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Just after entering the house, Jin Sihan collapsed into the sofa as his whole body had been drained.

Shi Ning touched her forehead and it seemed to be hotter.

“You can’t do this, let’s go to the hospital.”

Shi Ning said trying to pull him up and drag him to the hospital.

Jin Sihan tugged her back.

“I’m not going.”

“You’re not going to be okay like this.”

“You go get me a cup of hot water, cough.”

Seeing his stubbornness, Shi Ning immediately got up and poured him a glass of warm water.

Jin Sihan propped his hands on the side of the sofa and made a move to get up while Shi Ning was supporting him.

She bought a lot of medication, thinking that it would be good to be prepared so she bought all the medication he might need.

“Ningning is really worried about me ah-”

Jin Sihan said with a light smile.

Then take his medication.

His action was very fast.

He opened the pill box then read the instructions on how often he need to take it before drinking it.

After eating the antipyretic, cold medicine and even the stomach medicine that Shi Ning bought for him.

Is this person insane…

Shi Ning stopped him and snatched all the medicine out of his hand.

She stared coldly at him.

“I didn’t buy these pills back for you to drink them all tonight.”

Jin Sihan raised his lips with his pale face.

“I’ve dutifully taken all my medicine so I don’t have to go to the hospital.”

Shi Ning was both angry and felt sorry.

“You’re not a child anymore, you can’t be so willful.

You have to go to the hospital when you’re sick.”

She pause and asked again.

“Why do you hate going to the hospital so much”

Jin Sihan looked sideways as his body curled on the sofa with a pillow in his arms.

“Because that place, many people can die.”

Something explode in Shi Ning’s head all of a sudden.

She thought at first that maybe he was too lazy to go because he was afraid of the hassle, or maybe he was too afraid of the pain from the injection or something like that.

But she never thought it would be this reason.

The usual lively and radiant Sihan was in fact the most repressed and vulnerable one.

He always brings joys to others, but deep inside he also wanted someone to give him a little warm.

“Then let’s not go.”

Shi Ning said softly.

“You go to bed, I’ll watch over you.”

“How can I do that, you still have to go to school tomorrow.

You’d better call your family to come and pick you up soon.”

“I’ll go back when you’re asleep.”

Jin Sihan in the end listened to her and went to his room to lay down on his bed.

Shi Ning was afraid that he was burning uncomfortably so she went and get a wet towel and put it on his forehead.

After Jin Sihan closed his eyes for a few minutes, he opened them again and turned his head to look at Shi Ning who was sitting next to him.

“Ningning, I can’t sleep.

Let’s talk for a while.”

“How can you not feel sleepy That pharmacist told me that the medicine for fever will make you sleepy after you take it.”

He turned his eyes sideway and stared straight into her eyes.

“But I want to talk to you.”

Because of the cold, his voice was a bit hoarse making his voice trailed off and sound like he was a bit pouting.

“Then what do you want to talk about”

Shi Ning thought for a moment and asked.

“Do you feel better now”

“You mean that aspect”

“Your emotional wound….”

After all he neglected himself because of that aspect and got himself sick, physically instead.

Jin Sihan smiled.

“I’m better now that you’re with me.”

“When you are sick, is there no one at home to take care of you”

“My family doesn’t know.

My dad doesn’t care about me anyway, my brother was here before but he had some business trip these two days.”

When Shi Ning heard him mention his brother, she stood up immediately in shock.

“Your brother Why is your brother here He didn’t do anything to you, did he”

Her sudden outburst caused Jin Sihan to freeze for a moment then said.

“It seems you remembered after all.”

“Don’t worry, he didn’t do anything to me.

He hasn’t done anything on me in a long time.”

Shi Ning let out a sigh of relief and resumed her seat as she frowned.

“Then what is he doing here”

She was now hostile towards Jin Shang, a person who could abuse her brother was simply a devil.

“To take care of me ah.

I am sick so my brother did not go to the company for two whole days and even his work is done at my house.”



If not for the memory of Jin Shan mistreating him, Shi Ning could have praised him for his deep brotherly love.

“Your brother, isn’t it have any split personality”

She didn’t hold back and asked.

“Of course not.

He was really sick when he was a child, and as you’ve know I was not born from Madam Jin.

I came to live in the Jin family when I was five years old, brother at that time has serious condition and is always irritable.”

Jin Sihan continued.

“Especially irritated to me since he sees me as an outsider which make him unhappy and upset so from time to time what you see when we were a child would happen.”

“That was an emotional outburst, losing control of his self to the point of hitting people.

Why didn’t he get sent to the hospital for treatment instead of allowing him at home all the time And condone him to keep hitting you”

Shi Ning said as there was a hint of anger in her tone.

“Because he was the heir and eldest young master of the Jin family, the only successor of the Jin family in the future.

From childhood to adulthood, my brother was perfect in the eyes of outsiders.”

“His treatment was arrange by a private doctor at home, father wouldn’t let anyone know about it and since my brother doesn’t beat other people beside me and oh it should be said that other people don’t dare to provoke him.”

Shi Ning didn’t know how Jin Sihan managed to say all of this on a lighter tone.

When she heard that, she felt cold all over.

Seeing that she did not look well, Jin Sihan turned around and comforted her.

“Were you scared Don’t be afraid, my brother didn’t do anything to me after he got well.

Besides, he was very good to me except for his strong desire for control.”

“That doesn’t erase the fact that he hurt you, does it”’

Shi Ning was still angry, she couldn’t imagine a child who had just experienced his biological mother’s suicide in front of his eyes and was right after brought into a strange environment instead of giving him enough love and warmth.

He was left to languish in another hell.

“It’s all in the past.”

Jin Sihan smiled at her.

Shi Ning always felt that there was something hidden behind that smile.

The two talked for a while, and on the contrary Jin Sihan was not sleepy at all but Shi Ning was.

Jin Sihan was like a child, pestering her to sing and tell him a story.

After she finished one, he wanted to hear another one again.

That night, Shi Ning felt like she became a mother—that was too early for her age.


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