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After driving for about an hour and half, they arrived at the foot of Wuzhu Peak.

As a democratic school, there has been a public opinion survey on the choice tourist sites, they want to visit.

Homeroom teachers would negotiate these places to other teachers.

There were five classes throughout the year, and each class would chose a different location.

That’s why this was the place they’re here for.

By the time, they stood in front of the CS club, the group of youthful, hot-blooded boys were more and more excited.

“Ahhhhhhhhh I’ve been wanting to come here with everyone for a long time, and I finally go the chance today!”

“Hey hey watch how I blow your heads off later.”

Lao Yang reminded in excited voice but expressionless face.

“The place you chose is not a safe and suitable place for students to play.

I won this place for you guys by gambling on my job and issuing a military order.

Today, you can play as much as you want but you need to pay only to one thing, your safety.”

“Got it!, love you Lao Yang!”

What they liked about his class was that he was strict when he needed to be, but lenient and bold in general.

Everyone didn’t expect to see this kind of activity was allowed for a trip in high school.

The club manager gave them an introduction to the rules of the game.

The rules were simple, each team would have a paintball gun, and they just need to shoot the other players.

The enemy needs to be hit three time before they could be eliminated, not unless if they got hit on a vital parts like the head, and the chest.

The one who survives to the end would be the winner of the game.

After introducing the rules of the game, was to draw a lot and divide them into pairs.

After drawing the lots, students read out their numbers and searched for their partner.

“Who is number 15!”

“Where is my number 3~”

“Calling teammate number 7, 007 here please answer.”

Shi Ning unfolded his paper, number 20.

The last number for pair.

She called out into the crowd,

“Who’s number 20”

Unfortunately, everyone was so loud that her voice was drowned out in the sea of people.

Shi Ning thought about it and let it go, there would always be two twenties anyway, she just had to wait for her teammates to come to her.

The noise level of the crowd finally dropped and everyone seemed to have found their teammates.

Shi Ning ended up for not waiting for her number.

Seeing that she was left alone, Shi Ning asked again.

“None of you drew the number 20”

When people heard that, they looked around to help her ask.

“Who is 20”

“Come out 20, your partner is waiting for you!”

“We can’t let Shi Ning be alone, why don’t you come to our team Shi Ning”

Lao Yang also asked.

“Which student drew the number 20”


In the midst of the clamorous chatter, Nan Xiao walked out, and the paper he was holding between his fingertips had a number 20 written clearly on it.

“Wow, with brother Xiao, brother Xiao is really good at this.”

“That’s so true.

Nan Xiao’s grandfather is the commander of the Provincial Military Distrcit, he has seen real guns and live ammunition since he was a kid, this kind of stuff is a child’s play for him.”

“Shi Ning is just going to lie down1, and win this time.”

Her classmates cast an envious gaze at Shi Ning.

However for Shi Ning–

After seeing Nan Xiao, Shi Ning’s first reaction was.

Opponents were always destined to meet.

There were so many people, and of all those people how come I was partnered with Nan Xiao!

“Since everyone has found their partners, change your clothes and then move with your partners.

The students wanted Lao Yang to joined them but he refused.

“This is for you, young people to play, I will not come, everyone have fun.”

Next, the club manager took them to change into real CS specific body armor and equipment.

Everyone came out, each wearing camouflage with helmets, holding a gun in their hands, looking awesome.

Considering the physical disparity between men and women, the men and women were drawn separately when partners was drawn,

22 boys and 18 girls in their class, except for a certain team with two boys, the rest were men and women together.

Jin Sihan was originally partnered with a boy, but he quietly exchanged the paper with the boy who was supposed to be Yu Chuyao’s partner.

Jin Sihan walked to Yu Chuyao’s side with his usual radiant and handsome smile.

“Sister Chuyao, I will protect you! You just stay close to me later.”

On the other hand, Lin Suno was partnered with the class committee member that has a crushed on him for a long time.

The two stood together, the class committee member’s face was plastered with happiness with her whole face dyed in red.

Overall, everyone was quite harmonious.

Apart from Shi Ning and Nan Xiao.

They stood together, surrounded with ice.

Nan Xiao had a sullen face while Shi Ning doesn’t say a word.

The atmosphere between them drops to the freezing point.

In order to pursue authenticity, the event site was the wild and the team that kills most of the opponents or the one that remain was considered as the victor.

There were many of them, so the area of activity was also lager.

After the warm up session, the person in charge gave them a brief description of precautions and announce the start of the game!

Everyone immediately scattered with their respective partners to find a hidden place to hide and wait for the opportunity to move.

Forced to be partnered with him, Shi Ning also had to follow Nan Xiao.

Shi Ning has never touched a gun before, although the coach taught them how to use it, she was still not very skilled, she was holding in in her hand while fiddling it, in half a day.

Nan Xiao looked at the girl who was silently following him.

“Don’t hold me back.”

Shi Ning took a break from playing with the gun and said to him.

“It’s not like I want to be your partner.

You can apply with the teacher now and tell him you want to go solo and you don’t need a partner.”

Nan Xiao: “……..”

Never mind.

He felt the best way to avoid being angry was to talk less to her.

However when he looked Shi Ning holding the weapon like a child, constantly fiddling Nan Xiao could not help but coldly reminded her again.

“Don’t mess up with your gun until you see the enemy, or you’ll shoot yourself to death later.”

Almost at the same time he said this, a colored cannonball shot out towards him and hit Nan Xiao’s leg.

Nan Xiao: “……..”

She really messed it up.

Shi Ning also did not expect this stuff to spew out so easily.


At the same time a live broadcast came over at the headset they were wearing.


20 Nan Xiao, one bullet on the leg, lost one third his life.”

Shi Ning was surprised.

“This game can still kill teammates ah”

Nan Xiao’s face was as black as the charcoal answered back.

“What’s the matter, you want to kill me first”

Shi Ning: “………”

That’s not really necessary.

“I’ve never seen a woman as stupid as you.

This game not only can kill teammates, but can also kill yourself.

So I suggest you give yourself a shot in the head, and our team’s win rate will increase a lot.”

Nan Xiao coldly said while frowning.

“I just haven’t played this before, okay, you’re the one who’s stupid.”

Shi Ning muttered in a small voice.

That’s when Nan Xiao grabbed her body as they walked and pulled her downwards.

He moved suddenly and roughly, which scared Shi Ning that she almost screamed.

Nan Xiao reacted quickly and covered her mouth.

“Look ahead.”

Shi Ning followed the direction of his finger and looked ahead.

There were two people in front of them.

The two looked east and west, guns aimed at countless reversals, unaware that they were already a prey in the eyes of others.

“Big brother will now let you see how to play this game.”

Said Nan Xiao while lying on the ground, aiming at the two people in front, loading the gun.


The bullet hit the girl directly in the chest.

The broadcast came everyone’s headset.


20 Nan Xiamo eliminated No.

7 Gaun Miao.”

After his partner died, the boy panicked and looked around to see where the opponent was.

Another shot rang out and he got red paint on his helmet.

The headset continued to broadcast.


7 Zuo Mingming was shot in the head by No.

20 Nan Xiao, eliminated.”

Zuo Mingming howled at the surroundings after being killed.

“No! brother Xiao how did I become your first target, you could have at least let me experience the game ah!”

After Nan Xiao killed the two people, he looked at Shi Ning.

“Have you learned”

Shi Ning: “……”

She probably won’t learn to do something so vicious for the rest of her life.


to lie down1– do nothing


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