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During recess, the student council counted the number of students in their class and as usual one person was missing.

Jin Sihan still didn’t come to school.

Everyone looked at the vacant seat and couldn’t help but talk about it.

“Jin Sihan has been sick for almost a week now, why hasn’t he come to school yet”

“I don’t know what kind of illness it is that can take so long to be cured.”

“If it was that serious, he would have gone to the hospital.

I heard that he didn’t just want to come to school and stayed at home.”

“Ah is that allowed I don’t want to go to school either, can I take a time off”

“Keep dreaming, they are the members of the F4.

The school is very tolerant towards them compared to them were normal people who don’t have this privilege.”

When these girls were discussing, it so happened that Yu Chuyao walked past them.

She was unusually silent these days and her face was not looking good, she looked very haggard.

“Yu Chuyao is also strange this days, I remember before Jin Sihan call in a sick leave the two of them were very close to each other.”

“Haven’t you heard, everyone speculates that Jin Sihan’s leave of absence this time is not due to illness but love injury Although they have been hiding it, someone saw Yu Chuyao acting like a spoiled child to Jin Sihan.”

The gossiper continued.

“They even saw Jin Sihan skipped classes to buy donuts for her on the East Street.

Looking it like that they should be together.”

“Heck, East Street is quite far from here, right Jin Sihan is really spoiling her.”

“Oooooh the little puppy is so sweet, I also want Young Master Sihan to fall in love with me.

So did they broke up Why ah With Jin Sihan’s face who can bear to break up with him! Yu Chuyao has no eyes ah.”

They were still whispering and discussing and didn’t notice that they were too excited making their voices raised higher.

Just in time to be heard by Yu Chuyao who was in front of them, she looked back and stared at these few girls who were gossiping about her and said in a cold voice.

“Aren’t you done”

The girls looked at each other and lowered their head in embarrassment.

“What kind of stuff were you talking about me eh”

She looked at them and sneered.

The girls looked up in surprise, somewhat unable to believe what their ears heard.

Yu Chuyao usually appears in front of everyone as a gentle and elegant lady and usually speaks in a soft voice.

But now she actually could be sarcastic and ridicule people

“What are you looking at it’s you, you just said I don’t have eyes right Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and see what you look like.”

“Hah! You even want Sihan to fall in love with you Stop dreaming!”

These days she has been too stifled but her aggression has no place to vent, this time finally she could blow it to someone else and ease her tense self.

The tiger was bullied by the dog, if she endured any longer then doesn’t that mean that anyone could step on her!

The girl whose face she scolded was blue and white for a while.

“Just because you’re pretty you think you’re that great.

Has Sihan ever seen you like this, a shrew If he was, he would not like you.”

Yu Chuyao laughed.

“If he doesn’t like me, do you think he will like you You are nothing.”

“Aiyo1 you think you can talk to me like that as if you are someone distinguish No wonder Shi Ning doesn’t like you, your true face has long been expose to her.

Although our family is not as good as the Shi family, but my parents are my biological parents ah.”

“At home I am treated as their little princess, what about you An adopted child pretending to be someone noble ah, really a damn big white lotus.”

One of the grumpy girl couldn’t help but spit at her.

“No matter what I do, it’s not your business to say anything!”

Yu Chuyao said and raised her palm and hit the girl.


The girl was so angry after being hit and wanted to hit back but was shocked with Yu Chuyao’s sinister gaze.

She changed from the usual, decent and delicate girl as her expression was wildly hideous.

“You dare to hit me Go on and try! Old Madam Shi loves me so much, if you hit me the Shi family will not let you go.

So what if you have your biological parents”

Yu Chuyao crazily continued.

“A small family like yours is easier to crush like an ant by the Shi family.”

“Forget about it, the dog still has to see the master.

Sisters endure.”

The girl next to her advised.

Yu Chuyao’s slap was not weak at all, after hitting the girl’s face few red marks were visible on her face.

Seeing this, the girl’s eyes immediately flooded with tears while looking at Yu Chuyao with hatred.

“What is there to put up with, mad dogs should be beaten.”

Among the crowd of spectators, someone came out and spoke.

It was Shi Ning.

Yu Chuyao saw Shi Ning’s expression was more distorted.

Seeing this, her gaze turned like a hardened poisonous snake.

“Shi Ning, I am like this today was all because of you!”

These days she couldn’t contact Jin Sihan, guessing that he already know about her and Jin Shang she sent him many messages to explain.

But Jin Sihan didn’t reply even one message to her.

What broke her the most was that, just last night Jin Shang suddenly sent her a text message.

[We don’t have to see each other anymore.]

Then she received a transfer of 100,000 on her card.

Jin Shang’s style was clear to her.

Unlike Jin Sihan and Lin Suno who were still students, they don’t see the cruelty and wasn’t involve in the world that much yet.

They were simple minded, so they were more soft heartened and easy to manipulate.

And even if Jin Shang was not like Nan Xiao, a breakup was still a breakup.

To begin with they were not friend first unlike Nan Xiao.

So even if she wanted to tangle up with him again, let alone 100,000 she couldn’t even get a cent from him, instead he would be annoyed with her.

And Jin Shang has plenty of means to make her doomed, after all she was not Shi Ning.

When necessary the Shi family would give up on her.

But still—


His breakup fee is only 100,000

Any fool could see that he was humiliating her.


Aiyo1– interjection a surprise


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