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Time always flies fast in high school.

Not long after the midterm exams, it was time for the third monthly examination.

Shi Ning’s performance has been steadily increasing through one or two months of remedial practice.

Her English could finally catch up and her basic grammar could also be understood.

A week before the exam, happened to be Nan Xiao’s birthday.

As the son of the first big family in Yangcheng, Nan Xiao’s birthday was a big even every year and the guests were not only classmates and friends but also high society celebrities and young masters, as well as some political and business class predators invited.

And Shi Ning has always attended Nan Xiao’s birthday.

On the day of the party, Shi Ning wore the dress prepared by her family and entered together with her brother Shi Chen.

The children who could come to this birthday dinner were the children of the prestigious families in Yangcheng, so security was naturally strict.

Shi Ning and Shi Chen walked to the front door of the Nan family mansion and saw a young girl stopped by the security guards.

Compared with the flamboyantly dressed young masters and young misses in the surrounding this girl was indeed dressed very simply and shabbily.

No wonder the security guards would stop her.

“Tch, the standard Mary Sue plot ah.”

Shi Ning lamented.

Shi Chen on her side who hear her, asked.

“What are you taking about”

“Look, that girl over there is in the same grade as me, her name is Tong Lu.”

“She seems a little familiar.”

“Brother you go in first.

She seems to have a little problem, I’ll just go and help her.”

“Good, then you come in quickly.”


“I’m really a classmate of Nan Xiao but I don’t have an invitation, I just wanted to come and deliver something.”

“You can’t come in without an invitation! Every year there are little girls like you who would want to blend in, don’t think we were easy to fool, just hurry up and go!”

The security guard started to drive her away fiercely.

“I know her, let her in.”

Seeing that the girl was about to be pushed out ferociously and brutally, a female voice interrupted the security guard’s actions.

When the security guard took a look at Shi Ning, he immediately put on a submissive smile.

“It turn out to be Miss Shi from Shi family, do you know this one”

Shi Ning nodded.

“I know here, she is my friend and also a friend of Nan Xiao.”

The security guard’s attitude towards Tong Lu has changed 180 degress and his tone was much milder.

“So it’s Miss Shi’s friend, why didn’t you say so earlier.”

“It doesn’t seem like it would help if I just reported Nan Xiao’s name.”

Tong Lu muttered.

She then followed Shi Ning inside the mansion.

Tong Lu looked at the gorgeous Shi Ning in front of her and sighed in heart.

So beautiful, noble and elegant ah!

Worthy of being school flower!

“That, you helped me again, thank you.”

She whispered her thanks behind Shi Ning, and after entering the mansion Tong Lu was particularly reserved and overcautious.

Shi Ning turned her head and looked Tong Lu with a gossipy expression.

She has crossed over the book for so long, but she have not seen much idol drama between the female lead and male lead.

It was now almost two months and finally her wait was over!

“Are you here for Nan Xiao’s birthday”

Shi Ning asked.

“Yes! He is kind to me, and I usually don’t have the opportunity to thank him.

So this time on his birthday I thought of coming to send him a gift.”

She looked around and then looked at the wrapped gift box she was holding.

“But it seems a little simple and crude, so I’d rather not give it.

And I feel like it’s kind of inappropriate to stand here by myself.”

Tong Lu retreated and started to walked away.


Shi Ning pulled her and said.

“Other people’s gift are nothing, no matter how expensive they are they can’t be compared with those in your hand.”


Tong Lu did not understand what Shi Ning meant and was confused.

Shi Ning looked at her up and down a few times, remembering that her family had brought a spare gown for her.

Shi Ning had a bright idea, thinking it was just right to give her a makeover.

She then pulled Tong Lu all the way upstairs, then shoved her clothes and shoes in the dressing room for Tong Lu to change into and when Tong Lu came out, she did her hair.

“This is look of a standard heroine.”

Shi Ning looked at her creation with great satisfaction.

Tong Lu on the other end was in state of confusion from the beginning to the end.

“What heroine”

Shi Ning blinked.


Tong Lu waved her hands.

“Nan Xiao and I really are not what you think, we know each other because…….”

“I know, Nan Xiao was born with an illness when he was a child.

His blood type was rare and you happened to save him, after that the Nan family has been sponsoring your schooling and Nan Xiao has taken good care of you.”

Tong Lu was shocked.

“How do you know so much”

People generally only know she was a poor student sponsored by Nan Xiao’s family and only few people knew the reason behind.

Shi Ning thought to herself and did not answered Tong Lu but smiled instead.

Of course I know!

After all it is all written in the book!

Tong Lu looked at herself in the mirror.

“How did you learn to braid hair like this, it’s so pretty.

It’s the first time I’ve realized that I can look this good.”

Shi Nign smiled.

“En you look beautiful.”

Tong Lu turned around and face Shi Ning.

“It’s been a long time, and Gao Min and her troupe never bothered me anymore.

Sometimes they even help me when others embarrasses me.

You told them to do it.”

“Well, this is what they should do, after all before…..”

Tong Lu smiled at her, a genuine and understanding smile.

“Thank You.”


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