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Shi Ning who saw him smile like an idiot, looked up to him and asked.

“Why do you want to sit here”

“No reason, I just want to sit here.”

Shi Ning resisted herself to punch his handsome face.

“Then you are just deliberately bullying people like Deng Lan.

Why do you always like to grab others position”

Her impression of Nan Xaio has change because of what happened when they played outside in the past few days, but she didn’t expect him to still be such an unreasonable and arrogant person.

“I’m not bullying the hell out of him, I….”

He paused and wanted to say, ‘I just want to sit with you’.

But swallowed back the words and looked at Shi Ning, he said instead.

“I think the light here is good, I just want to bask in the sun.”

What a lame reason.

Shi Ning do not want to talk to him, she got up from her seat and said.

“Then you can slowly bask in the sun alone.”

Nan Xiao watched her get up, he sat back uprightly and stopped her with his feet.

“Where are you doing No, what are you walking away from”

I just got the boy who was in the way.

Why is she leaving

Shi Ning said in a light voice.

“Don’t you want to sunbathe One less person blocking you is more convenient for the young master, so enjoy basking.”


Nan Xiao instantly regretted the b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲ reason he had just made up.

“Get out of the way.”

Shi Ning said in a cold voice, there was not wave in her eyes, it was all calmness.

Nan Xaio blankly moved his feet.

She then got up and looked around, saw an empty seat next to Lin Suno so she went over and sat down.

Lin Suno was also listening to a song with his headphones, when he felt someone sat next to him.

He opened his eyes and stared at Shi Ning with astonishment, she had taken the initiative to sit with him!

Seeing his stunned expression, Shi Ning thought she had disturbed the god of learning’s rest.

And decided she better go and find another place.

But a hand grabbed her.

Shi Ning turned her head and looked at Lin Suno in confusion.

The boy’s curly and thick eyelashes trembled twice, realizing what he had done, he immediately withdrew his hand.

The warm yellow sunlight hit the side of his face, mixed with the slightest hint of red.

“Are you going to sit here”

Lin Suno asked.

Shi Ning smiled.

“Yes, but I see you seem to prefer to be alone, so I better not bother you.”

Besides with the time he walked with Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao, most of the time Lin Suno was alone.

He’s cold and detached temperament makes the surrounding automatically isolate him.

“No, I don’t like to be alone.”

He spoke.


This answer was really unexpected coming from Lin Suno.

“So, sit down.”

Lin Suno added.

“Oh, okay.”

When Shi Ning heard him say that she immediately sat down.

At the same time, Jin Sihan spoke up and said.

“Walk slowly.”

He and Yu Chuyao got in the bus together.

Today, the two were very unusual.

Jin Sihan was extraordinarily enthusiastic about Yu Chuyao, even after they sat together, he kept pulling food out of his bag and give it to Yu Chuyao.

“What a nice young man, why did he go blind at a young age.”

The days she get along with Jin Sihan after she crossed over, she had already regarded him as one of her friends.

In addition, since she has the memory of the original owner, she knows that the original Shi Ning treated Jin Sihan as her best friend besides Yu Chuyao, who was a fraud.

And compared to other people, Shi Ning was naturally close to Jin Sihan.

So every time she sees Jin Sihan being attentive to Yu Chuyao, she feel sense of hatred.

Lin Suno wondered what she meant and asked.

“Who are you talking about”

Shi Ning smiled and answered back.

“It’s nothing.”

Shi Ning remembered last night in the hotel while using her phone, reviewing some physics problem, she encountered a problem she needed help with.

Throwing the thought out her mind, Shi Ning looked at the cold and serious face of the god of learning.

Thinking that such a good resource should not be wasted, anyway there was nothing to do in the bus.

“Suno the ride will take at most 2 hours before we arrived, doesn’t that make you feel a little bored”

“It’s okay.”

“Why don’t we solve some problems”


After Shi Ning left, Nan Xiao secretly looked at her when she wasn’t paying any attention, and saw her talking to Lin Suno discussing about some physics question like no one was else was around them.

Seeing this, Nan Xiao just felt very frustrated.

F̲u̲c̲k̲ is studying that enjoyable

Shi Ning realized that every time she discusses problems and theories with Lin Suno, the difference between smart and gifted genius were clearly wide apart.

Though she was smart and could understand quickly, that was partially because she study’s hard.

But Lin Suno was different.

He was so good that he could tell and explain to her how to solve a problem in a very easier way.

And if she wanted to find some relevant problem to practice again, but failed to find the right one, he could also easily make up question for her.

Making Shi Ning really speechless.

Why is he still a high school student.

After an hour and half of discussion, since she doesn’t want to disturb people for too long Shi Ning put away her phone and leaned back, closed her eyes and sleep.

While Lin Suno propped his school bag up against the window, leaning his hand and head to support it from falling, making sure that the bag could block most of the afternoon heat from Shi Ning.

The bus drove for two hours before arriving at school.

By the time the bus pulled up, and got out it was just about dusk.

When they arrived, each of the students call their family to pick them up.

Shi Ning also called her driver who usually drives her around.

There were many private cars parked in front of the school, all which came to pick up the children who had gone out to relax.

Shi Ning searched for her car for a long time, but couldn’t find it.

She was ready to make another phone call to ask why the driver hasn’t come yet or whether there was a delay on the way.

When she heard a rumbling motorbike sound.

A cool off-road motorbike drove into her line of sight, the off-road motorbike stopped in front of the bus.

The owner’s slender hand was on the steering wheel, and as his one hand slowly took off the helmet looking so cool making the girls screamed wildly.

Both the man and the off road motorbike were handsome and cool that even the boys blew several whistles.

When the helmet was taken off, Shi Ning saw a familiar face.

It was none other than the crown prince of the Shi family, Shi Chen.

When his eyes landed on her, his fierce and cold gaze went soft in a second.

He smiled and lovingly said.

“Welcome back brother has come to take you home.”


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