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Shi Ning looked Deng Lan with disbelief and answered back.


You think I look like a comedian”

Deng Lan looked up and down then shook his head.

“Not much like that.”

“Hey, there’s no way out of this one, you just participate well, and losing to Yu Chuyao is nothing to be ashamed of anyway.”

“I’m not going to lose.”

Shi Ning muttered as if gambling and setting a goal for herself.

After school, she was still thinking about what she had to do to win over Yu Chuyao, and beat her in the areas she was good at.

Shi Ning thought about as she walked along, even ignoring the people behind her who were silently approaching her.


Someone patted her left shoulder and yelled in her ear, scaring Shi Ning as her body shook.

When she turned and saw who it was, Shi Ning said angrily.

“Jin Sihan are you sick If you don’t have anything to do don’t suddenly come out to scare someone!”

Jin Sihan laughed.

“I didn’t scare you, you were just thinking too deeply.”

“Crazy, don’t you know you just scared me to death”

Shi Ning give him an angry glance.

“So what were you thinking just now”

“I’m planning to participate in this school flower goddess.”

“Oh so this ah, I know, Chuyao is also participating.”

“Who will you support, her or me”

“I… I’d support Chuyao.”

After Jin Sihan answered Shi Ning instantly gave him a cold look.

“Then please get out of my sight right now, immediately.”

“Ningning you’ve been really mean to me lately.”

Jin Sihan protested.

Why are you so fierce ah, aren’t I your friend

Shi Ning asked again.

“Let me ask you something, are you with Yu Chuyao”

Ever since they came back from the trip, some people in the class have been talking about Yu Chuyao and Jin Sihan, some even say that they were already together.

At first Shi Ning was not convinced after all she knew that Yu Chuyao’s character setting was always at the side of the male lead Nan Xiao.

Her deep loved for him, harmed Shi Ning and Tong Lu.

The purpose was only to replace them and be with Nan Xiao together.

Although at present, the setting of Yu Chuyao in this world seem too deviated from what she read in the book.

But it was not as if Yu Chuyao was courting Nan Xiao or wanted to hook up with Nan Xiao, while having a relationship with his brother behind his back, right

This was beyond Shi Ning’s understanding, so she always ignored this kind of rumors.

But today when Yu Chuyao mentioned Jin Sihan in front of her, the proud expression she has while saying she could control all aspects of Jin Sihan makes Shi Ning doubt her previous knowledge.

“Ningning how can you be so straightforward”

“Don’t be like a little girl squirming, just tell me if you’re together with her.”

“Don’t use this word to sully and smear our pure love!”

Jin Sihan protested.



Are these two really together

Shi Ning looked at Jin Sihan from head to toe with a complicated expression.

“How did you become a top star in the entertainment industry with that brain of yours”

Jin Sihan looked confused.

“Ha What entertainment industry Ningning I don’t quite understand what you’re saying.”

“If you don’t understand then forget about it.”

Shi Ning sighed, then held up her school bad and continued to walk forward.

Jin Sihan also continued to follow her.

“But Ningning I’m a little surprise that you’ll take part in this competition.

I thought you’ve been addicted to learning recently, and have no interest in this kind of performance.”

Shi Ning stopped in her tracks and Jin Sihan who saw her stop followed suit.

She said to him with a grin.

“I’m not really interested in talent shows, but I’m kind of interested in things like stomping your girlfriend’s face into the ground.”

Jin Sihan was shocked.

He really did not expect that Shi Ning would say such sentence to him.

This afternoon, Yu Chuyao was very annoyed and angry.

And Jin Sihan who turned a blind eye in everything Yu Chuyao did, came at wrong time annoying Yu Chuyao more.

And now Shi Ning is taking weird.


Shi Ning went home still listless, as she was still trying to solve her problem on what to do for her performance.

During their dinner, the family could see that she was bit upset.

Shi Pingzhan and Lin Xuemo winked at each other as a signal.

After receiving the signal from her husband, Lun Xuemo revealed her brightest smile and asked in a warm voice.

“Ningning ah, has there been too much pressure from studying recently”


“So is it too much homework”

“Not much.”

“Could it be that the teacher said something to you”

“The teacher has been complimenting me lately.”

None of these are…

Then what was the reason for my daughter’s sudden sadness

 Lin Xuemo couldn’t think of any more reasons.

Shi Pingzhan took up Lin Xuemo’s words.

“If it’s not the study aspect, then it’s life aspect Ningning ah, if you have any problem be sure to tell daddy.

Daddy will help you.”

Shi Ning shook her head.

“I don’t have any problem with my life either.”

“It’s not the study aspect not the life aspect then it’s the emotional aspect.”

Thinking of this, he quickly sprang on his feet.

“My dear baby girl, don’t fall in love too early!!!”

Just as Shi Pingzhan said these words, Shi Chen immediately put down his chopsticks, his eyebrows furrowed and a murderous aura hidden in his eyes.

“Who Which kid I’ll break his legs.”

“Can you not be so violent, if you broke his legs, your sister will be sad! What will you do then”

“I think my sister right now is unhappy, which means that the boy has made Ningning angry.

That man dared to abduct Ningning under my nose and yet he dares to make my sister unhappy! How can I not teach him a lesson”

“I have always taught you that violence cannot solve problems, are you treating my words for granted again”

Seeing that the old man and the young man were about to quarrel again, Lin Xeumo hastened to stop it.

“Okay, you both say less, now the focus is our Ningning okay.”

The father and son remembered and regained their awareness and both turned their head to look at Shi Ning.

Shi Pingzhan and Shi Chen almost spoke in unison.

“So who the hell is it”

Shi Ning threw out an answer.

“Five years of high school exams and three years of stimulation.”

Who else could she fall in love with but her studies

“That’s not about relations either, is it What on earth is that”

Her parents were now even more worried, unable to think of a reason.

Shi Ning rubbed her face, adjusted her emotions and smiled at everyone.

“It’s nothing, just a difficult problem that I believe I have a way to solve.”


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