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Nan Xiao’s palm pressed hard on Jin Sihan’s shoulder, making him scream painfully.


“When I’m done with her, I’ll let you know who’s the father.” Jihan heard his gloomy voice.


Nan Xiao walked in front of Shi Ning in the sight of everyone.


The eldest young master was awkward for a long time, his eyes glanced randomly everywhere.


“I think you are still young, so you don’t want me to call you a father”


Shi Ning: “Even if I get older in the future, I can’t be a father.”


Nan Xiao: “Oh, it is.”


Was he mentally r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲


Shi Ning was deeply suspicious.


“See She doesn’t want to.” Nan Xiao said to the class.


Under the death gaze of the boss, everyone in the class nodded frantically.


Nan Xiao, with an impatient expression of getting things done quickly, continued to talk to Shi Ning: “Since I promised to meet one of your conditions, I have to do it.”


“Let’s talk, what do you want”


Shi Ning hadn’t spoken yet when he immediately added another sentence as if he thought of something, “Don’t think about being my girlfriend.”


“Except for this, if it’s reasonable, I can promise you anything.”


Shi Ning originally wanted to say that he didn’t need to promise anything.

The promise they agreed just now had nothing to do with her.


But when she saw Nan Xiao’s arrogant look, she suddenly changed her mind.


Shi Ning looked up at him and said every word.


“My request is, in the future, can we automatically maintain a distance of three meters in school to reduce the number of times we meet.”


Nan Xiao: “”


This woman today was definitely crazy.


Not long ago, she was pestering him every day. 


She even said that in order to prove her love, she was willing to die for him, thus leading to her committing to suicide.


This love suffocated him.

If they hadn’t grown up together since childhood, he wouldn’t have been able to tolerate such an abnormal woman.


There were many people who like him, but it was only Shi Ning who dared to stalk him so blatantly and could still walk freely in Yangchuan.


For so many years, although he was very annoyed by Shi Ning’s perverted love, he was somewhat used to it.

As long as it was not too excessive, he could also ignore it.


He didn’t even dream of that one day, he could hear Shi Ning say to him, “Please keep your distance from me.”


She had liked him for so many years since she was a child, how could she suddenly change


Nan Xiao didn’t believe it at all.


Nan Xiao: “Is this another way of catching my attention Okay, you’re very good at it now.”


This man is so narcissistic that it was hopeless. 


Shi Ning gained this insight as she sighed, “You think whatever you want, but can you agree to this condition”


As a person who has read the original book, Shi Ning knew that the reason the original owner became a cannon fodder was because of her entanglement with the male lead. 


So in this life, she decided to cherish life and stay away from Nan Xiao.


Another reason was that every time Nan Xiao appeared, the students around her would make a mess, and the noise made her unable to calm down and study.


Nan Xiao sneered and curled his lips like he heard a joke.


“I can, but don’t regret it.” 


“I definitely won’t regret it, thank you.”


Shi Ning thanked him sincerely.


Thanking him that she could study in a peaceful surrounding.

She also wished him a peaceful life.


Nan Xiao stood there and looked at her for a few seconds, but couldn’t see the slightest loss in her eyes.


Instead, he saw the undisguised serene and satisfaction in her eyes.


He squinted slightly.


Oh, her acting was pretty good.


He wanted to see how long she could play.


After school, Shi Ning wanted to go to the bathroom, but before she left the classroom, she saw a group of girls coming towards her.


There were about seven or eight people with bright and striking makeup, and were very eye-catching.


This group of girls dressed completely different from the students.

Their hair was dyed in various colors and wore the school uniforms crookedly.

Their school skirts were obviously shorter than other students.

Not to mention, when other students saw them, they all detoured, for fear of accidentally causing trouble.


Where did this group of hooligans come from She didn’t expect that there was such a unique group in Yangchuan High School.


Shi Ning thought it would be better to stay away.


She silently lowered her head and was about to go around.


“Ah, isn’t that the boss!”


One of the girls shouted excitedly when she saw her.


“The boss is really in good health!”


Several others also noticed Shi Ning. 


They quickly walked towards Shi Ning.


They stood in rows and bowed to her.


“Greetings, boss! We welcome the boss for successfully being discharged from the hospital.”


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