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Lao Yang walked into the classroom at this time looking extraordinarily different.

His face was rosy and energetic with just a glance you would know something good happened.

And as expected as soon as he entered the classroom, Lao Yang excitedly announced.

“My dear students, I have a good news to share to you.”

When the students heard him say that, they were also excited as well.

“Teacher, is there something wrong with the school! So you’re giving early vacation!”

What could be better news for struggling high school students than a vacation.

“Nonsense! Why do you always think about vacation! There will always be vacation but honor is hard to come by!”

He took a stack of certificates out of his bag.

“The results of the math competition are out, and the certificate is in my hand now.

This time, several students in our class have won and we are the class with the most competition awards in our grade.”

“The students whose names I read out, come up here and get your certificates.”

“Gou Honghui, third prize at the provincial level.”

“Zhang Qiong, still third prize in the province.”

“Wu Yanan, second prize in the province.”

“Finally congratulations to student Lin Suno who won the first prize at the provincial level.”

High school math competition was divided into preliminary round, leagues matches and final rounds.

The preliminary round was mainly held by the schools to select students who were qualified to participate in the league.”

After the league matches, only the provincial first, second and third were awarded.

The senior high school mathematics was not divided into grades, all students in the provinces took the exam together.

For the junior students, just getting the award against a strong opponent who has studied two years more than them was already a big deal.”

To get the highest award in the league and the provincial first prize in the whole high school he or she could be called a fighter that dominated the academics.

When Lin Suno went to receive his certificate, the students all cheered and congratulated him, admiration and envy were evident in their eyes.

Lao Yang still could not hide his joy after he issued the certificate.

“A lot of people think that the provincial round is the last step to qualify for Olympiad Game but in fact it is not.

Besides the provincial round, there is national level it’s just that the students who take part in national competition are very few, these were the students who won in the provincial level and are basically ignored.”

“But today I am very happy to tell you that our school—a total of six provinces of which could qualify to enter the national competition and our school got in.

Two of the them are from senior three, they are Shi Chen and Zhao Qiang and the third one is from our class.”

Lao Yang’s gaze fell on Lin Suno and his hard to conceal excitement and appreciation.

“He is our classmate Lin Suno! I’ve been teaching at Yang Chuan for so many years but it’s the first time I’ve come across a major competition that made it to the national level.”

“Suno, your math teacher asked me to tell you that he feels he is no longer qualified to teach you.”

The class erupted into laughter.

“Hahaha I think it’s not just the math teacher, which teacher in our school will still feel qualified to teach Lin Suno.”

“Lin Suno, the biggest bottleneck in teaching for Yang Chuan teachers.”

“Hahahaha, our class god of learning is also too much for our class leader.”

With all this admiration and praises, Lin Suno seems to be unperturbed.

This was actually in his expectation so when it was time to announce the results there was nothing to be surprised about.

After class, Shi Ning saw a group of people surrounding Lin Suno in their daily superstitious (bewitching) behavior of Senior class A.

In other words—

Worshiping the God of Learning.

She also followed the hustle and bustle of the crowd, learning to worship this certain god with folded hands.

Lin Suno saw her, he stood up from his seat, pushed through the crowd and walked towards Shi Ning.

Shi Ning smiled.

“I also want to worship you hoping I can be as good as you in the future.

And also congratulations ah, I’ll cheer for you in the finals.”

In fact, she was actually trying to cheer him under the guise of worshipping the god of learning.

“Can you all stop surrounding us for a moment”

Lin Suno suddenly felt that the others were a bit in the way.

And just like trained soldiers, when everyone heard him give the word they immediately dispersed.

Lin Suno picked up the certificate he received on top of his seat and Shi Ning took it to look at it.

“So this is what the certificate for the competition looks like.”

Mathematics competition, a words that was too distant for her before.

In place where educational resources were severely lacking only a few students could pass the undergraduate line each year, and the entrance exams were struggle not to mention any competitions.

In her last life, she had never even heard of the word mathematics competition.

“Do you have the test paper of the competition, can I see them”

She hadn’t seen it before, but now that she had the chance to see it she wanted to see what the legendary mathematics competition papers were like.

“There is.”

Lin Suno answered and took out the copy of last year’s exam questions for the Olympiad competition from his desk drawer and showed it to Shi Ning.

Shi Ning took it and looked at it carefully.



Well she don’t understand most of them and it was also not the same level as the ones she usually review on.

These days she worked so hard reviewing and solving some problems, in fact Shi Ning has a thorough understanding of the key points and difficulties of mathematics, physics and chemistry in the first grade of senior high school.

She was also confident that she could get full marks on their weekly math quiz.

But the competition problems, many of the question she read were confusing.

“It’s so hard, if I were to do it I would definitely fail.”

Shi Ning sighed.

“You have not exposed to it before so it is normal that you don’t understand these topics, since this has long exceeded the outline and some of them used advance mathematical knowledge you will only learn in college.”

Shi Ning was surprise, she originally thought that these were only high school level and did not expect that some were in college level.

This competition paper was like opening a new door in front of her eyes.

“So you’ve learned college math too”

She had reviewed and solved questions in advance but mainly on what she has learned.

Some people however have become abnormal enough to start with college level problems.

“I have a textbook of advance mathematics at home and I occasionally look at it.”

Lucky for you, you can understand it by just looking.

Shi Ning slandered inside.

“Actually there are things that I can’t do and I am still learning them slowly.

This is just provincial level the really good ones are in the national level.”

Lin Suno added.

Shi Ning once again sighed, her eyes still looking at those competitions questions.

“All of you who study for the competition are too good, those who can enter the national competition are gods, aren’t they”

Except for him, all those who entered the national competition this time were in their third year.

Shi Ning heard from Lao Yang also that Lin Suno was the first person to qualify for the national competition that was only a first year.

After the class ended she secretly ask Lao Yang, Lin Suno rank on this competition as second in school while her brother was the first, but even with that said Shi Chen was already graduating and Lin Suno was still in first year.

Also, her brother failed to enter the national competition when was still a freshman unlike Lin Suno.

Lin Suno was simply an unbelievable existence.

The god of learning was the god of learning after all, also the reason why he was god because he was not a human being in thr first place.

Lin Suno saw novelty and interest in her eyes.

“Do you want to learn”

Shi Ning looked up from the paper and gaze at him with astonished eyes.

She did not have this idea before, after all she would probably take the path of liberal arts in the future.

If she couldn’t enter the national and win the prize in the mathematics competition it would be impossible to get additional points therefore the competition doesn’t help her in the college entrance examination and naturally there’s no need to try.

Lin Suno met her eyes.

“If you want to learn I can teach you.”


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