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This hug in the midst of the crowd caught Shi Ning off guard as the surrounded also gasp with surprise.

The plot reversal was too fast!

Jin Sihan asked for leave of absence and didn’t come to school because he was sad about his relationship with Yu Chuyao.

But seeing him hugging Shi Ning, what does this mean now And looking closely at his face that was full of vitality it doesn’t looked like he was saddened and hurt by love.

After Shi Ning reacted, she immediately pushed him away.

“What are you doing”

Seeing them hugging in public makes her feel embarrassed.

“I’m just happy to see you, I couldn’t hold it back for a while.”

Shi Ning strangely looked at him up and down twice.

“I’m afraid the fever hasn’t gone yet, right”

Otherwise, why did you go crazy!

Jin Sihan sighed.

“Ningning you are always so dense.”


When Yu Chuyao looked at this scene her heart was like stabbed by a knife, she softly once again called Jin Sihan’s name.

Jin Sihan acted as if he didn’t heart it and said to Shi Ning.

“Let’s go back to class.”

They were about to walk towards the school building when there were two people came blocking their way.

It was Nan Xiao and Lin Suno.

Nan Xiao looked at Jin Sihan who was standing next to Shi Ning.

“You’re back”

Jin Sihan smiled at him.

“I’m back.”

Nan Xiao sneered coldly.

“As soon as you came back you directly stick yourself to women, and didn’t bother to greet your brother first.”

Jin Sihan lowered his eyes and looked Shi Ning beside him with a smile.

“There’s nothing wrong with sticking to Ning….ah brother Xiao what are you doing!”

Nan Xiao came over and grabbed him directly by the back of his collar and dragged the naughty boy towards his side.

Before leaving he gave Shi Ning a cold look with bad expression.

Shi Ning who was glared at by his sharp gaze felt puzzled.

What’s wrong with him

Regardless of Jin Sihan’s struggle, Nan Xiao drags him away like father to his naughty son in public.

Shi Ning could see that he was in a bad mood otherwise why would he be violent to Jin Sihan which normally he shouldn’t be.

Moreover, he was just recovering from a serious illness…

“What’s wrong with him again”

Lin Suno still hasn’t left, and since he came with Nan Xiao Shi Ning thought he should know what happened so she asked him.

The teenager’s light brown eyes fell on her shoulder where Jin Sihan had just place his hand to hold her.

“Why did you let him hug you”

His answer to her question directly confused Shi Ning.

“I didn’t let him hug me.

I don’t know what’s wrong with that kid today, he was still probably sick with a fever and still not well.”

Then can I hold you when I get sick and have fever

And if I am also sick and feverish will you look at me more

You treat him as a brother but he is already treating you as a woman, fool.

Lin Suno looked at her in silence and saw that Shi Ning was feeling uncomfortable all over by his stare.

Realizing that he had a lost a bit of control withdrew his fixed gaze at her.

“You should pay attention in the future, after all it is a school and Sihan– he is not a child anymore.”

“Oh, I know.”

Being educated by the god of learning, Shi Ning could only listen obediently.

Jin Sihan’s behavior was indeed out of ordinary, if this was seen by the teacher they would be labeled as early love.

Meanwhile Jin Sihan was carried by Nan Xiao all the way to the back playground of the school.

Nan Xiao pushed him against the wall and his action was a little rough, his stern eyes locked on him.

“Why did you hug her And yesterday it was useless to persuade you no matter who tried talking to you but after Shi Ning visited your home you got better all of a sudden”

Nan Xiao added.

“If I didn’t know I’ll think Shi Ning is the reason you got broken hearted.”

Jin Sihan was very calm unlike his usual self who immediately begs mercy or acting like a baby whenever he sees brother Xiao angry.

It seems that he had matured a lot.

“Brother, do you like Shi Ning”

He asked in a light voice with a smile.

Nan Xiao said in a cold voice.

“Who are you to meddle in my affairs”

“En, because I like her.”

When he said this, Nan Xiao’s expression was even uglier.

“Do you know what you are talking about”

Jin Sihan did not hesitate to admit.

“Of course I know.

Brother I found out that what I felt for Sister Chuyao was not liking, I would want to get close to her and be with her but I don’t have any desire to ** or any impulse towards her.”

“You mean by saying these, you all have feel this on Shi Ning”

“En, while she was at my house taking care of me she fall asleep beside me on my bed.

I tried to kiss her while she was asleep.”




His words instantly enrage Nan Xiao, who vigorously yanked on his collar and raised his fist.

Jin Sihan said in a light voice.

“My mother is dead, brother you may have to enter soil first if you want to f̲u̲c̲k̲.”

The anger in Nan Xiao eyes receded in half, and his hands loosened the force.

“Are you serious”

“En serious, for the first time since I was a kid I want to be serious.”

He let go of his hand walked to the side and took a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it up and held it in his mouth.

The scarlet fire on the end of the cigar stick was bright.

Nan Xiao remained silent unable to see what he was thinking.

When Lin Suno came over, he saw this scene.


TL: and let the battle begin!! It’s a battle of wits and who Emperor SN favored most (¬‿¬) but if I were to say with just one word from SC the three of them are immediately K.Oed  (─‿─) what’s more they were not her top 5 priority..

tsk tsk tsk (⌓⍢⌓〣)

But I am still for Lin Suno!!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و 


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