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“Just now, is that what I saw.”

“The boss is still the boss, it’s us who underestimated her.”

“It’s also too f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ awesome, I’ve never seen a show like that.”

“Our Yang Chuan seems to have not seen any performance like that over the years, right, how did she do it….”

“Wonderful! Wonderful! It’s really wonderful! I swear I’ll be the boss’s fan girl for life!”

After their burst of emotion, the girls looked at those propaganda posters in their hands and felt it was really a mediocre.

“Sister Minmin, are we still sending this poster”

“Send! Of course send! The boss is so good naturally we cannot slack off, as her most solid backup, we have to give her support in all aspects! Go send the poster now!”

“Go go go go.”

The members of the Study Support Association came out in full force to make the best support for Shi Ning.

“Hello students welcome, please support our number 3 popular goddess Shi Ning.”

They took the posters and handed them out to every student they saw on the way.

Unfortunately, the effect was not significant, the people on the road was either in a hurry and was not much paying attention to them.

On the contrary, on Yu Chuyao’s side, her playing the violin in the campus square attracted a lot of people and everyone went to watch the performance.

And after watching the performance, many people took out their cell phones and immediately voted for her.

“Sister Gao Min, we can’t do this, Yu Chuyao’s reputation is too good in the school, she is also one of the top students and a talent goddess at that.

Everyone is looking at her, look at us compare to her, who used to get into too much trouble, so everyone was afraid of us and would not dare to receive leaflets from us.”

Everyone looked at the lively energy of Yu Chuyao’s side and stared with worry.

At this time, a tall and handsome figure in the crowd caught their eyes.

Gao Min rushed up and handed him a poster.

“Handsome, welcome to study support association number three player Shi Ning!”

The handsome man slowly turned around and after receiving the poster, he hooked his lips and smiled.



Shi Chen”

After getting a good look at the handsome man’s face, Gao Min froze.

Shi Chen took a closer look at the poster and remembered that the school seemed to have such a thing.

“The little girl was so distracted the other day, is it because of this, isn’t it”

“I thought you really only cared about studying, but it turns out that this kind of thing would also interest you.”

Shi Chen felt amused was talking to himself.

Shi Chen’s fingertips held the poster in Gao Min’s face and waved it.

“Are you canvassing for my sister”

Gao Min nodded dazedly.

“How is the situation”

Gao Min waking up from her shocked, pointed at Yu Chuyao who was playing violin.

“Obviously, everyone went there.”

Shi Chen looked at the other side and said.

“Violin, I know how to play it too.

I have an idea, you guys go to the music equipment room and borrow a violin for me.”

Gao Min was once again shocked.

“Are you going to personally help our boss to canvass for votes!”

“Of course I am helping my own sister, what’s wrong with that”

“No! No problem at all, Lingling, go and help Young Master Shi Chen borrow a violin.”

While Yu Chuyao was playing she and her followers had long found out that Shi Ning’s followers were also helping her to canvass for votes.

With these few pheasants, Yu Chuyao didn’t even put them in her eyes, she only needed to pull casually and everyone would run to her side.

It was not until Shi Chen appeared that Yu Chuyao began to take this square performance seriously.

How she wished she could see him shining and walking up to her.

However instead of walking in front of her, Shi Chen started playing violin in Shi Ning propaganda camp as well.

Yu Chuyao’s skills were all leaned from Cao Shu.

As her own son, Shi Chen was obviously more gifted that Yu Chuyao.

However he was not really interested in music, he just likes it in general.

When he was a child his mother already learned this, and was excellent, so he didn’t further study and just took it as a hobby.

But what kind of person was Shi Chen, he was none other than the entire Yang Chuan’s creative figure, the head of F4.

Even when Nan Xiao saw him, Nan Xiao himself have to obediently shout brother to Shi Chen.

Even he was just standing there, his whole body was emitting with light not to mention the fact that it was his first time playing the violin on campus.

Not long after, everyone ran to Shi Ning’s side of the camp.

Yu Chuyao lost more than half of the people, leaving only some boys and girls.

Gao Min and several of them who saw this, hurriedly handed Shi Ning’s promotional poster over.

“Do you like young master Shi Chen’s violin performance Please vote young master’s sister Shi Ning a vote as a thank you!”

It was so lively that when Nan Xiao, Lin Suno and Jin Sihan who came out together, they also noticed the lively atmosphere at the square.

“I’m not seeing things right In the past even if I begged brother Shi Chen to play violin for us to listen to he never agreed.

But now he actually took the initiative to perform in the school”

Nan Xiao who was also shocked said.

“Come one, let’s go over there and take a look.”

The three of them went over to where Shi Chen was and saw a copy of Shi Ning’s promotional posters in the crowd so they immediately understood what was going on.

When Shi Chen saw them, he snapped his fingers.

“Hey about coming over here and help my sister.”

Nan Xiao was the first to respond.

“There’s no way we’d do such a boring thing, right Suno”

As soon as he said that, Lin Suno stepped up and stood next to Shi Chen.

Shi Chen looked at him with satisfaction.

“It’s still Suno that is good.”

Nan Xiao was speechless for a long time, he then awkwardly raised his legs and walked over.

“Ok, ok, ok I’ll do my brother a favor.”

Jin Sihan who left behind said.

“Brother Chen I can’t help you with you with this favor, Chuyao is still over there.

I’ll go over there first haha.”

When he finished his speech he intended to lift his legs and run over where Yu Chuyao was but his collar was forcefully yanked back.

Nan Xiao picked up the back of his collar and smiled coldly.

“”You’re brothers are here, where else do you want to run to.”

Jin Sihan struggles.

“You guys support Ningning, I have to go and give Chuyao a boost, she’s too miserable alone.”

“You must stay here with us, if you dare go….”

His tone was suddenly gloomy.

Jin Sihan’s back went cold and slightly shivered.

He was pressed by Nan Xiao to stand obediently by the side.

The F4 was out in full force, this scenery was rarely seen in a hundred years.

This was not to mention the girls, even boys also all ran to Shi Ning’s camp side.

Looking at this, Yu Chuyao was so angry that she couldn’t even hold the strings of the violin well.

And after she stopped playing, she gave Shi Ning’s side a fierce looked before turning to leave.


On the day of the official performance, Shi Ning and the girls change their clothes early and watched the performance in the first row.

After all, there were other performances and other activities, other than the highlight of the evening, the PK competition of the campus goddess.

The winner would be selected as Yang Chuan’s recognized school flower.

Before the competition, the supporters walked onto the stage in their gorgeous evening gowns.

“This is the end of all the performance programs today, next is the popular PK competition which will be performed by each of the four popular goddess elected by everyone.”

The host said.

“Now I have in my hands is the weighted votes obtained by each contestant in the popularity selection stage of this competition.

The weighted votes will be directly counted and added to the votes of the judges for the contestants after their performances.”

“So now, I’ll announce the results for you.”

“The winner of third place is Xu Meng from senior class, she would get one vote from the weighted popularity score.”

“Taking the second place is—..”

To create suspense the host paused at this point, waiting to the audience reactions.

“This year’s players are very excellent ah, it is said that the competition between Yu Chuyao and Shi Ning is very fierce.

So, is the second place Shi Ning or Yu Chuyao”

“Yu Chuyao!”

A boy shouted.

“Shi Ning!”

Shi Ning’s supporters did not show any weakness either.

Amidst the shouting, the host finally announced the final results of the score.

“The second place winner is Yu Chuyao from senior year class A! She will receive two votes from the weighted popularity score.”

“And the most popular contestant in the popularity selection of this competition is our student Shi Ning also from senior year class A! She will receive three votes from the weighted popularity score.

So let’s congratulate Shi Ning!”


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