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When Jin Sihan opened his eyes, he saw Shi Ning asleep with her head resting on the side of his bed.

He was actually very sleepy too, but he kept holding himself up and didn’t let himself fall asleep.

Because she said so.

To guard him and wait for him to fall asleep before leaving and if he doesn’t sleep then she does not need to leave, right

From the day he received that text message from Nan Xiao, deep inside he wasn’t that quite sad.

In his impression, Yu Chuyao had always been a warm big sister and every time he saw her she was gentle and serene, which would remind him of the mother deep in his memory.

That’s why he likes to be closer to her.

He doesn’t know if this kind of closeness was considered male-female love or to say romantic love.

And after being restrained for a long time, he would like to taste and feel how to fall in love.

But he did not expect that Yu Chuyao still could not resist his brother, also even if it was him, between him and Jin Shang.

He would also choose Jin Shang, right

The hard part for him was not only the betrayal of Yu Chuyao but also the feeling of bondage that was crushing him of not escaping his brother’s control.


It was half true, half false and most part of it was for his brother to see.

He had long guessed that his brother would get Yu Chuyao once he knew they were together.

He just did not expect that it would happen so quickly.

It seems that everything she had showed to him were all lies.

Jin Sihan looked at Shi Ning who was sleeping next to him.

For some reason, tonight she seems to be too much attractive in his eyes.

She makes him feel warm and relaxed, the things that he had never said and was buried deep inside his heart were actually very easy to say to her.

When she was fast asleep, she heard Shi Ning’s soft and light mumble.

Her long, curly eyelashes fluttered gently and her pink cherry lips closed again.

Jin Sihan didn’t know if his fever had burned his brain as he actually wanted to kiss her.

His hand couldn’t help but reach out the tip of her nose, the small, upright curved that was so beautiful.

Shi Ning’s mobile phone began to vibrate at this time.

When Jin Sihan took a look it was Shi Chen who called.

He picked it up for her.

Shi Ning was woken up by the sound of him talking.

She rubbed her eyes.

“I fall asleep.”

“Brother, you should come soon.”

Jin Sihan hung up the phone after saying this.

Shi Ning looked at him with her mobile phone on his hand.

“Who’s calling”

Jin Sihan gave the phone back to her.

“Your brother, he saw that you are not back and it’s already late.

He was worried that something happened to you, don’t worry.

I told him to pick you up, he’ll be here in a while.”

Shi Ning took a look at the phone time, it was already 11:30 p.m.

No wonder her brother was rushing her home, she didn’t even know when she had fallen asleep.

Shi Ning looked at Jin Sihan worriedly.

“I’m going home, are you feeling any better”

Jin Sihan showed a smile.

“Much better.”

Shi Ning again reminded him.

“After I left remember to take your medicine on time.”


“No one is allowed to take it all in one go, read the instruction clearly.”


“If you don’t feel well you must tell us right away, call my number or Suno or whoever comes to mind.”


“After you get better, remember to come to school.

Your grades are already bad if you go on like this—do you want to go to college”


I’ll listen to you.”

Jin Sihan looked at her with a smile from the beginning to the end of her nagging, completely, whatever Shi Ning said he would respond.

Ten minutes later, Shi Ning’s phone rang again.

It was Shi Chen who was calling her, he was downstairs and was waiting for Shi Ning to go down.

Shi Ning looked at Jin Sihan again with pity in her eyes and before she left, she once again touched his forehead.

“Sihan be good ah, sister will come again and see you.”


He also raised his head slightly and rubbed it against her palm.

“Sihan you looked like a puppy if you’re like this.”

Shi Ning couldn’t help but chuckle.

When she got up to leave, Jin Sihan suddenly called her out again.

“Ningning can I ask you a question”


Jin Sihan sat up.

“Do you think one day you will like my brother”



“You’re going a bit too far, I was kind enough to take care of you for a day so why are you suddenly asking me a disgusting question before I leave”

When he was a child, he abused his younger brother.

And now that he was all grown up he let his brother wear a green hat.

It took Jin Sihan eight lifetimes to have such brother.

She now feels sick just hearing the name “Jin Shang”, let alone being with him.


Jin Sihan suddenly laugh.

What’s so funny about that

“It’s fine, it’s fine, you go now.

Don’t let brother Chen wait too long.”

Jin Sihan smiled while waving his hand at her.

Shi Ning went downstairs with a puzzled face.

“Ningning ah, if you were as cute as now why would I have to looked at Yu Chuyao.”

Jin Sihan said as he looked at her back with his narrowed eyes and said softly.

In his heart no matter before or now, what he knows was that Shi Ning was more important than Yu Chuyao.

Perhaps she was too important that he was afraid to like her.

Because he knows that as long as he likes someone, his brother would find a way to steal her away.

Moreover growing up, Shi Ning was getting grumpy and was always chasing Nan Xiao every day.

Also he feel that he cease to exist, but he notice Yu Chuyao’s gentleness and her big sister image.

And only tonight did he seems to understand what could be considered a real like was.

It was out of control emotion, strange and intense.

Just like now, he would like to kiss her petal like pink lips.


The author has something to say: Yu Chuyao is a front hhh, brother did not actually go too far.

The translator also has something to shout say: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


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