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The god of learning was the god of learning after all, playing games were all about strategy!

They made it finals without doing anything.

The man she loves was really smart!

Jiang Siling followed behind Lin Suno with face full of admiration.

However, as the two teams made it to the final round, and found each other, they face each other head-on.

Nan Xiao’s gun was pointed at Lin Suno.

Lin Suno’s gun was also tacitly pointed at Nan Xiao.

Both fire at each other.

The announcement was broadcasted over their headset.


20 Nan Xiao hits No.2 Jiang Siling in the chest, Jiang SIling eliminated.”

“No.2 Lin Suno hits Nan Xiao on the left shoulder, Nan Xiao eliminated.”

It turns out that when Jiang Siling was still in her flowery mood, she had been grabbed over by her beloved man to block the gun.



Shi Ning looked at the ‘unforeseen’ event and felt a little sorry for Nan Xiao.

“Sorry, I also wanted to block it for you, but you are too tall, and can’t block the head.”

When Lin Suno’s bullet came over.

Nan Xiao avoided the bullet, originally the bullet came towards his head but he moved and was hit on the shoulder instead.

Nan Xiao sneered at Lin Suno in front of him and said.

“I didn’t think you would use a woman to block the bullet.”

Lin Suno lightly said.

“It’s just tactics.”

The committee member, Jiang Siling raised her hand and said.

“It’s okay! I’m willing!”

These words were yelled out at the top of her lungs to fully express her willingness to die for Lin Suno.

Nan Xiao back up a little and whispered to Shi Ning’s ear.

“This guy is stupid, he probably forgot you existed.

You’re up now, come on, shoot him dead in one shot.”

Shi Ning: “…..”

You think too highly of me!

I can’t shoot properly, not to mention three shots!

10 may be a little possible!

Across them, Lin Suno seemed to be not planning on shooting again, while Jiang Siling still looked  a love-struck fool.

Both of them have forgotten that there was still another person on the other team.

Without hope, Shi Ning raised her gun and fired at Lin Suno.


As expected…..it hit the air.

Jiang Siling reacted by screaming.

“Ahhhhhh, Shi Ning is still alive, Suno finish her off! And we’ll win!”

Lin Suno raised his gun as well.

Shi Ning knew that the defeat had been decided, and with the mind of just participating and just like what she did with Yu Chuyao, he bombarded Lin Suno of bullets until it runs out.

At the same time Lin Suno also opened fired, surprisingly he fired the same way as Shi Ning.

Several shots in row was fired, like bullets don’t mean much.

After the frenzy gun fire, the surrounding area quited down.

Shi Ning looked at it from a distance and found that this time she was better than last time, after she depleted her bullets, she could only hit trice but now she hit Lin Suno four times.

Wait something doesn’t feel right!

How come I don’t have any paint in my body

Shi Ning checked her whole body, but could not see any paint, she then reached out her helmet but did not feel the paint flowing down on her face.




A low growl of someone’s anger came from the side.

Shi Ning turned her head and saw that Lin Suno had fired all his bullets on Nan Xiao.

Colorful paintballs dyed Nan Xiao’s upper body in a shape similar to a heart.

What a bad joke it is.

Lin Suno put down his gun and said to Nan Xiao.

“For you.”

Next to him, Jiang Siling was stunned, she angrily said to Lin Suno.

“What’s going on ah, why did you hit Nan Xiao again ah, wasn’t Nan Xiao already dead!”

Nan Xiao angrily laughed.

“How much did you hate me that you have to have flog the corpse”

The sound of the broadcast came over everyone’s headset.


20 Shi Ning hits No.2 Lin Suno with four shots, Lin Suno eliminated, No.2 out of the game.”

“The game is over, and team no.20 Nan Xiao and Shi Ning’s victory.”

“Since the final kill was done by Shi Ning, Shi Ning is awarded the title of ‘Shooter King’ in the game.”

Hearing the last broadcast, Shi Ning’s hand holding the gun trembled.

What the hell is the shooter king…

She doesn’t deserve it, she really doesn’t.

“Ahhhhhhhh!!! Why can’t I be the king of shooter, my marksmanship is more accurate than Shi Ning!”

Jiang Siling, who thought she was going to win the final game, was frantic.

Lin Suno said nothing and just looked at the people opposite to him, before he turned and left.

Jiang Siling followed and was still asking after him.

“Suno why on earth did you hit Nan Xiao again ah, if you could have killed Shi Ninng, we could have won ah! Such a pity ohh.”


As Shi Ning was now proclaimed as Shooter King! Standing on the place, she was thinking about Lin Suno’s ‘evil act’ of killing Nan Xiao again even as a corpse.

What’s the reason

Because of love

Or was it hate

“Let’s go.”

Nan Xiao patted her shoulder and laughed.

“Shooter King.”

Redirecting her attention, Shi Ning thought.

How can I feel that you are being so sarcastic!


After the game, all students change their clothes.

Lao Yang looked at the group of youthful people.

“Children how was the game”

The students immediately grumbled.

“It’s so fun to die too quickly, I never experience the excitement of the game at all!”

“Everything was okay until brother Xiao shows up.

He was just so cool, all were instant kill.”

“That is to say, we request to ban Nan Xiao if we will play this kind of game again in the future! He was too OP!”

After everyone complained, they suddenly remember something interesting.

“But how did Shi Ning take the Shooter King in end Ha ha ha, did brother Xioa let it happen”

“Brother Xiao is such a gentleman now, that is not like him.”

“Tut! You guys don’t know that today is different from the past, ah, our group was assign to assassinate Brother Xiao, but brother Xiao has done something that will make people fall out of their teeth.”

This time someone said.

The student was brimming with words worth eating melon1, making everyone interested.

“Why what happened”

That student said.

“Brother Xiao, our wise and brave brother Xiao used his body to block the bullets for Shi Ning when we sneaked up on her.”


Exclamation were heard one after another.

Interrupting the awespring2 news, Lao Yang said.

“Well, there will be a reward for this game, the students who won this time, come here and received the prize.”

Nan Xiao and Shi Ning both walked over.

Lao Yang took out a beautifully wrapped chocolates and gave them a box each.

“This is brought back from Germany, kids like you should like to eat it.”

Shi Ning took it obediently and said.

“Thank you teacher.”

Nan Xiao took it and threw it directly to Shi Ning.

“What are you doing You don’t want it”

“Too sweet, don’t want to eat.”

At this time the club manager came out and asked.

“Who was the Shooter King”

Here we come again, this unworthy title that makes people cringe!

Shi Ning bowed her head in shame.

All the students pointed at her in unison and said.

“Shi Ning!”

The club manager was shocked.

“I can’t believe it, little girl, you look so skinny and weak but I didn’t expect for you to be good at this! That’s Good!”

The club manager also gave Shi Ning a thumbs up.

Shi Ning waived her hand and said.

“I dare not, my partner is more powerful, I was just following him to win.”

When Nan Xiao hear the words ‘my partner’ came out on her mouth, the corner of his lips unconsciously rose.

The club manager laughed.

“Don’t be modest, the winning shot was made by you, the title shooter king was well deserved.

This token of appreciation from our club to you.”

“A CS membership annual card and a real imitation of a gun.”

Shi Ning took it and said a few more thank yous’.

“The place you most want to play will be our next destination, check your belongings to see if you have left anything behind.

Then gather after 10 minutes in front of the bus.”

After Lao Yang said this, he went on his own and wait for his students on the bus.

While everyone was still immersed in the game, teasing Shi Ning with a title of Shooter King.

“Shi Ning your so great ah, she had made progress in her study and now she is also good at this.”

“It’s luck, ah, luck.”

“Luck is also a kind of strength! Like we are not lucky to draw a partnership with Nan Xiao, but was only killed by him.”

“You’re really awesome, you’re my goddess from now on!”

The boys all crowded around her, complementing her.

Recently, many boys in the class have noticed her.

Who was not used to such beautiful and hardworking girl

However Shi Ning was usually studying and doesn’t like to talk much, so everyone has not chance to chat with her.

Now that she out to play, looking so more beautiful, the boys were scrambling trying to talk to her.

After Shi Ning’s personality change, her temper became much better.

She was not the arrogant young lady which was quite different from ‘her’ before.

This contrast made the students flattered for a moment.

Yu Chuyao looked at Shi Ning who was surrounded by the crowd, and silently but her lips tightly.

Since when everything has changed.

All those eyes that belong to her, now fell on Shi Ning.

Jin Sihan walked up to her, smiled and said.

“Sister Chuyao don’t worry, although I’m not great yet, but I will grow and I’ll bring you back with me and defeat brother Xiao.”

Yu Chuyao replied in her mind.

What do you know A child that was spoiled by everyone and doesn’t know any hardship in the world.

You just know how to laugh and doesn’t understand humiliation at all.

She could be eliminated by anyone but not Shi Ning.

These thought were all hidden deep down in Yu Chuyao’s heart, and on the surface pretended to be indifferent and smiled and Jin Sihan.

“It’s okay, it’s just a game.

I’m happy I can play it with you.”

After Jin Sihan finished talking to her, he walked to the front where the crowd was gathered and said to Shi Ning.

“Ningning congratulation in winning.”

After he said this, his eyes suddenly turned to Lin Suno was standing not far away.

“But your last opponent was Suno, which was under my impression was not much worse that Nan Xiao, how did you do it”

“I’m also very confused, how is their relationship of these two”

Jin Sihan was confused.


“Nan Xiao was already dead, but Lin Suno left me alive while he killed him twice.”

Jin Sihan suddenly realized something.

“I was wondering how can you beat Suno in shooting sport, so that’s what happened.

It turns out he didn’t shoot at you at all! Suno why on earth did you do that!”

The class was once again smelled a worthy eating melon and uniformly their eyes moved to Lin Suno.

Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Suno looked at Shi Ning who also was looking at him, with same puzzled face as everyone else.

Lin Suno said lightly.

“It’s nothing, just looking at him made feel with displeasure.”

“Your mother—”

Nan Xiao wanted to hit someone when he heard what Lin Suno said.

“Hahahahahahahahaha! How big was the grudge must be for Suno, even if Nan Xaio was dead, he was still shot!”

“F4 will not be disbanded right But Lin Suno and brother Xiao doesn’t like each other! And would rather give up the game and die.”

“Are you stupid, this is love ah, did you not see Nan Xiao’s uniform with a shape of a heart.

It was Suno who did it, also who could dare to talk like that in front of Nan Xiao! They have such good relationship as brothers!”

“Are you….

sure this is a brotherly love”

A girl held her glasses and spoke.

Another girl covered her mouth.

“Sister, the words of tiger and wolf3 can only be said in private.

We can’t say that in public.”


The crowd was buzzing while carrying their stuff to the buss.

As Lin Suno walked away, Jin Sihan put a hand on his shoulder.

“Brother do you know it”

Jin Sihan suddenly lowered his voice.


Jin Sihan smiled mysteriously.

“Nan Xiao actually did not draw number 20, he secretly switched it with someone.”


eating melon1– gossip/interesting gossip

awespring2– spectacular; magnificent

tiger and wolf3– something spicy, or boys love


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