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She really couldn’t understand how such person could live alone.

“I’ll go get your medicine.”

Shi Ning stood up.

Jin Sihan pulled her back.

“There’s really no need the fever isn’t bad.”

“When you have a fever high or not you should still take the medicine.”

“It’s too late, it’s not safe for you to go alone I’ll accompany you.”

When he said this, he also stood up and followed Shi Ning.

However Shi Ning pushed him down.

“It’s windy tonight, so don’t go out.

You’re a patient, be good and wait for me at home.

I’ll be right back.”

She remembered that there seemed to be pharmacy near his house and should be a ten minute walk away.

After going out, Shi Ning gathered her trench coat.

It’s kinda cold tonight.

After walking for a while she found the pharmacy, and asked the pharmacist for the medicine she needed.

Shi Ning then headed back.

Not long after leaving the pharmacy, Shi Ning had some odd feeling that someone was following behind her.

She was nervous and quickened her pace walking back.

“Little sister, where are you going all by yourself”

Three young man that looked like a hooligan stopped her.

By the looks of them, they were not much older than her probably high school students.

Shi Ning ignored them, intending to walk around them and continue walking.

One of the boys pulled her back.

“Hey it’s the first time I’ve seen a girl as pretty as you.

Which school are you from Let’s get to know each other.”

“You let go of me!”

Shi Ning struggled.

These boys were obviously drunk, and was planning of dragging Shi Ning not letting her go until she provide her contact information.

Shi Ning was so frightened that she hurriedly took her phone and tried to call her family.

“You let her go.”

In the darkness, a boy came out with a cold voice.

The three boys turned their head and laughed.

“Hahahahaha, what luck do we have tonight.

How come not just one but two good looking are out, eh brother are you some star”

“Sihan why did you go out”

Shi Ning asked in confusion.

“I remembered that this neighborhood is prone to some punk like them, at night.

You’re pretty it would be dangerous to walk alone.”

Shi Ning: “………..”

We can’t go anywhere safe we’re just a weak woman and a patient!

The good thing was that Shi Ning felt that the three did not really want to hurt her.

They were just a little delirious because of alcohol.

“You guys let go of me, I’ll give you my contact information.”

When she saw Jin Sihan she wasn’t so scared anymore and her reason came back.

“Yes, yes beautiful.

Should I scan yours or should you scan mine”1

“…..I’ll scan yours.”

She had no choice but to pull out her phone with the intention of adding them then blocked them afterwards.

The young rascal looked at her scanning his code when his line of sight could not help but glance at her breasts.

“Sister, you are so well developed.”

His mouth was watering as he spoke.

Another boy also pulled out his mobile phone.

“Beauty, scan my code also.

This brother is more powerful than him hehehehe.”

Shi Ning tried to bear her discomfort and planned to solve it early so they could leave early.

At that moment a violent voice interrupted their scanning activity.

“I’ll scan your mother !!!”

Jin Sihan couldn’t bear it and rushed over to the boy with lewd smile on his face and punch him.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, you f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ dare to hit me.

Guys hold him for me.”

The boy covered his face and shouted in pain.

The few other punks saw this and immediately jumped at Jin Sihan.

Several people quickly tangle and beat each other.

It was Jin Sihan versus the three boys.

Shi Ning originally thought he was the kind of person who would fall down easily if touched.

And the last time Nan Xiao and the other took him to fight together, Jin Sihan was quite weak in her impression.

This time to her surprise, he was actually quite capable of fighting.

Three people were beating him but he was still able to dodge some of them and hit back.

If he hadn’t been sick, she was afraid that three hooligan wouldn’t be able to beat him.

She rushed to call the police with her phone.

Her eyes were fixed on the scuffle when she called the police.

In the midst of the scuffle, a fragment flashed through her mind.

That was when Shi Ning was very young.

She went with her mom and dad to visit Uncle Jin and play at Uncle Jin’s house.

The adults were chatting and little Shi Ning ran upstairs alone.

Through the doorway she vaguely saw an older brother beating his younger brother.

The younger brother who was beaten was her best friend besides Nan Xiao.

That younger brother was whipped by that older brother.

The younger brother curled up on the ground in pain biting his lip and sobbing not daring to resist just covering his head and stomach.

Little Shi Ning secretly took a vase from the study next door, walked in and without saying a word smashed it over the head of that older brother.

It turns out that the scar on Jin Shang’s forehead was because of this.

But how much truth was hidden under the scar


“Yes, yes beautiful.

Should I scan yours or should you scan mine”1– in China when exchanging contact information they used QR code to scan and get the contact information mainly like QQ, Weibo and others


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