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Jin Shang walked up to crowd and casually pick up Jin Sihan by the collar who was hiding in the crowd and brought him out.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time but your hiding when you see me”

In front of Jin Shang, Jin Sihan was not at his usual cheerful and lively self, he stammered.

“No, no way.

I, I really need to pee.”

Jin Shang obviously did not believe him, with one hand holding him down he scanned the circle of people around.

“I guess you all are my brother’s classmates, Nan Xiao is also here.

My brother had given you so much trouble.”

Nan Xiao chuckled and said.

“It seems that brother Jin Shang knows that this boy is a trouble.”


Jin Sihan raised his head stiffly in protest even though he was being pinned down.

“But brother Jin Shang I have something to say.

It’s necessary to do that.”

Nan Xiao’s hands pressed against the back of Jin Shang’s hand, prompting him to let go.

Jin Shang’s phoenix eyes squinted slightly under his gold rimless glasses, but Nan Xiao’s expression was flat and firm.

Although they were six years old apart, Nan Xiao’s aura didn’t lose to him at all.

In the end, Jin Shang withdrew his hand, he had to give a little face to the sole heir of the first family of Yangcheng no matter what.

After Jin Sihan escaped from his brother’s clutches, he immediately hid behind Nan Xiao.

In a blink of an eye, the aura of the two people clashing vanished in an instant.

Jin Shang smiled and looked at the crowd.

He then said to the staff.

“Since they are young master’s Jin Sihan’s classmates they have to be treated well.”

After he finished saying this, he was about to leave when his eyes saw Shi Ning again.

“I heard that Miss Shi was frightened today”

Shi Ning thought he was probably referring to her drowning today.

“How did you know that”

Jin Shang smiled.

“How can I not know what is happening in my place”

Jin Shang paused, he gaze playfully at Shi Ning and said.

“Besides, we need to know more about the safety of Miss Shi, after all I can’t be careless about the little princess’s safety.”

The title of Shi Ning little princess was not only called used by Jin Shang, most the people in Yangcheng called her that title.

After all, in the entire Yangcheng City, whether economic or power were basically in the hands of the four big families.

And this generation, the four families in the line of heir, Shi Ning was the only girl.

So naturally she was spoiled by people around her and was groom in the palm of her protective parents.

When many people talked about her, they would jokingly refer to her as the little princess.

Shi Ning was made uncomfortable by his gaze and squeezed out a polite smile.

“Thank you.”

Jin Shang was stunned, and then couldn’t hide his laughter.

“Ningning has become so polite now And can say thank you.”

Shi Ning thought that although the original owner used to be arrogant and domineering, but not so much that she could not even say thank you.

This man really strange.

“It seems that the willful little princess has now all grown up.”

Jin Shang raised his hand wanting to touch Shi Ning’s head, which was dodge by Shi Ning, turning her head away.

The person in front of her was still too much of a stranger to Shi Ning, she doesn’t really like people she doesn’t know well touching her head.

However Jin Sang was not upset and withdrew his hand coolly.

“Have a good time everyone.”

Jin Shang said his goodbye to all the student in a gentlemanly and elegant manner.

The next second he finished talking to them, Jin Shang’s smile instantly vanished and was instantly replaced by his serious expression.

He then led his men all the way to the inside of the hotel.

When he left, the hotel lobby which was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop, regained it’s noise.

“That was Jin Shang ah, seeing is better that hearing.”

“It’s kind of scary to watch someone like that, you can’t even guess what he’s thinking.”

That’s when some girl asked Jin Sihan.

“Sihan, your brother is so handsome, does he have a girlfriend”

Only after Jin Shang left did Jin Sihan’s miserable little face regain a bit of blood.

He exhaled and reverted to his usual appearance.

“Classmate, don’t you usually read financial news, or the Yangcheng Evening News”

“If you read or watch those news, you would know that.

In addition to making money, his greatest interest is to collect various styles of expensive watches and the second is to change all kinds of beauty as his girlfriend.

The girl who asked muttered in a low voice.

“Look quite civilized and introverted ah, but is fickle after all.”

After a crazy day of fun, everyone was tired and went back to their hotel rooms to sleep.

After Shi Ning returned to her room, she thought carefully for a long time and finally remembered some memories of Jin Shang.

Jin Shang was six or seven years older than them.

When they were little kids, Jin Shang was already a student.

When they went to school, Jin Shang already finished his studies in college.

In other words, although he was Jin Sihan’s brother, he does not have much contact with them, because of their age difference.

Jin Shang has been excellent since he was a child, he had a deep mind since he was a child, making him mature early.

Jin Sihan seems to have been afraid of him since he was a child and hides whenever he sees him.

The four big families have been close for generations, because they were the children, Lin Suno and Nan Xiao were also respectful to him, and would call out brother whenever they saw him.

However, in the memories that Shi Ning remembered, the original owner hated this brother Jin Shang so much that her dislike for him even exceeded that of her own brother, Shi Chen whom she had not treated well since childhood.

Other people who see Jin Shang were respectful but not little Shi Ning, whenever she sees him either she would sneer at his hypocrisy or turned her head and directly ignore him.

She didn’t even call Jin Shang brother but called him by his name instead.

Every time she mentioned Jin Shang, she always uses the word “who” which was extremely disrespectful.

Since she was always annoyed seeing him.

No wonder Shi Ning would take the vase to smash people’s heads.

It was also estimated that since she was the daughter of the Shi family, it wasn’t made into a big deal.

Otherwise if it was another person and dared to do that to Jin Shang they would be afraid that person was not living in this world anymore.

But just why

In the end, she didn’t find out why would Shi Ning hated Jin Shang, who she doesn’t have much interactions with.

Shi Ning couldn’t really remember, she simply give up and just sleep while listening to English conversation practice.


While everyone was asleep, the light was still on in Yu Chuyao’s room.

She couldn’t sleep.

In fact this was not the first night that she couldn’t sleep.

Ever since Shi Ning started to change, was always against her at every turn and repeatedly subject her to humiliation, Yu Chuyao has had regular insomnia.

Occasionally, she was able to sleep for a while, but in her sleep all she saw was her time at the orphanage.

Not having enough food to eat, nor sleep, and being bullied by others.

She didn’t want to go back, she only had one choice and that was to fight.


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