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Shi Ning has mixed feelings.

How could such a girl with good heart that could be compared to be a little Virgin was force to that point in the end.

“No need to thank me, things done wrong is wrong.

We can no longer make up for it, but also cannot cover up the fact that we once bullied you.”

“I’ve already forgiven you guys, don’t take it to heart anymore.

In fact I didn’t understand why everyone was like this at first but later I figure out that it was probably because I was so different from everyone else that I would look out of place and be an eyesore.”

Tong Lu continued.

“In fact, people like me are very lucky to go to this school.

As long as I get through high school I can definitely get into a good university and stand up among my peers.”

Shi Ning saw the brilliance of a Virgin Mary in Tong Lu’s body.

“Ahem, let’s go.

I’ll take you to see Nan Xiao.”

Shi Ning dragged Tong Lu to find Nan Xiao, she asked the Nan family butler uncle and was told that Nan Xiao was in the study on the second floor at this time.

The two went up, Shi Ning sent Tong Lu to the door of Nan Xiao’s study and was intending to leave but Tong Lu pulled her back.

“I, I’m afraid.”

What are you afraid of

Is he not your future man

Shi Ning then thinks of Nan Xiao’s cold, fierce and arrogant face again.

Then looked at the soft and weak Tong Lu, her desired to protect her instantly rises.

She took the lead of knocking on the door of Nan Xiao’s study room.

“Who is it”

Nan Xiao’s voice came out from the room.

“It’s me, Shi Ning.”

Shi Ning answered.

The room was quiet for half a minute, and then shortly after the door was opened and Nan Xiao walked out.

As the star of the party today, he was not dressed as casually as usual.

The exquisite custom-made suit accentuates his perfectly proportioned body and also adds a touch of composure to his usual capriciousness and recklessness.

After Nan Xiao saw Shi Ning, his expression had little crack as the corners of his lips couldn’t stop but pull upwards.

“The dinner party hasn’t even started yet, so why did you come to me on your own.”

“I brought someone for you.”

Shi Ning stood to the side, revealing Tong Lu who was blocked behind her.

The faint trace of happiness in Nan Xiao face instantly disappeared.

“What does this mean”

Shi Ning waved a hand at him.

“Happy birthday, enjoy your time together.

I’ll leave you two alone.”

After saying that, she walked away satisfied of herself thinking that she had done something meritorious and good deed.

What she need to do now was wait until the dinner party officially starts.


There was a part where Nan Xiao could invite one of the woman in the audience to do the first dance.

In order to get the invitation to the first dance of the Young Master Nan, all the ladies were riveted and dressed themselves glamorously just to get a good review from Young Master Nan Xiao.

As the music started, the dinner host stepped up the stage.

“Thank you all for coming to Young Master Nan Xiao’s 17th birthday, and now please welcome our Young Master Nan Xiao with a big round of a applause.”

Nan Xiao walked slowly down the stair with a crystal handrail.

With a figure of more than 1.8 meters, paired with a handsome and cold face, all the girls looking at him went crazy.

“Young Master Nan Xiao on such a beautiful day, do you have anything to say as the birthday boy”

The host handed the microphone to him.

“Nothing to say, thank you all for coming on today’s party.”

Short and powerful statement, very REAL and very much in style of Nan Xiao.

Due to the young master’s powerful aura, the host who wanted to chat a little more had no way to continue the conversation.

Finally, he could only go the biggest highlight of the night and the protagonist, Nan Xiao would personally choose his first dance partner.

He walked off the stage as all eyes were on him.

His exquisite suit with appropriate bow tie, coupled with the arrogant aristocratic temperament that was mold from his childhood, today’s Nan Xiao was surrounded by all kind of group.

He was like an emperor, who would select his concubine.

Shi Ning looked at the group of women who were crazy about him.


Tsk tsk tsk, you’re all wasted.

The script of the story has long been arrange, the prince would chose his own Cinderella.



So, why would this person standing in front of her now

Nan Xiao reached out his hand towards her.

Shi Ning looked around but did not see Tong Lu.

She pointed a finger at herself in disbelief.


“Otherwise, who else could it be”

“Where’s Tong Lu!”

Shi Ning issued a once in a million question.

“She left after delivering something.”

“How could you let her go just like that!”

How could the plot continue when Tong Lu was gone! She’s all set up for him.

Was this male lead’s head that bad

Shi Ning now believe on the saying of the emperor was not anxious as the eunuch was really true.

Nan Xiao: “………..”


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