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The force of the slap was not small, the crisp sound made the noisy crowd quietened down.

Yu Chuyao’s tender white face was instantly red and swollen.

Five fingerprints were clearly visible on her face.

“I just want to play with you…”

Yu Chuyaos’ tears immediately falls down from her pitiful eyes, she had cried a lot.

Half pretending, half really aggrieved.

Although she wanted to teach Shi Ning a lesson, she never wanted to kill her.

She just wanted to make her chokes a few times, who knew she suddenly couldn’t swim!

“Play Is that how you play, even if I was already drowning! You clearly saw I can’t swim, I told I don’t want to play with you but instead you pushed me and took my swimming ring from me! Is that not want to kill me, then what!”

Shi Ning’s colds voice penetrated as she interrogates her.

“I don’t know, I don’t know wu wu wu, I obviously didn’t, why are you slandering me.”

Yu Chuyao shrank into Jin Sihan’s arms and cried.

Jin Sihan looked at Shi Ning and then looked at Yu Chuyao in his arms.

On one side was his childhood friend and other was the girl he liked.

He said tentatively.

“Ningning, calm down first, is there any misunderstanding, I also remembered that you can swim ah.

Chuyao probably just wanted to joke with you.”

“Joking about people’s lives and deaths, this kind of joke I really can’t afford.”

Although nothing serious happened, but the moment she fell into the water, her fear invaded her.

The desperate sense of dying in her past memory made Shi Ning’s heart palpitate.

She knew that Yu Chuyao doesn’t really want to kill her, but sooner or later it would be harmful for her if Yu Chuyao stayed with her any longer.

So she could use this accident and completely severe their sisterhood and so that Yu Chuyao wouldn’t come to her anymore and pretend they were close.

Shi Ning’s words shocked everyone.

During a period of time, she had only been concentrating on her studies and peacefully stays in class without making a fuss.

People could also occasionally communicate with her, they even liked the changed in Shi Ning.

Her temperament has improved a lot and uses soft voice and politeness when talking, completely different from her original arrogant and domineering attitude.

But today it seems that the original Shi Ning has resurface.

Who cares if you were crying, this lady would still beat you as usual.

This time, Lao Yang also rushed over and asked about what happened, after determining that the two drowning students were okay, did he sighed a relief.

With solemn face, he said.

“Since you are all 16 to 17 years old, I thought you have a sense of security that’s why I agree on bringing you here but did not expect that something like this can still happen.

From today onwards no one can swim in the water, you can only play on the shore.”

Shi Ning was not done with Yu Chuyao, and doesn’t care if Lao Yang could hear her.

“I don’t know what are you crying about.

Our family is also considered to be kind to you, even if you are not grateful but you can’t think of harming people.

You think you’ll be the real Ms.

Shi if you killed me.”

Shi Ning coldly dropped the sentence, and no longer pay attention to Yu Chuyao, she turned around to the side and sat on the chair to rest.

The scene was too spectacular, they didn’t expect to witness a sister tearing drama on their trip to relax.

Yu Chuyao was slumped on the ground as if paralyzed as she keep on crying and whispering how wronged she was.

The students who saw the drama, started gossiping.

“Aren’t Shi Ning and Yu Chuyao good sisters, what’s going on”

“Yeah, it used to look like they had a good relationship.”

“But thinking about it recently, Shi Ning seems to be not really want to take care about Yu Chuyao.”

“Yu Chuyao really goes too far ah, Shi Ning said she was pushed, even if someone who can swim will forgot how to react if she was suddenly pushed.

She may really drown.

Otherwise how could those good at swimming still drowned, looked at Shi Ning she maybe too scared to react.”

“Looks like the good sisters are in cold war1.”

“What good sisters In the end, Yu Chuyao is just a child brought back by the Shi family.

You really thinks she is some Young Miss Well she just angered the real daughter of Shi family, she will have a hard time in that family.”

After Shi Ning left, Yu Chuyao looked at Nan Xiao standing in front of her, and sobbed.

“Nan Xiao, I didn’t really mean to, you know Shi Ning can swim.”

Nan Xiao looked at her coldly from the high position.

“I’ll just ask you one thing.”

“You did pushed her, right”

Yu Chuyao’s face became paler, and the tears were swirling around her eyes.

“Then what else do you want to explain”

Nan Xiao coldly sneered and turned to leave.

Yu Chuyao saw Lin Suno who was not far from her.

“Suno, thank you for saving me earlier.”

“Don’t mention it, I wasn’t planning to save you.”

He also left after speaking.

Yu Chuyao bit her lips and blood started to come out.

She felt like a doll stripped of its gorgeous coat, lying tattered and torn on the ground, to let people trample on.

Jin Sihan couldn’t bear this scene.

He hugged Yu Chuyao more tightly and comforted her.

“Don’t cry, I’m still here.”

Yu Chuyao wrapped her arms around his waist and flung herself into his arms, crying out in pain.

Everything that had happened at the beach shore was seen by a tall man in suit, from the not so far building.


The corner of his lips lifted and his eyes looked through the floor-to-sceiling glass window at the man and the woman outside.

Behind him stood an old man with semi-white hair in his sixties, who was quiet and respectful the whole time.

“Butler Bai, do you think this younger brother of mine has grown up.”

The man in suit suddenly asked, as his deep and complex eyes fell on Jin Sihan.

The old man, known as the white butler, looked out the window and said.

“Yes, the young master is over 15 years old and has grown a lot.”

“Yeah, old enough where he can like girls.”

The man narrowed his eyes at Yu Chuyao who was being held in Jin Sihan’s arms.

“Who is that girl and how does she look a little familiar.”

Asked the man in suit.

White Butler replied.

“That is the child that Old Lady Shi took back from the orphanage and raised by her side, her name is Yu Chuyao, two year older than the young master but was on the same class.”

“Shi’s adopted daughter She seems a bit impressive.”

The man seemed like he was recalling something.

“But I’m more impressed with the real daughter of the Shi family, Shi Ning.”


cold war1– silent conflict between two parties


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