch Gilded Immortals power in the Frost Dragon Mountain!

However, Chu Kuangren killed him with a halberd strike just like that!

Chu Kuangrens power was simply shocking!


Whos next” said Chu Kuangren indifferently, his menacing gaze sweeping across everyone present.

Anyone who met his gaze trembled and shuddered uncontrollably.

All of them were horrified.

At that moment, two incomparably powerful auras appeared within the depths of the Frost Dragon Mountain.

An overarching Arch Gilded intent appeared and enveloped the whole of Frost Dragon Mountain.

“Its the Mountain Ruler!”

“And the Senior Elder!”

The iceworm cultivators were overjoyed upon sensing those two Arch Gilded intents.

It was as if they had found their pillars of support.

Two white-robed figures were rushing toward the area.

It was an elderly white-haired man and a hulking middle-aged man.

They both looked at the severely ruined Frost Dragon Mountain with grim expressions.

“Chu Kuangren, youve gone overboard!” the elderly white-haired man said coldly.

He was the Frost Dragon Mountains Senior Elder.

“Oh, you want to fight me as well” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

He was calm and fearless despite facing two Arch Gilded Immortals.

With a wave of his sleeve, the Gates of Hell appeared, with its vast Yin qi spreading everywhere!

The Underworld Skeleton General walked out, his Arch Gilded intent causing the surroundings to quake!

“Chu Kuangren, I know you have an Arch Gilded Immortal at your side.

However, theres only one of him, and there are two of us from Frost Dragon Mountain.

If you dont stand down and surrender now, Id rather risk facing karmic repercussions just to kill you on the spot!” the Iceworm Senior Elder said coldly.

“If anyone dares lay their hands on the Ghost Emperor, I shall lay waste to this whole terrain!” the Underworld Skeleton General said coldly.

With a wave from his sickle, vast surges of Yin qi were sent everywhere.

Soon, the surrounding winds and snow were filled with a creepy intent.

“You only have one Arch Gilded Immortal, yet we have two.

All we need is for one of us to keep you occupied while the other kills Chu Kuangren! It wont be a problem for us!” the Frost Dragon Mountain Ruler said indifferently.

“Ha! What if I join them”

At that moment, an apathetic voice sounded.

Another Arch Gilded intent approached from a distance as an elderly white-robed man walked proudly toward them.

His Immortal Sparks radiated brilliantly while his aura caused the area to tremble!

“Hes… The Feng Clan Forefather!”

“The Feng clan… One of the Eight Golden clans.

Why has their forefather come to interfere in this”

The Feng Clan Forefather came to Chu Kuangrens side and said indifferently, “If you want to harm my Master, youll have to go through me!”

“Old Man Feng, have you pledged your allegiance to Chu Kuangren!”

The Frost Dragon Mountain Ruler was in disbelief.

‘The Feng Clan Forefather is an Arch Gilded Immortal.

How did someone like him end up serving Chu Kuangren!

“In this Era of Great Battles, I believe my Master shall be the one to stand at the peak of power in the Immortal Dao.

Whats wrong with serving him” the Feng Clan Forefather said calmly

“You people of the Feng clan are quite bold.

To think youd dare to place your bets on him!”

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