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“You make an auxiliary line here and then……”

“In this condition the friction is equal to zero.”

In the classroom, Shi Ning was discussing to Nan Xiao.

The previous seat arrange was change from Deng Lan to Nan Xiao.

On Nan Xiao’ birthday that day, he said his wish to her by accompanying him to the amusement park.

While Shi Ning it was a pure intention of improving his results put forward a deal and making sure he won’t retreat.

But she didn’t expect the result would turn into something unexpected—a surprise.

In her memory, having Nan Xiao obediently study was impossible.

No one in Yang Chuan even the teacher have ever made Nan Xiao study.

He was known as the most difficult student in history, from the principal down to the ordinary teacher.

The only thing they think was to send this Buddha safely to graduation in peace and security.

He himself even said that his first enemy was studying, but how did it become like this

Nan Xiao not only began to open his textbook but even took the initiative to ask her about the topic.

So he could actually seriously study, Shi Ning’s heart was happy for him so she also happily teaches him.

It’s just that this brother was a little too domineering.

One time after class, Shi Ning gave him a lecture on the problem but before she finished the bell rang.

Shi Ning said.

“That’s it for now, you go back and think about this question by yourself first and then come back to me after class.”

“I think it’s quite troublesome to keep pacing back and forth like this.”

“You can also ask Suno, who is sitting next to you.”

“Why don’t I just sit here.”

“This is Deng Lan’s seat.”

“Just change it.”

The Young Master said with his indifferent face.

Not long after the bell rang, their homeroom teacher Lao Yang stepped into the classroom while Nan Xiao was still beside Shi Ning not moving.

After Lao Yang called out for class, the students stood up and saluted.

Nan Xiao raised his hand and said.

“Teacher, I want to change my seat.”

Seeing Nan Xiao sitting next to Shi Ning, Lao Yang was immediately frightened.

Thinking about the conversation they had in the office at that time, everyone felt that as long as Shi Ning did not fall in love she might be the next Shi Chen.

Then their class, in addition to a genius science topper, they may also be able to produce an additional arts topper.

“Where do you want to sit”

Lao Yang asked.

“This seat.”

He’s sitting here, wasn’t it obvious enough

Hearing Nan Xiao’s respond, Lao Yang almost fainted.

It was not easy for Shi Ning to give up the idea of love, and was now concentrating on her study.

What’s the matter with Nan Xiao!

But this prince was not easy to offend.

Lao Yang asks Nan Xiao in a consultative tone.

“Why do you suddenly want to sit with classmate Shi Ning”

Nan Xiao propped up one hand and looked sideways at Shi Ning with playful eyes.

“Trying to get classmate Shi Ning to help me study.”

Lao Yang simply didn’t believe such nonsense like he wanted to learn.

“It turns out that Nan Xiao wants to study, which is a good thing! Why don’t you sit with Lin Suno.

You see, Shi Ning is the second in our class and Lin Suno is the first, wouldn’t it be better for the first to teach you.”

Two men sitting together, I see how you fall in love!

Lao Yang thought to himself.

“Suno can’t do it.

You can see that his achievement are just still, no improvements while classmate Shi Ning is like flying in the sky so I want to sit with Shi Ning and progress as fast as she does.”

Lao Yang: “…”

I just think you want to fall in love, but also want to pull my seedlings of the horse!

“Teacher, you should give me this opportunity to progress.”

Nan Xiao also use a rhetorical statement.

When all was said and done, he was still the Young Master of Nan and Lao Yang could only feel his heartache and had no choice but to agree to him.

After the teacher nodded.

Nan Xiao turned his head to Shi Ning and said.

“Look, it’s settled.”

“You’d better be able to make a really fast progress, or I’ll call on the teacher to change back.”

A week passes in the blink of an eye.

The day the exam ended, Shi Nng went back to the classroom to pack her things.

Nan Xiao who was now her new desk mate said.

“How did you do on the test”

“It’s not bad, what about you”

“I, ah, did not do well on the test, just enough to allow you to accompany me to the amusement park.”

Look at this guy fooling around.


On the day the results were out Shi Ning was still a little nervous.

She has been working hard to make up on her weakness all this time, and if her English score goes up she thinks she has the chance to break into the top three in her grade.

“The results have come out!”

Every time she waited for the results day, it was as chaotic as war.

There were those who go to the office to squat and pry and there were those who indulge in discussing the questions with the answers.

The students who got the news immediately refreshed their school computers and when they saw the file containing the results and ranking of the third monthly exam, they operated their computer and couldn’t wait to click on it.

Shi Ning quickly found her name.

She was, this time still in second place failing to overtake Lin Suno.

The result was as expected, Lin Suno has almost no mistakes and his scores in language, mathematics and science were all very good.

The only slightly low score he has were on politics, history and geography but only little compared to his main subject which was science.

Every time the results were out, his ranking was the only one not changing, and the other top 9 were changing every time, up and down.

He was as stable as mountain and his scores were 30 to 40 points away from the second place.

After Shi Ning found her name, she immediately went to check her English scores.

The overall score for every subject was worth 100 points.

She scored 92 in English.

It was not very high among the top rank students, but at least it was not pulling too many points.

“Damn, this time the first and second in the whole grade are in our class eh!”

Some students let out an awe.

After hearing what the students said, Shi Ning moved her eyes to the grade ranking of the last column.

I rank second.

A sense of satisfaction rose up from her heart and the moment she saw the ranking, Shi Ning felt as if all her efforts in the past few days had all been rewarded.

She couldn’t help but move her eyes to Lin Suno’s grades.

Language 95, Math 100, English 98, Politics 92, History 93, Geography 95, Physics 100, Chemistry 100, Biology 99.

For nine subjects, a total of just over twenty points were deducted.

In addition to politics, history and geography he deducted a total of eight points from his science and major subjects.

Is this still a person

Not only he could solve difficult problems, but he was also meticulous and very careful.


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