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Shi Ning who just came out of the water had her body and hair completely wet through and through.

The thought of almost drowning just now made her not slow down, she immediately slumped on the chair and felt the warmth of the sun.

Making herself relax.

Suddenly a large part of the light in front of her was blocked.

Shi Ning opened her eyes and found that the person standing in front of her was Lin Suno.

“Here you go.”

Lin Suno handed him a bath towel.

Shi Ning smiled and took it.

“Thank you.”

She wrapped herself all over, revealing only her small head.


Shi Ning sneezed, she rubbed her nose and said to Lin Suno.

“I’m sorry you saw something ridiculous.”

“You’d better go take a hot shower, don’t catch a cold.”

Lin Suno said instead.

“It’s unlikely I’ll get cold, it’s such a hot day.”

“I don’t think so.”

Lin Suno insisted.

Why is Lin Suno so concern with her

Shi Ning looked at Lin Suno’s serious eyes, with a posture that if-you-won’t-shower-I-would-not-leave-you-alone-today.

“Okay, I’ll go in a minute.”

Shi Ning compromised.

“Why wait later.”

“Because I’m a little dizzy now.”

Shi Ning spoke the truth.

As soon as she said that, she saw Lin Suno bending down in front of her and said.

“Come on up, I’ll carry you.”

Shi Ning was startled, she waved her hands and said.


no I’m really fine, just let me rest a while.”

“Letting you shower is for your own good, why so much nonsense.”

Nan Xiao appeared behind them at some point, and said.

Shi Ning looked at Nan Xiao and said.

“Thank you.”

After all, it was he who saved her, and Shi Ning remembered that she still owed him a thank you.


Nan Xiao asked after Lin Suno’s words.

“A little bit.”

“Then let’s go and see the doctor.”

After saying that Nan Xiao regardless if Shi Ning agreed or not, directly picked her up by the waist and walked towards the medical team that was on standby.

After being held by him like a princess carry in public, Shi Ning reacted and was so embarrassed that her face instantly turned red.

She hammered Nan Xiao’s chest and said.

“What are you doing, put me down.”

Nan Xiao did not budge even if Shi Ning was beating him, he continued to hold her and walked forward.

Shi Ning’s struggle was ineffective and could only cover her face, hoping everything would end soon.

Lin Suno who stood behind them was lost in his thoughts as he watched the back of a man carrying the woman.

His eyes never left her body the moment he laid his eyes on her.

The time she called for help, Lin Suno immediately swam towards her, but Nan Xiao was closer to her, so even if he reacted first, even if he swam towards her first, the person who saved her first was Nan Xiao, and not him.

Only dared to guard from afar, this may be the reason why he would always lag behind Nan Xiao.


After the unpleasant events during the day, everyone’s enthusiasm for playing dropped by more than half.

And the time they returned to the hotel on that day was also very early.

As the group walked towards the hotel, they suddenly found that almost all of the hotel staff were gathered in the lobby.

All were neatly dressed and with serious expressions on their face.

The situation was like ancient ministers receiving the emperor.

“What’s going on! This isn’t going to greet us, is it”

“Keep dreaming.

This looked like a leader going for inspection ah.”

“Hahahahahah there are leaders among us.

Isn’t Sihan, the future successor of the Jin family!”

“That’s not necessarily true, don’t you know Sihan is Jin’s …..


Someone whispered.


Jin Sihan’s face went white as he turned his head and tried to walk out of the hotel.

Nan Xiao pulled him back.

“Where are you going”

Jin Sihan stammered.

“I have to pee, I’ll go to my room first!”

“My dear brother, where do you want to go”

Jin Sihan didn’t take two steps when a clear, and noble male voice came from behind him.

Jin Shang walked in through the revolving doors surrounded by security guards and staff, while the at the same time, all the uniformed staff in the hotel bent down and bowed with their voices neat and loud.

“Hello President Jin!”

As the youngest head of the Jin family, Jin Shang was only 23 years old this year.

Just two years after graduating from college he took over the Jin family.

With his leadership, the family business has become increasingly prosperous.

Everyone praised the young leader of the Jin family who had a rare business talent.

The rumors about the four families in Yangcheng City were few and far between.

And Jin Shang was the first person to hold a real power in this generation of the four families’ heirs, was the center of public opinion.

As soon as Jin Shang walked over, his aura and temperament were worlds apart from their group of students.

He was not similar to Jin Sihan.

Jin Shang was a very handsome man, especially with his handmade high-end suit with thin-framed gold rimmed glasses.

His features were three-dimensional handsome features.

He looked gently and steady, he has a very noble aura.

“So handsome, although not as exquisite as Sihan’s looks, but brother has a good temperament ah!”

The girls in the class began to discuss their obsession again.

One boy interrupted.

“Have you never heard of Jin Shang’s cruel methods Yet you dared to be smitten by him, I advised you to stay away from him…”

Shi Ning was full of doubts when she saw Jin Shang.

When she read the original plot, in addition to the female lead Tong Lu, and the male lead Nan Xiao, the F4 has quite a few scenes, which was because they were considered as the main characters.

But as the brother of the important character Jin Sihan, why did she not read the name Jin Shang in the novel at all.

Listening to the chatter of the people around, Shi Ning thought that this Jin Shang should be a very scary person.

When he slowly walked, step by step towards Jin Sihan, Shi Ning noticed that he had a scar above his forehead, adding some flaw on his perfect face.

She couldn’t help but inclined her head and ask to the nearest person, Nan Xiao.

“How did Sihan’s brother’s forehead get a scar”

Otherwise, it should a very handsome face ah.

Shi Ning think’s it was a pity.

Nan Xiao frowned and looked at her confusingly.

“Are you playing dumb”

Shi Ning with a puzzled and innocent looked answered.

“No ah.”

Although she has the memory of the original owner, but there were too many things that she could not remember for a while.

“Then how could you forget about throwing a vase to brother Jin Shang’s head when you were a child”

! ! !

It was said that Jin Shang was a dangerous person and many people were afraid of him, yet…

Why was the original owner so fierce when she was a child ah!


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