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When Shi Chen heard this, he was stunned.

After a good long time.

He responded softly.


Shi Ning’s eyes curled in a smile as she held out her little finger.

“That’s a deal.”

“I really can’t say no to you.”

He said as he hooked his finger around his sister’s pinky finger.

After so many years, all the resentment and discontent in his family seems to have disappeared.

Home, this words was often spoken by the world.

And every time it was mentioned, only he feels terrible.

His own mother was always not around, his father and him were at odds every time.

So he wanted to be close to his sister but he couldn’t get close to her.

Every time he came home, the three of them were the only ones who loved each other, and he feels like he was like an outsider.

Until one day, when she woke up, everything seemed to be changing for the better.

Once the teacher mentioned the word family in his class, he actually felt a little warmth.

His father who always fought with him every day, his sister who had a warm smile.

And even his stepmother who was cautious and careful of him automatically came to his mind.

Because of Shi Ning, his relationship with his father has eased a lot, and even his stepmother also took good care of him.

Shi Chen knows that all of this was because she was mediating from it.

In order to maintain his relationship with this family, his sister has put a lot of effort.

What even he had given up, she kept doing in silence and determination.

Shi Chen stood up straight, looking at his sister with the small crystal laurel crown that was shining brightly and beautifully.

“There is no telling which cheap kid would you go out later.”

His sister was not yet an adult, and he was already worrying that she would get married off.

“Brother, what are you talking about.

I’m still young.”

Shi Ning pouted.

Shi Chen patted her shoulder.

“Marry later, you know brother do not mind raising you for life.”

Shi Ning did not understand why he brought this up and doesn’t know if to laugh or cry.

“You don’t mind, but my future-sister-in-law will mind!”

“She dares!”

Shi Chen’s expression was immediately serious.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Okay, okay, I must pass my brother’s test first when I marry someone in the future, okay”

Shi Chen nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s more like it.”

After the competition, Shi Ning went backstage to change her clothes and coincidentally saw Yu Chuyao.

Since the last time she slapped Yu Chuyao and officially broke their sister relationship, Yu Chuyao seemed to be in a bad mood and every time she saw her in private she would not miss a couple of sarcasm words to her.

This time the two bumped into each other.

To Shi Ning surprise, when Yu Chuyao saw her, she said nothing and just looked at her, she then drops her head and bite her lips tightly.

It seems that she doesn’t want her to see what she looks like at the moment.

Shi Ning’s impression of Yu Chuyao was back always straight, chin slightly raised proudly and her confident look.

But now, she was a doll that has been drained of strength and was devoid of luster, so it was clear that this has hit her hard.

She was so confident in herself, and even provoking Shi Ning to compete with her on the same stage.

Thinking that the victory was already in her hand, but she didn’t expect that Shi Ning would won the championship.

The last thing a person couldn’t stand was to be beaten in the area she was best at.

“It might be good for you to let go of some things.”

Shi Ning said out loud as she passed by her.

Yu Chuyao was only 16 years old, she was very young.

Even if her characteristics were not right at the moment.

Shi Ning hopes that she would realized that if she continues to act this way, she would only harm herself.

Yu Chuyao paused.

“Are you educating me What, after winning the competition once, you really think you’re something”



Forget it, she’d better give up.

“Not really, but winning is always a little more impressive than losing.”

Yu Chuyao’s expression fell again, she said nothing in response to Shi Ning and just turned her head, walking away.


After Shi Ning came out from the backstage, she saw that Shi Chen was waiting for her.


She called.

“Since you won today, brother have a reward for you.

Say, what do you want to eat, I’ll take you there.”

“I want to go home early, I’m so tired preparing for the dance.”

Shi Ning pouted.

“Then you say what you want to eat and brother will go buy it for you.

I’ll buy it and let’s bring it home to eat.”

Shi Ning thought about it and counted the foods she wanted on her fingers.

“I want to drink milk tea, and fried chicken, and rice cakes that was in front of the school, and…”

The siblings chatted as they walked outside, and when they were almost out of the campus, there was a person blocking their way.

It was Nan Xiao.

“Something wrong”

Shi Chen spoke first.

Nan Xiao pointed at Shi Ning.

“Find her to talk about something.”

Shi Chen looked around a few times.

“There is not much people.

Say it.”

Nan Xiao looked at Shi Chen and said.

“I want to talk to her alone.”

Shi Chen pursed his lips.

“What Do you have something to say to my sister that I can’t hear”

Nan Xiao stared at Shi Ning.

“Not really, I’m just puzzled how Shi Ning seems to have change as a person overnight.”


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