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The next minutes, Shi Ning really experience what was called relying to win.

She suspected that as long as she doesn’t shoot Nan Xiao to death, no one would be able to hit him.

This little brother was really what they called; fast, accurate, and vicious.

Three shots to eliminate the enemies

That does not exist in Nan Xiao vocabulary, he basically could shoot the opponents vital, every time.

His opponents don’t even have time to react, and all they know was that they were already dead.


20 Nan Xiao eliminates No.11 Chen Hui and Zhang Le.

Team No.11 is out of the game.”


20 Nan Xiao eliminates No.5 Yin Wei and Wu Su, team No.5 is out of the game.”


20 Nan Xiao eliminates…..”

The headset was full of news about Nan Xiao striking and killing.”

While Shi Ning followed him all the way and just watched him kill people.

“That’s Jin Sihan and Yu Chuyao.”

Shi Ning spotted the two.

Nan Xiao uninterestedly replied.


“Give a face to someone you know and let them live a little longer.”

Nan Xiao added and explained.

Why didn’t you show mercy when you killed the others

Shi Ning protested.

“No, you are just not willing to kill Yu Chuyao.”

Nan Xiao was confused.

He was not unwilling to kill Yu Chuyao, he was just afraid to kill Jin Sihan.

This kid will surround me half a day and bombarded me with his annoying complains!

Nan Xiao looked at Shi Ning and asked.

“Are you not comfortable seeing Yu Chuyao lately”

“How did you know”

“I think you are acting pretty obvious.”

“But many people still think that she and I are as close as sisters.”

Shi Ning was not a person who would find fault on someone for no rhyme or reason1.

Since Yu Chuayo did not offend her, then she won’t find fault with her.

So under Yu Chuyao’s ‘whitewash’, many people still believed that they were on good terms.

Nan Xiao winked at her.

“Now here’s your chance to prove you’re not sisters.”

Shi Ning waved her hand repeatedly after understanding what he meant.

“No, I can’t..

I’m not good at it.”

Nan Xiao insisted.

“With me around, what are you afraid of”

These are the most reassuring words she heard from Nan Xiao.

After gaining courage, Shi Ning took the gun and tried to aim at Yu Chuyao.

“Open your eyes, aim and pull the trigger.”

Nan Xiao whispered into her ear.


A bullet hit Yu Chuyao’s feet.

Nan Xiao was silent for two seconds.

“You’re really a genius, you can’t even aim properly.”

Nan Xiao sarcastically said.

Shi Ning retorted.

“Didn’t you told me to pull the trigger”

“Didn’t I also told you to open your eyes, and aim.”



“My brother Xiao, you guys are really here!”

The sound of the gunfire would inevitably reveal their position.

They missed the best opportunity, it was the opponents turn to counterattack.”

Jin Sihan reacted quickly, and shot towards Shi Ning.

However Nan Xiao also reacted at the same time, he pulled Shi Ning and rolled to the side.

After hiding themselves, Nan Xiao immediately got up and shot Jin Sihan.

“Brother Xiao you won’t even give me face”

“Didn’t you shot my person first”

“Since when did she become yours!”

“Since when did I become yours!”

Nan Xiao surprisingly slipped his tongue, while Jin Sihan and Shi Ning both asked the same question in shocked.

“She’s my partner is what I mean.”

Shi Ning and Jin Sihan both let out a sigh of relief.

Jin Sihan:

Why should I be relieved

He shook his head and pulled himself together again.

Jin Sihan then used his body to blocked Yu Chuyao, with Nan Xiao’s incoming attacked.

“With me here today, you won’t hurt Chuyao!”

“You are already dead, and dead people don’t have the right to participate in the game.”

But Jin Sihan was stubborn.

“Then I won’t permit that either!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were countless gunshots, five bullets fell on Jin Sihan, and three bullets hit Yu Chuyao through the gaps in his body.

There were countless empty colored cannonballs on the ground.

Actually, Jin Sihan completely blocked Yu Chuyao.

Unfortunately when Nan Xiao and Jin Sihan were talking, Yu Chuyao secretly turned sideways and prepared to shoot Nan Xiao and Shi Ning.

However Shi Ning saw this, and immediately, regardless if she couldn’t aim nor how many bullets she used, seven or twenty-seven, she shoot at Yu Chuyao and used all of her bullets.

Once again, the elimination message was announced in the headset.


20 Nan Xiao hit No.

11 Jin Sihan in the chest, Jin Sihan eliminated.”


20 Shi Ning hit Ni.11 Yu Chuyao on non-vital parts three times, Yu Chuyao eliminated, No.11 out of the game.”

This was the first time Shi Ning shot and killed someone.

Somehow she felt great after hearing the announcements.

“I killed someone!”

Shi Ning shared her joy to her partner and said it to Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao looked at the ground full of empty shells, he was silent for a few seconds before saying.

“Do you really have to use all of the bullets just to kill a person”

“Quality is not good but quantity is effective, after so many shots, I could finally hit few.”


Nan Xiao has been with the army since he was a child, and his grandfather’s soldiers played with him every day.

So he was long been train to shoot properly, and this group of children were not his opponents.

This game has basically a child’s play for him.

Abusing his power on some powerless opponents.

However on it was different for her.

At the beginning, Shi Ning was not interested in this kind of game, she intuitively felt that this thing was not suitable for her.

However after playing for a few minutes—or rather after she eliminated someone with her own hands, the little girl was in a state of excitement.

Unfortunately, she ran out of bullets and could only watch her partner kill their opponents.

Shi Ning also finally realized why everyone likes to lie down while playing the game, because it look really cool.

It was really cool to watch.

“Nan Xiao, Nan Xiao hit there.”

“Left, left, Right!”

Since Shi Ning has no more bullets, she could only participate in this way.

“Will you shut up, I’ll kill you if you make any more noise.”

Nan Xiao couldn’t stand her chattering voice and turned his head viciously in warning.

Shi Ning shrank her head and shut her mouth, after finding a hidden place to hide herself.

Fierce, so fierce ah!

“Shi Ning.”

Not long after she was quiet, she heard Nan Xiao calling her again.

Shi Ning ignored him and kept her mouth tightly shut.

Nan Xiao knew she could hear him.

“The situation is a little wrong now.”

“Haven’t you noticed that there’s not more news of other people eliminating people besides us”

Shi Ning was pretending to thought for a while, but still did not speak and just nodded her head gently.

Nan Xiao dark eyes stared at her.

“You can talk now.”

“There are only 10 pairs left out of 20 pairs when we first started, basically there are 18 people left besides us.

It’s impossible that they haven’t meet each other yet for such a long period of time and there was no announcements being generated and we haven’t even heard any gunshots.”

Shi Ning finally realized something.

“That means they are not attacking their opponents.”

“My guess is that they have formed an alliance.”

In other words, they now have two people to take out with half of the pairs that made an alliance.

And out of these two people, only Nan Xiao has bullets, and Shi Ning was just considered as extra baggage.


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