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Shi Ning calculated, although she took the second place for the whole grade but there was still a gap of more than 20 point from the first, Lin Suno.

This almost two dozen of points were enough for people to take another test to deduct points.

How could he be so good

How does his brain grow

“He’s too hard to surpass, too.”

Shi Ning couldn’t help but whisper a sentence.

“Shi Ning you are awesome!”

“That’s right, you’re the most awesome girl in Yang Chuan!”

“I declare that from today onwards you are my goddess.”

After the class saw the grade ranking again, they didn’t say much about the first placer since that spot has never change it’s name for too long now, instead they all turned to praise her.

“Fortunately I did okay, but I think classmate Suno’s scores are the real awesome.”

“No, no, no, this score for Suno is normal after all he’s not just the school genius for a day or two.

But you, you broke the tradition.”

“…..what tradition”

“Since junior high school, Lin Suno has been taking first place and that has not changed.

Our school’s test papers are never easy, so they never had pulled the gap.

Suno can always dump the second place with thirty or forty points and sometimes fifty points.”

Shi Ning understood what they meant.

This time she scored a total of 850, Lin Suno had a total score of 872, she was twenty points lower than him.

Breaking the tradition that Li Suno must dump the second with thirty points or more in every exam.

Shi Ning couldn’t help but turn around to look at Lin Suno.

To her surprise at the same time, Lin Suno was also actually looking at her as well.

Shi Ning gave him a thumbs up and whispered one word at a time.

“You, did, too, well.”

They were half a classroom apart, and there was a lot of noise in the class room.

Her voice was so low that she herself couldn’t hear it.

But he understood every single word by just reading the movement of her mouth.

“So are you.”

He looked at her and uttered the words wordlessly.

This exchange fell into the eyes of Nan Xiao.

He became inexplicably moody and irritable.

After a while the class scrolled down the last ranking and everyone stops abruptly halfway down.

“Huh, am I seeing things This time he haven’t scrolled bottom yet but I just saw Nan Xiao’s result.”

“Wow Nan Xiao made it to 180 place this time Another rocket player”

“Is the place where Shi Ning is seating some miracle worker How can anyone who sits down there improve a lot”

Shi Ning’s attention was pulled back by Nan Xiao’s achievements.

The last time, Nan Xiao was the bottom of the class but now was different.

It really was a rapid progress.

And that was the result of one week study, but he already progress from bottom to 180 According to this speed if he seriously study, and by giving him two months, he would surely replace her.

“How did you do that”

Shi Ning asked.

“Teacher Shi Ning teaches well.”

“Don’t joke around, I’m serious.”

“It’s very simple ah, I didn’t finish several paper in the last exam because I didn’t want to do them, but this time I did the exam seriously, that’s all.”

Shi Ning: “…..”

Should she have known this would happen she should have given him the exact rank he must get.

Nan Xiao raised his eyebrows.

“You’re not going to back out, are you”

“What time on Saturday”

“See you at 2pm at the Changlong Center, I’ll pay for the tickets.”

“Didn’t you ask me to give you the tickets”

Why did he want pay for the tickets

“This Lao Zi1 is happy.”

His said this with his long legs all straightened and his chest up.

On the first date, there was no reason to let the girl pay.


Saturday afternoon, Shi Ning went out an hour earlier than the appointed time and arrived at the Chonglong Center twenty minutes earlier.

She was not used to making people wait, so she deliberately went out a little earlier.

Ten minutes later, Nan Xiao came and was surprise to see Shi Ning.

“How come you arrive early than me”

Shouldn’t be girls be quite slow, doing there makeup, pick up a dress or something or to toss an hour or so.

Because of this date, he also made some preparations and special strategy.

He went online and found out how to give a girl a perfect date.

He was taught by the enthusiastic online users to arrive half an hour earlier than the appointed time, and must arrive before the girl to make her feel valued.

The result was that Shi Ning was even earlier than him.

Nan Xiao looked at Shi Ning, she was dressed normally today.

She had no makeup and her hair was tied up into a bun.

He on the other hand was really f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲d̲ up.

Shi Ning obviously did not do anything, she was just standing in front him but he felt that she was as beautiful as a fairy.

“You’re also early, I thought I’d have to wait here for forty minutes for you to come.”

It was really unbelievable that the Young Master Nan Xiao even came early.

Nan Xiao looked away.

“Let’s go inside.”

The two walked into the amusement park together.

Shi Ning at first did not particularly wanted to come, because a day out was a day she could review sets of five three examinations paper, that’s enough time!

But after entering, Shi Ning understand the true meaning of the word ‘truly amazing’.

It was her first time in the amusement park and it was like coming to a lively castle.

Dreamy and full of laughter, in which it seems helps you forget all the troubles in life.

Shi Ning was still reserved at first.

Following Nan Xiao all the way, she was looking around left and right not knowing which one to start with.

“What do you want to play”

Nan Xiao asked.

There were too many rides in the amusement park, dazzling Shi Ning a moment and had difficulty choosing.

After much deliberation, she choose the horror roller coaster.

Nan Xiao looked at the long track suspended high in the air and the free flying posture of the car rotating on the track three hundred and sixty degree in all directions.

“….our first ride is this ferocious ride”

A girl like her—he expected her to drag him to the carousel, or the dream manor over there.

“Looking at all the fun rides, I cannot choose out so I choose the most loudest scream.”

Nan Xiao: “”

In the end two got on this horror roller coaster together.

After having one round in the horror roller coaster, and getting a getting out of the ride, Nan Xiao looked so refreshed.

He inclined his head to Shi Ning and said.

“You are quite good at choosing, this thing is freaking cool.

I can ride this again.”

Shi Ning on the other hand held on the railing as her footsteps were weak.

Nan Xiao pointed to the front.

“Let’s go ride that pirate ship, screaming is also quite loud.”

“….or play something milder, its more beneficial to the body and mind.”


The two of them played a few more rides and were a bit tired, so they wandered around the amusement park.

The scenery was very good, everywhere was a child’s dream castle and there were even a lot of real people dressed as dolls walking around.

“I used to read fairy tales and I used to imagine what it was like in the world of fairy tales.

Now I seem to see it.”

She smiled and told Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao said nothing.

As he saw castles and fireworks in her eyes, that little world was glowing inside reflecting her emotions.

“Well, I saw that too.”

He said softly.

It was getting dark, but the two were still playing and waited until it was almost dark before stopping.

Even if Shi Ning was already tired from the rides, she was still reluctant to go so they decided to wander around.

She was holding a balloon that was given to her by a big brown bear she happened to meet.

The balloon was very beautiful, this was the most beautiful balloon Shi Ning have ever seen.

The balloon was transparent and the inside contains the most famous pink castle paper miniature version of the amusement park, dotted around with small light bulbs.


Lao Zi1– father; daddy; “I, your father” (in anger, or out of contempt); I (used arrogantly or jocularly

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