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Yu Chuyao’s face suddenly turned white.

“What are you talking about, I can’t understand you.”

Because Shi Chen was with them Yu Chuyao could not say harsh words to Shi Ning.

She could only grit her teeth and said.

“Shi Ning although there are some misunderstanding between us, but you can’t say that about me!”

“Isn’t what I said true Jin Sihan didn’t come to school today and you know why, right”

Yu Chuyao’s heart sank.

Since yesterday she was not able to contact Jin Sihan, his phone was off.

Shi Ning looked at her expression and guessed that Jin Sihan, that stupid boy after knowing the truth did not tell her and just swallowed hard his aggravation.

There was no one else around, only the three of them.

So Shi Ning directly said.

“You and Sihan have been together for a long time, right”

Yu Chuyao immediately denied.

“What are you talking about, Sihan and I are just friends.”

“What about you and Jin Shang”

When Shi Ning said this, Yu Chuyao almost couldn’t stand still.

She tried to stabilize her mind and said stiffly.

“Of course even more unrelated!”

“Saturday night at eight o’clock, I witnessed you and Jin Sihan together going into a luxury store.

You were holding his hands, so is this what you mean with unrelated”

Yu Chuyao’s narrowed her eyes, she never thought that she was actually seen by Shi Ning!

“I don’t know what you are talking about, I didn’t even see Jin Shang that day!”

At this point, she could only deny it with all her might.

She doesn’t dare to see Shi Chen in the eyes at all.

If it’s other people even Nan Xiao who was the most difficult person to get along with, she may be able to lie with straight face and ask him to help her.

But why was that when Shi Ning was saying this things the person next to her was Shi Chen!

Shi Ning guessed that she would not admit it.

She said in a light voice.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it.

I took pictures that day anyway and they were sent to Sihan’s phone.”

Yu Chuyao’s face paled as she stumbled two steps backwards.

This time she couldn’t help but looked at Shi Chen, the teenager’s eyes were cold as when she first saw him– without any warmth.

So many years, she tried to make him accept her a little but today it all went in vain.

Shi Ning clearly saw how her expression and hope collapses.

“I really didn’t think that person you originally liked was….”

“My brother.”

The words had not yet been uttered was said.

Yu Chuyao screamed.

“Don’t say it! You are not allowed to say it!”

She looked like a madman covering her ears looking at Shi Ning’s gaze with hate and begging for mercy.

“I beg you, don’t say anything about this.”

Shi Ning did not say anymore, Yu Chuyao took several steps back and then ran outside.

After Yu Chuyao left, Shi Chen looked at his sister with interest.

“Isn’t it time to tell me what’s going on”

Shi Ning sighed.

“Yu Chuyao hid from everyone and got together with Jin Sihan.”

“And then, hiding it from Jin Sihan she also got together with Sihan’s brother.”

It took Shi Chen a half a minute to fully accept this fact.

He raised his eyebrows and said.

“My sister is really using civilized words, just like when you said her and Jin Shang are together.

How can they be called together As I see it, Jin Shang was just playing.”

“Why do you think she did that to Sihan, he is so good to her.”

Shi Chen’s expression became really serious.

“That kind of trash does not deserve to stay in the Shi family.

She can already do such thing at young age, so I am afraid she will be even viler in the future.”

“Are you going to kick her out brother”

Shi Ning was a little surprise.

“That’s the idea.”

Shi Chen paused, and then said.

“It’s just that Grandma likes her and now Grandma is not in good health.

Let’s leave her alone for the time being, we’ll talk about it later.”

“En, listen to you.”

Anyway as long as you have no idea about her, I’m relieved.

Shi Ning slandered in her heart.

This incident was a huge blow on Yu Chuyao.

The next morning, she became unusually quiet and whenever she saw Shi Ning she would detour.

And for Jin Sihan, for the whole past three days he was on sick leave.

His seat has been there empty.

Nan Xiao told Shi Ning that he and Lin Suno would go to Jin Sihan’s house to check on him.

Since Jin Sihan had stayed in his room and never went out.

It also seems that he really caught a cold on those two days, if it really was true then his sick leave may be a real sick leave.

Shi Ning decide to go too and see him as well.

It just so happened that the aunt at home had made porridge that night, so Shi Ning brought the porridge and went to the house where Jin Sihan lived.

The house was not the Jin family mansion, but a district near the school that they rented for Jin Sihan.

Jin Sihan didn’t like to stay in that mansion and moved out on his own when he was in junior high.

Shi Ning took the taxi and carried the porridge to his house.

She knocked on the door and not long after, Jin Sihan opened it.

He was a little surprised the moment he saw Shi Ning.

“Ningning why are you here too”

“Come and see if you are still alive.”

“Come in.”

Jin Sihan coughed twice as he got her shoes.

After coming inside, she frowned at him and said.

“You lose your love and now you got sick The way I see it you are the only one who has a hard time while Yu Chuyao is doing fine at school.”

Jin Sihan pulled out a bitter smile.

“I’m already miserable Ningning and you are still making fun of me.”

Shi Ning put the porridge on the table and went to his kitchen to get the utensils.

“This is made by my aunt, it’s suitable for people who have cold so eat it.”

“I’m really touched that the school genius who lives only on learning actually took a time out of her busy schedule to visit me and even brought food.”

Shi Ning serve the porridge and handed it to him.

“Stop talking and eat it.

I can imagine that you haven’t eaten properly in the past few days, when I look at you with such lack of energy.”

Jin Sihan took the porridge and took a few sips.

Shi Ning watched him drink it and asked.

“Does it taste okay”

“It’s okay, cough, cough, cough.”

He took a few sips and coughed several more times.

When Shi Ning saw him like this, she felt something was wrong and reached out to check his forehead which was a bit hot.

“Have you taken your temperature Do you have a fever”

Jin Sihan smiled indifferently.

“It’s okay, temperature is not that high.

I’ll be fine after a good sleep.”

“Have you taken some medicine”

Jin Sihan shook his head.

“You don’t even have cold medicine in your house, do you”

He gave a small nod under her pressuring gaze.


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