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According to the rules of the game, it was possible to take the opponents bullets or guns after killing them.

The only thing was that Nan Xiao felt he had enough bullets and that Shi Ning was safer without bullets than with bullets, so he didn’t take their opponents bullets.

However, now was a different story, it seemed that there were not enough bullets to go around.

Nan Xiao picked up the gun of the student they just eliminated and threw it to Shi Ning after filling his own gun with bullets.

Nan Xiao was a little nervous now that Shi Ning has bullets and could ‘accidentally’ shoot him again.

“Can we win”

Asked Shi Ning.

Nan Xiao looked solemnly.

“Look ahead.”

What Shi Ning saw was 8 people walking together carrying guns, looking around like they were looking for someone.

“Where could brother Xiao be Why don’t I see them.”

“Our classmates that was eliminated said that Nan Xiao is very good with ambush, so everyone be careful.”

A classmate named, Zuo Wenjian said,

“What are you afraid of, there are so many of us.

Nan Xiao is no match for us.”

Just as Zuo Wenjian said this, he found himself with a bullet paint in his chest.

Everyone looked at the source of the gunfire.

Nan Xiao stood up while Shi Ning was still squatting.

Nan Xiao’s shoot was too fast, and instantly the other people were down.

“10 more, and I can finish you off just as well.”


The few remaining men went panic and frantically shoot everywhere.

Nan Xiao had long guess this, so he went out his way to find a tree and avoid the bullets.

“You hide here, don’t come out.”

Nan Xiao said to Shi Ning, before running out by himself.

Several people followed Nan Xiao and while chasing him they did not stop shooting, making the whole ground wet with paint, but none of them could hit Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning could not see anyone after Nan Xiao lured everyone with him, but she could hear gunshots.

At the same time, the headset rang one after another to inform the elimination information.


20 Nan Xiao eliminates No.1 Xu Zhicheng and No.

8 Song Qian.”

“No 20 Nan Xiao eliminated….4, 5 and 9 from the game.”

The announcement was all about Nan Xiao killing his opponents.

While Shi Ning felt that was like a salted fish1.

Not long after, Nan Xiao came back.

He probably ran for a long time, as he was gasping for breath.

“There are three teams left.”

Shi Ning didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing.

“You’ve work hard, Jia you!”

But after thinking for a while she said this and even made a cheering gesture.

Nan Xiao’s cold and indifferent gaze swept away.

She silently took back her hand and rolled her eyes at the same time.

“Let’s go and find them before they all form a group themselves again, and end this boring game quickly.”

Nan Xiao said.

Oh! Is he bored

You’ve killed everyone, and now you’re bored

No respect for the opponent at all! Not at all!

Arrogant! Cocky!

Shi Ning complained inwardly.


After walking a little further, they ran into two people head-on.

“Brother Xiao.”

These two people were obviously both timid, and with the news of Nan Xiao’s killing in the headset makes them even more afraid when they looked at Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao expressionlessly raised his gun and send them back to drink tea.2

He had just finish killing the two when he suddenly heard movement behind him.

Nan Xiao turned back and saw a man aiming at them.

And the direction he was pointing his gun was none other than Shi Ning.


The gun fired and there were several shots fired in a row.

Shi Ning closed her eyes, thinking that she should be eliminated, after all, she saw her opponent shooting at herself.


20 Nan Xiao hit No.

3 Ho Man in the head, Hi Man is eliminated, No.3 out from the game.”


3 Ho Man hit Nan Xiao in back and lost two-third of his life.”

Shi Ning opened her eyes, and saw Nan Xio in front of her, where his back facing her.

And there was a paint in his back, too.

“Let’s go, there’s only one team left.”

After finishing the people cleanly, Nan Xiao said to Shi Ning.

Shi Ning followed him, hesitated for a moment but still couldn’t help herself asking him a question.

“Why did you take the bullet for me”

It was too mysterious.

One moment he was saying “I’ll kill you if you don’t shut up”, and the next moment he was using his body to help her block bullets.

“You are my partner, it is not good to lose a partner.”

“But isn’t it worse it you got shot instead of me Our team is depending on you to win.”

Nan Xiao stopped walking and looked at her with an expression why-do-you-talk-so much.

“I think that this game is too boring, so I wanted to increase the difficulty of the game, okay”


You are so great that you can do everything!

Shi Ning thought more about it, rolled her eyes and added inwardly.

“I’ll block the bullet for you next time, I can’t hit anyone but I can still block bullets.

You are in danger now, no matter where our opponents hit you, you will die.”

Nan Xiao showed a small smile on his lips, thinking that—

Now you are willing to say this to me.

You usually don’t care about me.

“Why are you talking so much now”

No matter how happy he was in his heart, his words change when he speaks.

Shi Ning didn’t take it to her heart on what he said after all, he always talked like this.

“Because I wan to win.”

She looked at him and said seriously.

Shi Ning was by nature a person with strong desire to win.

She usually doesn’t care about unnecessary things and would not fight for something useless.

However she wanted to win on the things like competitions and game that she wanted to win.

Although Nan Xiao was reluctant to admit a mistake, but he could still kill opponents easily.

And she could also see that he was playing the game as hard as he could and was almost exhausted.

She didn’t want her teammates’ efforts to go waste.

“Do you know who the last team is”

Shi Ning has a good memory, and she remembers all the elimination information very well, so she answered.

“Lin Suno and the committee member, Jiang Siling.”

“Suno can play guns.”

Shocked, Shi Ning asked.

“The school’s top 1 knows this game He does not look like it ah.”

“Did you forget that he likes shooting sports since he was a child, whether it’s imitations or reals guns, even archery.

It’s what he grew up playing.”

Shi Ning searched around her head, and vaguely had a little impression.

With this circle of childhood friends, most of the original owner’s memory was about Nan Xiao, followed by her brother and then Jin Sihan.

Only Lin Suno, who has a pitiful presence in the memory of the original owner.


Somewhere around a hidden cave.

Lin Suno was sitting motionless, while Jiang Siling sat not far from him, looking at him in a daze.

When she and Lin Suno were partnered together, she was really happy and followed him without any questions.

But as result, Lin Suno just searched for a place to sit and do nothing.

Wondering, Jiang Siling asked Lin Suno why they were sitting and doing nothing.

Lin Suno gave her with only one word.


After hearing that, Jiang Siling thought that he probably does not like to play this kind of game, after all, wilderness adventure doesn’t suit him.

This wait, he means, should be waiting for death.

Jiang Siling also did not think about winning the game, she even felt that as long as she stayed with Lin Suno and wait to die together was also quite romantic.

Lin Suno was not talkative, and the whole class knows and accepted that fact, he usually talks well with Nan Xiao, and Jin Sihan, sometimes with Shi Ning for a few words.

Apart from the group of friends he grew up with, he seemed to have wandered away with other people.

That’s why Jiang Siling tried very hard to strike up a conversation with him, but Lin Suno either did not respond or gave her an indifferent hmm.

In the end she had to give up and stay with him in silence.

Looking at the perfect side of Lin Suno’s face, Jiang Siling’s eyes were bubbling with pink.

Midway through, a classmate found their place, and after Jiang Siling saw someone coming, she thought.

Crap my romantic waiting-for-death with god of learning was about to end here.

However it was not them who died, but the opponent instead.

When the opponent was several meters away, where she couldn’t even see them clearly.

Lin Suno already pulled the trigger and killed them.

And just like Nan Xiao, it was absolutely not necessary for Lin Suno to use more than one bullet to kill the opponent.

Two shot hits the head.

Jiang Siling was stunned.

“You, you you know to play ah”

Lin Suno put down his gun and sat down on his original position.

“Did I say I can’t”

At that moment, Jiang Siling looked at Lin Suno with the eyes of worshipping a god.

She felt that Lin Suno’s whole body was glowing and was too handsome!

Wah! Wah! Wah!

So we’re not waiting to die!

They’re just waiting for the rabbits3!

By the time everyone was killed by Nan Xiao, they were all that was left.

Lin Suno finally move, he took his gun and headed out.


salted fish1– who have no intention of doing anything/ have done nothing to contribute

send them back to drink tea.2– killed them

waiting for the rabbits3!– to wait idly for opportunities


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