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When going to a beach, swimming and playing in the water was naturally a sport that cannot go missing.

Those who could swim had long been plunged and swimming in the ocean or in the swimming pool, and those who couldn’t and don’t know how to swim were at the shallow area and on the edge of the pool, splashing water.

Shi Ning slowly extended her feet and put it in the water, the water in the pool was ice cold and was comfortable indeed.

“Ningning, don’t you want to go there and play”

Jin Sihan emerged from the water, and asked her to come down with him.

Shi Ning shook her head.

“No, you guys play, I’ll just play here.”

“That’s boring, let’s play together, it’s not like you can’t swim.”

Shi Ning: “…..”

How should she tell him that she really couldn’t swim.

When her grandmother was sick when she was little, she went to the mountains to get some water instead of her grandmother.

And when she crossed the bridge, she didn’t walked steadily because the bucket was too heavy for her.

She slip her foot and fell into the river, if someone hadn’t passed by and save her, she would have died at that moment.

After that incident Shi Ning has been afraid of the water.

After that incident, she was afraid of seeing big river.

When she grew up she learned to overcome her fear of water, but it was still impossible for her to swim.

Shi Ning took a large swimming ring, and let it float on the water.

She sat on it and rowed with her hands.

“I’m kind of swimming like this.”

Jin Sihan was speechless.

“Your body is not even in the water, what kind of swimming is that”

“I think this is quite good.”

Shi Ning said while her arms were tightly holding the swimming rings and flapping her hands in the water.


“Chuyao, you have such a good figure, what do you usually eat, how come your breast is developing so well”

“You’re so thin, are there even any meat on your belly and waist.”

“Yes, ah.

Usually people who are thin are flat chested but your different, how did you do it ah.”

After Yu Chuyao came out from the water, her beautiful body was shown by the many.

She has the right curves on the right places and her thin body were amazing.

Yu Chuyao comb her wet hair with one swift motion.

“I don’t know ah, I actually eat a lot of food and loves to snacks.”

“That’s too hateful ah.”

The surrounding girls beamed with envy.

Happy with the complement and envious gaze, Yu Chuyao caught Shi Ning with her eyes.

“Eh, how come Shi Ning isn’t swimming”

“Hahaha she’s still wearing her clothes.

Her body should not be as good as Chuyao so she doesn’t dare to show it out.”

“Still sitting on the swimming ring like a kid ah.

That’s hilarious.”

Yu Chuyao looked at Shi Ning playing with the water alone, she turned her head to the girls around her and said.

“You guys play over here first, I’ll go over there and take a look.”

She then swam towards Shi Ning.

Shi Ning was having fun playing with the water when Yu CHuyao appeared in front and smiled at her.

“Ningning ah, the sun is so strong, aren’t you wearing too much”

Shi Ning coldly replied.


As if she didn’t notice her indifference, Yu Chuyao continued.

“Come down and let’s play together.”

Shi Ning didn’t bother to talk to her, and did reply back.

She lowered her head and went on playing with the water.

Seeing Shi Ning was ignoring her, the days of accumulated resentment erupted at this moment.

She took advantage of Shi Ning’s inattention and pushed her into the water from behind.

Shi Ning who suddenly fell into water instinctively grabbed the swimming ring but Yu Chuyao pulled the swimming ring away to a position she couldn’t reach.

Shi Ning choked a few mouthfuls of water and shouted for help.

Yu Chuyao coldly said.

“What are you pretending for Not swimming so others will save you Are you that happy, when everyone is serving you.”

She had finished this sentence when a hand grabbed her ankle.

It was none other than Shi Ning’s hand.

Shi Ning thought that if couldn’t live today, she had to pull someone with her!”

“You’re crazy! Let go of me now!”

She would have been able to swim, but Shi Nign pressed her, and choked a few water making her panic and forgot that she knows how to swim.

As a result the two people shouted for help together.

Because the student came to play, and with their large number, the security measures of the school were all in place.

Long before the students got into the water, they already contacted professional life guards and medical staff of the resort for standby.

After hearing them call for help, a professional lifeguard soon jumped into the water with the intention of saving the two.

But someone was ahead of them, and saved the two girls faster.

Nan Xiao was holding Shi Ning and fish her out from the water, while Lin Suno dragged Yu Chuyao.

Two people just choked out a few mouthfuls of water, there was no big problem.

After vomiting must of the water, Shi Ning opened her eyes and saw Nan Xiao’s magnified face.

“You saved me”

Nan Xiao frowned.

“Are you okay”

Shi Ning coughed twice.

“I’m okay.”

Realizing that his almost naked body was pressed against her, and his arms around her with his chest near her face, Shi Ning blushed and pushed Nan Xiao away and stood up.

Opposite, Yu Chuyao also woke up.

After Lin Suno fished the person up, as if there was some unknown virus on Yu Chuyao he immediately retreated three meters away.

Instead Jin Sihan ran over and squatted beside Yu Chuya and asked her if she’s okay.

“Sister Chuyao are you okay”

Yu Chuyao who just woke up, shook her head and said.

“I’m okay.”

With tears in her eyes she looked at Shi Ning and said

“Ningning, what the hell did you do Don’t make jokes like that! You just strangled my neck causing me to almost die.”

Without saying a word Shi Ning walked over towards Yu Chuyao.

“What are you doing”

Yu Chuyao asked shivering as she saw Shi Ning’s face was not right.


Shi Ning slapped her across the face.

“What did I do I’d like to ask you the same question what did you do Why did you pushed me down and snatched my swim ring away! What You want to commit murder”


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