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After Jin Sihan was taken home, he was raised as a child of the Jin family.

And Jin Yan did not allow anyone to mention his origins.

Many people even thought he was born from Madam Jin, just like Jin Shang.

But as a children of the same four families; Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Shi Ning, they all know the truth.

That’s why all of them were especially good to Sihan and spoil him as their younger brother.

Shi Ning knows that he needed comfort at this time, and not advises.

“Don’t let him drink.”

Shi Ning looked at Nan Xiao and Lin Suno.

The men immediately understood what she meant and snatched Jin Sihan’s drink from his hands.

Jin Sihan flung himself into Nan Xiao’s arms.

“Brother Xiao give that to me, I want to drink.”

Nan Xiao pressed him.

“It’s time to wake up.

For this kind of woman you are willing to live and die Are you not ashamed”

When that didn’t work, Jin Sihan went to Lin Suno.

“Nono, don’t you always leave things alone Do it this time too.”

Lin Suno hid the bottle behind him.

“No, Ningning said that I can’t give it to you.”

Both of his brothers was not willing to give him back the drink so Jin Sihan just went and lay on the ground, howling.

Seeing that everyone ignore him, and finally losing his strength he sat back on his seat.

“Ningning do I look too ugly now”

Shi Ning could not bear it and gently patted his shoulder to comfort him.

“Not ugly.

It was their fault, they shouldn’t bully you like that.”

When Jin Sihan heard this from her, a crystal drop of tear emerged from his eyes.

He was touched and said.

“Ningning, you’re still good to me if you weren’t so mean before I might have liked you.”

As he said this, he slowly leaned over towards Shi Ning and pillowed on her leg.

Shi Ning was little loss but following the memory of his grandmother comforting her before, she gently patted him on the back.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.

If it’s hard you can cry it out.”


Jin Sihan hold on her tightly and tears burst out from his eyes.

Sitting on the side, the faces of Nan Xiao and Lin Suno changed.

“When there was the three of us, we just heard him howl and didn’t see him cry, right”

Nan Xiao asked Lin Suno, which the latter nodded it’s head.

“And now that Shi Ning came he knows how to use his injury to gain her pity.”

After Nan Xiao say this, he give Lin Suno a look and the two got up from their seat at the same time.

They stood next to Jin Sihan’s left and right.

“I think it’s time to rest now, I’ll send him back with Suno.”

When Jin Sihan heard this, he jerked his head up with a look of protest.

“I don’t want to! I’m not going back! I haven’t drunk enough.”

After saying that, he began to hug Shi Ning’s thigh.

“Damn it, you give a good look at the woman before you hug.”

Nan Xiao cursed, and without saying a word he picked up Jin Sihan from Shi Ning.

Jin Sihan was still trying to struggle, looking at Shi Ning with tears of grievances.

Who could bear to look at such beautiful boy with tears in his eyes

Seeing this, Shi Ning was overflowed with maternal love.

“How about I stay with him a little longer”

Lin Suno stopped her.

“I don’t think so, it’s better for him to digest such things on his own.”

Jin Sihan interrupted.

“I think it’s much better to have Ningning accompany me or let Ningning %#&¥…..”

Before he could finished his sentence his mouth was mercilessly covered by Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning wanted to talk and pat him again but Lin Suno blocked her line of sight.

Lin Suno was persistent and she could not shake him off.

Shi Ning gave up.

“Then let him rest well, tomorrow at school you two watch after him a little more.”

On Monday, inside the school compound.

Shi Ning has been looking out at Jin Sihan’s seat more than twice and until the morning bell rang but he didn’t show up in school.

Even until the morning classes ended no shadow of Jin Sihan could be seen.

The morning has passed but still there was no Jin Sihan.

Shi Ning couldn’t resist going to the office to ask Lao Yang, the latter said that Jin Sihan had taken a leave of absence saying he was sick.

Shi Ning: “…….”

He had too much alcohol yesterday, and could even howl so what sickness was he talking about

She was sure it was just an excuse he made so that he could not come to school.

As the afternoon passed, Jin Sihan still didn’t come to school.

Nan Xiao looked at her worried appearance and said to comfort her.

“Don’t worry, he just can’t get over it for the time being.

Let him stay on his own for two days to recover from his injuries.”

“All right.”

Shi Ning also could inundate herself too much on Jin Sihan business so she continued to focus on her study again.

In the afternoon after school, their class has a basketball game.

Nan Xiao who was holding the ball said to her.

“Today is the finals you have to come and see it.”

“I’ll go as soon as I finished this question.”

“Come early.”

Who knows that answering the question was so addicting that Shi Ning accidentally answered the following questions.

She looked at the time, half an hour had passed since the basketball game that Nan Xiao had spoken about.

Shi Ning thought to finish the test paper anyway Nan Xiao doesn’t lack anyone cheering for him.

“Finally, we’re done with our task, let’s go and watch the basketball game.”

The students on duty chatted as they keep the things they used.

“I heard that today they were playing against Senior Class A.

They have good players too and I don’t know who can win this time.”

“Our school’s ace in basketball are Nan Xiao and Shi Chen, this should be the last basketball match for Shi Chen in high school.

It’s almost the end of the term, they have to take the college entrance exam next term.

The school should not let seniors participate in this games.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh the duel of the century between Senior Shi Chen and Nan Xiao, let go and watch!”

After they have put away their things, they immediately ran out of the classroom as fast as they could.

Shi Ning: “………”

She was also too oblivious to what’s going on outside the window and was only focus in her book, she doesn’t even know that her brother plays basketball.

Surprisingly, the last match for their class was against her brother’s class.

The questions on her test paper was suddenly not interesting anymore.

Shi Ning decided to check out the legendary showdown of the century.

She walked to the basketball court in the school’s playground where the game was still going on and the score was tightly drawn.

Shi Ning scanned around the basketball court but only saw Nan Xiao and not her brother.

Nan Xiao seemed to see her in the crowd, the corner of his lips hooked up and deliberately flew a gesture towards her side.

Shi Ning only heard screams from the surrounding girls.

In the second half, Nan Xiao showed his moves and technique scoring several three points.

The originally tied score was now have a wide gap.

“After Senior Shi Chen was replaced, there’s not much suspense left in this match.”

“Yes ah, Nan Xiao is too good.

Our class will sure to win.”

Shi Ning heard their conversation and turned to ask.

“Why is Shi Chen replaced”

The girl replied.

“Senior Shi Chen injured his foot while playing and is now in the infirmary.”

When Shi Ning heard this, she didn’t care about the game and immediately ran towards the infirmary.

Arriving at the infirmary, Shi Ning saw her brother and immediately went over and asked him.

“Brother are you all right”

“I’m okay, I just twisted my ankle and just need a rest.”

After hearing him say this, Shi Ning felt relieved.

At this moment she now notices that there was a person standing next to Shi Chen.

She asked coldly.

“Why is she here”

Before Shi Chen could answer, Yu Chuyao spoke.

“Ningning, what are you talking about Brother Shi Chen got into accident but you were not there.

I was just worried about him and wanted to take care of him, what is wrong with you You look like I have done something wrong.”

Shi Ning knew from the beginning that she was not really a bad person but when she saw Yu Chuyao’s caring look for Shi Chen, she couldn’t help but think of Jin Sihan who was still at home healing and grieving for her.

“First was Nan Xiao, then the Jin brothers.

And now you are trying to hook up with my brother, are you”

Shi Ning said in a cold voice.


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