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When Shi Ning heard his words, she raised her head and looked at him.

Nan Xiao looked at her from foot to head.

“Sometimes I have doubted if you are a different person.”

“Brother Shi Chen haven’t you doubted”

“What are you talking about Is it hard to see that the person in front of you who looks exactly like my sister is someone else”

“It’s not impossible, except her face, where there is a slight resemblance to Shi Ning.”

“Do you need me to prove to you that I am Shi Ning

Shi Ning asked.

“How would you prove it”

“When you were five years old, my brother took me, you and Suno out to play together.

You climbed up a tree and wouldn’t get down so my brother take us all away in order to educate you.”

Shi Ning continued.

“Leaving you all alone up there and we didn’t come out until you sat on the tree crying.”

“When we were six years old, we went to elementary school together.

One day the school’s water supply stopped working, you didn’t go to the toilet because it was too dirty, and peed yourself in your seat instead.”

At this time, Shi Ning was very grateful that the original owner loves Nan Xiao deeply.

The original owner may not remember other people’s things clearly but the things about Nan Xiao were always crystal clear to her memory.

As she calmly talked about the past, Nan Xiao face was the complete opposite.

His face turned from blue to white and then black.

Shi Ning still continued talking.

“Oh I still remember when you pee, sitting next to you was a little fat boy, he laughed seeing you pee followed by the whole class.

You also hit the people’ head with the chair making the female teacher too scared out of her mind by you.”

Shi Ning then added.

“I don’t think she’s ever seen such fierce and distasteful student like you.”

“……you shut up!”

He had forgotten all about these things if she hadn’t say anything.

Shi Ning gave him some face and didn’t continue, she just a question instead.

“Do you still doubt that the one standing in front of you is not the same Shi Ning”

Nan Xiao does not want to reminisce about the dark history of his childhood so he said with a cold face.

“Those things are not allowed to be mention in the future.”

Shi Ning shrugged.

“If you didn’t force me, I wouldn’t have mention it.”

Shi Chen who was listening to the whole conversation then said.

“Now that we’ve finished talking, let’s go.”

Nan Xiao wanted to say that he hasn’t finished questioning, but because Shi Chen was here, those words that he wanted say at first can’t be said.

As the back of the siblings walked further and further away, Nan Xiao actually wanted to ask one more question.

“Whether it’s your brother who you used to hate or Lin Suno who you never looked at squarely, they all got the roses from you.

And why didn’t I, the person you used to always talk about liking don’t get any”

“If you have become different person, then can our relationship too begin anew”

After coming out from the campus, Shi Chen bought a lot of things she loves to eat at the snack store near the school.

Shi Ning then followed his brother as they ate and walked in the direction home.

“Brother, try this.”

Shi Ning handed a skewer of grilled sausage to Shi Chen.

Shi Chen wanted to say he didn’t like this kind of greasy stuff, but after seeing his sister’s expectant expression of looking forward to sharing the delicious food with him.

So Shi Chen took the food she handed over.

But he had struggled several times in his heart but in the end Shi Chen opened his mouth to bite two mouthful of the skewers.

Sure enough, it was not the food he likes.

“Want more”

Shi Ning asked.

Shi Chen finished the rest quickly.

“So much taste of junk food, and you’ll eat less of it in the future.”

Shi Ning slander Shi Chen in her heart.

Brother, do you not know that junk food is the most delicious


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