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“When I was a kid, I learned to dance and also watched some acrobatic videos.

I was already interested in this kind of things so I practiced secretly.

I didn’t expect that it would come handy today.

As for the magic, I was just thinking to add this element to the dance, bringing you a new experience, so it was an attempt for me.”

“Today’s performance was really great, I was dumfounded at the stage watching you.”

The host praised her until Yu Chuyao who was standing next to her, gave a small cough.

The host then realized only afterwards that there was another person involved in this round.

“Of course, our goddess Chuyao is also playing steadily as always, everyone is great! Let’s hand over the results to the judges next!”

The judges discussed with each other for about five minutes, and the lead judge raised his hand to indicate that the results were available on the judges’ side of the table.

The host asked Shi Ning and Yu Chuyao to stand on the left and right side of the stage respectively.

“Here we will ask our judges to choose who is better in winning the PK school flower!”

Everyone looked intently at the judges on the stage, and after the host shouted the command “Please choose.” The judges began to choose.

The result was four to one.

Shi Ning was four and Yu Chuyao was one.

Adding the popularity weighted votes, Shi Ning received seven votes and Yu Chuyao received three votes, without any doubt Shi Ning won with twice the number of votes in a crushing victory.

Everyone was convinced by this result.

After all, Shi Ning’s performance was indeed shocking enough.

Set off by the fact that everyone was close to forgetting what Yu Chuyao was performing.

Most of the audience on the stage were more about overall visual experience of the stage than the professional standard.

“Shi Ning really deserves it this time.”

“Yu Chuyao is a bit miserable, I can’t see her face smiling now.”

“Hahahahaha she probably thought that the championship would be hers, who would have thought that Shi Ning has this kind of talent.”

“There will be new generation of goddess.

As for Yu Chuyao now, whether in terms of achievements and talent she can’t win against Shi Ning.

In fact I have long thought that Shi Ning is more beautiful than her.”

Amidst the whispers below the stage, the host announced that the winner of the competition was Shi Ning.

“Shi Ning as the champion of this PK competition, you can choose a member of F4 to let him put the laurel crown on you and request to him anything at the same time.

But of course, you can’t go too far on your request.”

The host said with a smile.

Shi Ning’s gaze reverted to that side, where all four boys were looking at her.

She spoke without hesitation.

“I chose Shi Chen.”

The host smiled knowingly.

“Indeed the brotherly and sisterly love are deep.

Shi Ning chooses Shi Chen, I invite senior Shi Chen to come on stage.”

Shi Chen got up then picked up the laurel crown as the symbol of victory from the hand of a female student.

He then walked towards Shi Ning step by step.

Across the not-so-small stage, the siblings met in sight and smiled in unison.

Shi Chen went to her side and helped her put on the crystal laurel tiara with his own hands and also carefully helped his sister arrange her messy hair.

“Good performance today.”

Shi Ning said in a slightly mischievous tone.

“It’s not to disgrace my brother.”

“That’s a good face for me1”

This pair of handsome and beautiful siblings stood in the center of the stage as the spotlight were focus on them.

The boy was noble while the girl was delicate, just looking at them was like looking at a perfect picture.

“I believe it, genes are really amazing, Shi Chen and Shi Ning standing together is just too good ah.”

“Whoever says they don’t get along I’ll be the first to protest! Look at Shi Chen’s eyes, it’s all doting! I’ve never seen him look at another girl with such eyes.”

“Fortunately, Shi Ning is his sister.

If not many girls would be heartbroken today…”

However the girls still couldn’t help but felt envious of Shi Ning.

The host said.

“Shi Ning you can now make your request to senior Shi Chen oh, since it is your own brother, I think he will agree to whatever you say.”

Shi Chen looked at his sister.

“What do you want, tell your brother.”

“Will my brother agree to anything I say”

Shi Chen nodded.

“As long as it’s something I can do.”

“You can do it.”

Shi Ning said.

Her gaze fell on Shi Chen, the time she was transmigrated and opened her eyes she had already treated him as her real brother in addition to Father and Mother Shi.

Not to mention he was her favorite character.

At that time, he was still on guard when he looked at her.

But now he was even willing to pull out the thorn in his body and show her the most real and true side in front of her.

This make Shi Ning very happy.

“Brother, can you bend down a little.

I want to whisper it to you.”

Shi Chen answered and bent down.

Shi Ning whispered to his brother’s ear.

“My wish is that no matter what time it is, brother just need to remember that there is still me and that no matter what happens I will always be there for you.”

When she sees the current Shi Chen, she always thinks of the Shi Chen on the plot.

When he learned the truth, it was already too late.

Shi Pingzhan had a car accident after chasing him.

The Shi family then lost their backbone and their family collapsed overnight.

He killed his father and was deceived by his own mother.

With nothing to rely on and nothing to protect, he spent his life alone in a state of decadence.

If afterwards, his most beloved mother was really as bad as the book says.

He would still go through that kind of pain.

But at least, in this life he still has her.

As long as a person has something to hold on to in his heart, he would not fall down.

Shi Ning wished him safe and health in this life, always with love and hope.


“That’s a good face for me1”- this actually mean was he has a good reputation


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