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The two siblings just walked for a while.

Even though Shi Chen had bought a lot of food but Shi Ning appetite was not that big.

She only ate a few strings of the snacks and was already almost full.

She inserted the fat straw on the milk tea while Shi Chen helped her to take other things she had not finished eating.

Shi Ning, while drinking milk tea suddenly asked.

“Brother, I have change a lot, haven’t I”

She actually knows that she does not make sense, but the more she cherishes life the more she wanted to be herself.

People who have died once were inevitably a bit capricious and presumptuous.

Shi Chen let out an “En.”

“It was quite a big change.”

“Nan Xiao suspected that I was not the real Shi Ning but someone else, and you didn’t think like that also”

Shi Chen laughed.

“You are my own sister, I remember exactly where the mole on your face grows, how I can still recognized the wrong person.”

“But isn’t it also written in books that a person’s body does not change but the soul can.”

“Don’t say something so evil, that’s a little scary.”

“I’m just curious, brother you really did not suspect me”

Shi Ning asked half-jokingly and half-seriously to see what her brother thinks.

Shi Chen stopped in his tracks and looked at her sideways, with downcast eyes.

“If there is such a thing, I understand that it as God’s gift to me.”

His warm hand covered the top of Shi Ning’s head, he smiled lightly and said.

“Sent my little demon sister away, and sent an angel at my side.”

Shi Ning looked at him in shocked.

Shi Chen casually picked up a string of fish ball and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Well, finish eating and go home.

When the old man gets home later and see us eating this kind of roadside stall food he will nag at us again.”

Shi Chen finished his speech and raised his leg to walk forward.

While Shi Ning was still standing in the same place.

He couldn’t imagine the impact of his words had on her.

For a long time, every time she would see her mom, dad and brother while cherishing them she also felt guilty at the same time.

She couldn’t tell them the truth.

She was not the same Shi Ning that they once had.

However Shi Ning did not expect that Shi Chen would use such a word to describe her.


So she’s not just a sudden outsider into his world, but she was a gift to her brother

There were no warmer words of encouragement than these.

“Why aren’t you still moving, you’re not that small to have your brother still carry you.”

Shi Chen notice that his little sister did not follow her, so he turned his head and asked another question to her.

As the sun sets in the West and as the sun shines on the road ahead, the young man’s dignified and handsome figure was stretched in the warm sunlight.

Shi Ning smiled and ran towards him.

“No way! I’ll go walk by myself!”


TL:very short chapter ^^, but very warming.

I also have mixed thoughts on this and I agree with *O and Elegant Rain but it all boils down to the situation cuz I also feel Shi Chen (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ so I’m very thorn after translating this chapter..

Author has something to say: These two brother and sister has a lot of clamor =-=


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