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After eating, Shi Ning went back to her room and started reading a book.

Shortly after, there was a knock on the bedroom door, and getting inside her room was no other than her brother, Shi Chen.

After getting inside, Shi Chen quickly move a chair to sit next to his sister.

“Talk to your brother about what kind of topics that’s making you think hard like this, and I’ll teach you.”

Shi Ning tilted her head to look at him.

“Brother, do you know how to sing”

The topic turned a little fast, making Shi Chen confused for two seconds to answer.

“Well a little.”

“Then is there a way I can sing like a professional singer within a week”

“…probably not.”

“What about dancing brother, do you know how to dance”

“No, you can go to Sihan, he’s a great dancer.”

“I don’t want to look for him, his eyes are not working well.”

After a two second pause, Shi Ning said again.

“Then you, brother, can do comical skit”


Brother really can’t do anything it, huh.”

Shi Ning waved her hand at him.

“Then go away brother, you cannot help me solve my problem.”

Shi Chen touched his nose and said.

“So it was a misunderstanding, I thought you have some problems with your study that you can’t solve.”

Shi Ning then rest her head on his arms, titled her head up and looked at him pitifully.

“Brother, you have to remember one thing.”


“Sister really loves you.”

If it wasn’t for loving you, I wouldn’t have given myself this crap to take on.

Shi Chen probably did not expect her to be so blunt, he froze for a second and then let out a low laugh.

“Little girl suddenly saying this to me, are you trying to figure out some tricks”

Shi Ning sighed.

“I wish I could really come up with a good trick.”

“Don’t think too much, get some rest.”

Shi Chen bent down and touched her head, turned around and left Shi Ning’s room.

After thinking for the whole night on her bed, Shi Ning finally got some good idea.


The PK contest for popular campus goddess officially kicked off after the registration deadline.

Five candidates, one abstaining and four participated in the competition.

There were two ways to elect the most beautiful school flower.

One was the popularity selection and the other as the selection by judges.

Popularity selection refers to in-school real name forum voting, where each student have a vote in their hands and to vote for their favorite contestant.

Ultimately, on the day of the performance, the school would count the top three most popular contestant and rank them with first, second and third.

For the second one, there would be four judges in total, who were held by the four leaders of the school.

The four contestant would then perform, each of the four judges could then cast on vote ranking them again in first, second and third.

Finally, the result from the popular selection and from the four judges would be combined to get the one who had more votes.

From this rule, both the votes accumulated during the popularity auditions and the votes given by the judges on the live performance were very important.

After Shi Ning figure out how to participate in this competition, she temporarily stopped her after-school studies for a few days and started to catch up on her dance practiced.

In order to order to cultivate student’s interest, there was a professional dance teacher in the school and Shi Ning doesn’t even need to find a teacher herself.

She could just go to the dance studio to practice.

After two days of practice, Shi Ning found that her body’s flexibility was still very good.

As a famous family, the original owner was sent to learn dance since she was young, making her foundation good.

But after she went to junior high school, and because of the original owner’s laziness she slowly back off from dancing.

Shi Ning’s requirements were not high, the body’s sense of balance and flexibility was already enough for her.

She learned a quick dance from her dance teacher with a relatively low difficult factor and began to practice hard every day in the dance studio.

On this day, she used her lunch break to go to the dance studio and practice a little.

After seeing her classmate saw how enthusiastic she was with performance for the contest, the whole class discusses in whispers about the school flower competition.

“This time the popular goddess PK competition, our class Shi Ning and Yu Chuyao both got in.”

“Hahhahah I’ve already voted for Yu Chuyao, I think it’s still Chuyao who is more like a goddess.”

“I voted for Shi Ning as the school flower, school flower is not just about being beautiful, though Shi Ning’s face is totally fine for me.”

“But in the end, each of them still need to perform.

Yu Chuyao is a professional whether she sings, or plays violin, can Shi Ning compete with her”

“That’s not necessarily true, I also think like that in the past.

But I think Shi Ning was just hiding her strength, just look at her result, Yu Chuyao is good but last time she was behind her in the exam.

This time, I don’t think Yu Chuyao can with the stage show either.”

“This school flower selection is not only about showcasing your talent ah.

There’s also voting criteria.

I’ve hear that Yu Chuyao has been canvassing for votes on campus recently.

I think Yu Chuyao will in this time.”

Following the discussion in the class, Yu Chuyao also saw Shi Ning sweating and sitting back on her seat from who knows where she went.

She asked the girl standing next to her.

“I asked you to keep an eye on Shi Ning for me recently, did you do it for me”

The girls whispered.

“She hasn’t gone anywhere else lately except to the dance studio.

And I found connections in the student council to get the program.

The performance Shi Ning listed is dancing.”

After hearing this, Yu Chuyao sneered.

“Dance She learned how to dance a few years ago when she was a child, but now I’m afraid she have forgotten it.

She have not practice for two to three years already I’m afraid no matter how hard she try to practice with these few days it won’t help her.”

The girl followed and agreed.

“That’s right, this time the school flower must be Chuyao’s.

Who doesn’t know that our Chuyao is one of the school’s smartest, and the goddess of music.

Shi Ning is not deserving to fight with you.”

Yu Chuyao looked at Shi Ning’s slender back, her neck was still dripping with beads of sweat from her training.

No matter how hard you try, one minute on the stage and ten years on the stage is a wide gap.

Dancing can’t be accomplished overnight.

 This time you lose.

If you win this time—


Yu Chuyao was lost on her thought on the scene were the F4 were standing in front of her and she needed to choose one of them to make a request from.

She knew that she would choose Nan Xiao.

But actually, who she really wanted to choose was—

The tall, slender figure of the man emerge in Yu Chuyao’s mind, as well as his curved lips with a bit of grin smile on his face.

He was so beautiful.

She especially remembers that seven years ago, when she was picked up from the orphanage by her Grandmother Shi, she was still wearing a shabby dress when she walked into the Shi family mansion and as if she had entered a palace.

It was when he came down to the hallway and stood tall with cold weary eyebrows, sizing her up as an unexpected guest.

Because he was similar to her age, Yu Chuyao looked at him more.

He was the typical young master, who dresses, delicate and fashionable.

With his hand in his pocket and his cold expression, it’s just that he was small but his aura was what’s making people want to look at him.

At that time she was thinking that children from rich families were so beautiful, but they look like they have a bad temper.

She had kept that scene in her mind.

So much that later, when she slowly integrated into the Shi family.

The young master she saw back then would occasionally talk to her in a warm and soft voice.

She then felt happy, the kind of happy that could last all day.

However she knows that she was just an adopted daughter.

If she falls in love with the young master of the Shi family, not only the Shi family would not treat her well, but also her master Cao Shu would abandon her immediately.

She has no choice.


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