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These days, she watched Nan Xiao and Shi Ning get closer and closer.

That’s when she knew that her path of approaching Nan Xiao was no longer viable.

But luckily she still had Sihan, who was her only solace during that time.

But even if he’s good, he was just a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ not enough to compare with a real ruler of the Jin family.

She thought she had found a mountain she could rely on the day he invited to see her.

But she didn’t expect that overnight the man who had been sweet-talking her before would instantly turn his back on her.

She just wanted to find a reliable support! She just wanted to pursue her own happiness, did she do anything wrong Why would god do this to her!

Yu Chuyao who lost everything, this day completely collapsed.

“You are all responsible for your own fault, it has nothing to do with me.”

Shi Ning did not even wanted to look at her more than once, she turned her head to looked at the female classmate who was slapped.

“Don’t be afraid of her, justice and fairness should be exercise and even the most powerful have to be reasonable first.”

Shi Ning then added.

“She dares to beat you, you fight back.

Shi family side, I’ll cover for you.”

The girl looked Shi Ning in surprised.

This young lady, after her life and death accident had been preoccupied with studies.

And this big Buddha now does not care about anything.

But today, she actually stand up for her because she was beaten.

“Shi Ning…..”

The girls were flattered and almost shed tear from their overwhelmed emotions.

This time the bustle was so loud and the girls who get Shi Ning’s support no longer stopped.

She put her arms ready to fight.

“Fight sister, the first lady of the Shi family has spoken.

There is no time to wait, if you don’t get angry now when will you take it out!”

“You dare!”

Yu Chuyao’s eyes were about to glare out.

The girl hesitated.

“But, didn’t you guys just say that you have to look for the master to beat the dog, I……”

“Isn’t the master here Who doesn’t know that Shi Ning is the apple of Master Shi’s eyes and the little princess favored by the four families.

Compared with some people who were raised as a dog in the Shi family.”

Looking clearly at Yu Chuyao’s face now, they used to see how good she was but now she was nothing but disgusting.

“Who are you calling dog! You shameless—”

Yu Chuyao rushed over and tried to slap the girl who scolded and called her dog.


But the girl she has just hit, threw a slap at her face first.

Yu Chuyao’s face was full of disbelief.

“You actually dare to hit me!”

Her eyes were vicious and frightening making the girl who hit her scared by her look that she couldn’t help but hide to Shi Ning.

“Shi, Shi Ning you have to help me.”

A person who originally looked perfect was now frighteningly crazy that no one had ever seen and this was no other than Yu Chuyao.

However Shi Ning was not surprised, this was her nature before it were suppressed for too long.

“I made her fight, so come at me with any grievances you have.”

Anyway the two of them does not have a day or two grudges, also Shi Ning does not care.

Besides Yu Chuyao does not dare to do anything to her.

Yu Chuyao clenched her fist as her face paled.

“Why, why are you pushing me so hard If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Since she woke up from her accident slash suicide, everything changed and everyone’s eyes started to revolve around her.

She tried desperately to do her best by maintaining the most decent and perfect words and actions every day.

Just to prove that she, the adopted daughter was no worse than Shi Ning.

But in the end, everyone was still the same towards her!

“Why should there be you, how good it would be if there was no you.”

Yu Chuyao said with a trembling voice.

Shi Ning didn’t want to pay attention her crazy talk and said to the girls.

“Let’s go, let her go crazy alone.”

Yu Chuyao looked at Shi Ning’s back as she walked forward, remembering her life that was ruined by her.

She squatted down and picked up a stone from the ground.

It’s all because of her!

It was all because she tattled in front of Jin Sihan that she lost the only the person who truly loved her.

It’s all because of her!

If it wasn’t for her Nan Xiao and Lin Suno, they wouldn’t be so indifferent to her.

Most of all Shi Chen, if it wasn’t for Shi Ning how could Shi Chen hate her!

It’s all her, it’s all this woman’s fault.

What does she know

She had everything since she was born!

People like her who have never been to hell don’t understand her suffering!

Yu Chuyao stared at the back of Shi Ning’s head as the stone was clenched tightly in her palm.


A voice suddenly sounded, Yu Chuyao’s hand loosened down.

She turned her head and saw Jin Sihan who came from the outside of the school entrance.

He has his signature smile on his face.

The corner of his lips curved up revealing a bright white neat teeth, and the sun shone on him as if the whole world had lit up.


At this moment when she saw Jin Sihan, Yu Chuayo was moved by her true feelings.

Her tears fell at once and she just wanted to throw herself into his arms.

Jin Sihan walked towards the side step by step.

And Yu Chuyao gaze at him intently.

“Sihan, are you feeling better I was worried about you, I sent you many messages.”

She walked over to him and tried to hug him.

Jin Sihan dodge her arms, and swept past her.

Then stood in front of Shi Ning.

Shi Ning was surprised, thinking that since he has still fever yesterday he won’t be coming today as well.

She was even ready to stay at his house for a day, so she did not expect him to come to school today.

“Why did you come to school”

She questioned.

“You said for me to come to school quickly, so I came.”

When Shi Ning heard him say this, she smiled.

“When were you so obedient How come you never listened to me when I used to tell you to study hard”

“I am listening now.”

After he finished this sentence, he took a big step forward and stood closer in front of Shi Ning, looking at her with curved smiling eyes.

Seeing him looking happy and could came back to study she was happy for Jin Sihan.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but sighing at this little brother’s self-preservation.

It was too strong, just yesterday he looked like he was ready to die than to live.

And a night just passed, now he was glowing and more radiant.


Nan Xiao and Lin Suno saw Jin Sihan coming from the gate walking towards Shi Ning.

“This kid finally figured it out.”


“Come on, let’s go and welcome him.”

The two young man were raising their legs and walked over to Shi NIing.

When they saw a scene.

Jin Sihan was standing in front of Shi Ning where students and teachers passes by and walking around during the time when recess was dismissed.

He opened his arms and hugged Shi Ning who was standing in front of him.

“Ningning, I’m back.”


The author has something to say:

Nan Xiao and Lin Suno’s face were both dumbfounded.

Ah ah ah ah ah so annoying to wrote and write, the author wants the tree of them.

Simply the female heroine alone is beautiful that all three of them belong to me.

Oh no brother Chen have no blood relation, elder brother also belong to me = 3 =


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