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Shi Ning felt her head ache, her father was trying every means to give her money, while her brother who doesn’t even have enough money to spend also wanted to stuff her with money.


On the day of the trip, the teacher directly informed the class to gather at the school gate, and a shuttle bus was waiting for them.

Probably because they were suppressed in the school, for only wearing school uniform, these young ladies and young masters were all dressed up really well, especially the girls.

Because of the trip, Yu Chuyao purposely went to have a haircut, she also permed her hair, looking much more mature than usual.

She was wearing a lavender skirt suspender, with a hollow white cardigan inside, looking so gentle and feminine.

All the eyes of the boys and girls in the class fell on her as she attracted all of their attention.

“Yu Chuyao’s hairstyle is so nice, I don’t know where it was done, I also want to do mine.”

“You save it, people that are good-looking, whatever hair they have it will look nice on them.”

“Tch, look at some of the boys in our class, those eyes are sticking to Yu Chuyao.”

“She’s a goddess, isn’t she always like this, the focus of all the people.”

This time a girl couldn’t help but say.

“I don’t think so.

I think Yu Chuyao can just dress up well ah, she is actually quite scheming, in class when everyone is not wearing makeup she will wear a nude makeup.

And this boy, who will always be boys was actually bragging everyday how beautiful she is without makeup.

Our class has more beautiful girls than her.”

“Who is Isn’t Yu Chuyao the recognized school beauty”

“Shi Ning, she’s much more beautiful that her, ok! Though she used to have very weird style before, now she looked more beautiful! And pure, which should be standard face for school beauty!”

At this time someone next to them shouted.

“Wow, look! Isn’t that Shi Ning”

The luxurious car that sent Shi Ning to school was so striking that as soon as she got out of the car, she shocked everyone’s eyes.

What’s more was when Shi Ning comes out a more suprising thing came out.

Everyone knows that Shi Ning was beautiful, but they didn’t think it could be this beautiful!

She wore a white lace shirt with half body skirt, and a custom made aqua blue bow with diamonds, was put on as her hair tie, that goes well with her black smooth long hair that was flowing with the wind.

She look like a fairy out from a fairy tale.

“Holy sh*t, Shi Ning isn’t she a little too pretty!”

Some of the boys couldn’t help but lament.

Jin Sihan also looked dumbfounded, he put his hand on Nan Xiao’s shoulder and said.

“Brother, I just wanted to ask if you regretted it afterwards, Ninging is now so good and beautiful that I think you will soon be unable to match her.”

When Jin Sihan said this, he was ready to receive his brother Xiao’s fist but the person itself was completely different from what he expected.

Nan Xiao was just staring at Shi Ning’s direction, his eyes were dark, not knowing what he was thinking.

Seeing that Nan Xiao was ignoring him, he could only withdraw his hand sullenly.

Shi Ning felt that everyone’s eyes were looking at her, so she hurriedly walk and find a place to hide.

She originally wanted to keep a low profile, without any makeup but her mother kept pulling her saying that girls should be pretty when they go out to play.

So she was dressed by her mother and was forced to put on some light makeup.


When all the people were gathered, Lao Yan counted the numbers of students.

“We’re all here, so let’s all get in.”

There were forty people in the bus, which was just enough to seat them.

Considering that there was a mountain climbing activity on the first day, the school hired a separate car to carry their luggage.

The luggage would be sent directly to the hotel for them.

After getting in the bus, there only two seats, side by side.

Shi Ning usually has a few other friends in the class, and the person she was more familiar with was still Jin Sihan.

But Jin Sihan—

After Yu Chuyao got into the bus, she walked over to Nan Xiao.

“Nan Xiao can I sit with you”

Before Nan Xiao could say anything, Jin Sihan interrupted and said.

“Sister Chuyao, there’s no one next to me, you can sit with me.”

Yu Chuyao stood in front of Nan Xiao for a few seconds, but seeing that the other party still did not responded to her, she could only go to Jin Sihan’s side.


Shi Ning’s eyes swept around the bus, hesitating where to sit.

Finally her eyes fell on a person, Shi Ning walked over.

“You, you want to sit here!”

Deng Lan looked her with an incredulous face as she sat down next to him.

Shi Ning was baffled.

“Can’t I sit here”

Deng Lan said nervously.

“No, it’s just that there are so many people, why did you choose to sit with me.”

The boys were just talking about Shi Ning earlier.

She was the new height of beauty, this beauty who was completely compared to Yu Chuyao the school goddess!

And now this Shi Ning with good grades, including her temperament that was like a completely different person was sitting next to him.

She has this kind of aloofness, and accomplishments that her peers do not have, as if nothing could be put in her eyes.

Everything that happened in school, she was indifferent about it, and just quietly sitting in the classroom reading a book.

Such temperament would logically make her appear mature, but it doesn’t.

Her eyes were purer and cleaner than anyone else, with an unworldly innocence.

The boys were always talking privately about pretty girls in their class.

Someone had said before.

“When did Shi Ning become so innocent ah, I gave her a little slightly out of ordinary joke but she did not understand it at all.”

“And her recent results are good.

Last time Wang Hao went to ask her questions, Wnag Hao was staring at her almost drooling but Shi Ning didn’t even notice and just continue to answer the questions seriously.”

“This young miss is not blank sheet of paper1 when it comes to relationships, is she”

“No way, she like Nan Xiao, remember.”

“That was before, and I don’t think she’s been interested in Nan Xiao lately.”

“Hahahaha if I could get Shi Ning to be my girlfriend…..”

The boy who flirted with Shi Ning suddenly began to fantasize.

At that time, Deng Lan who couldn’t listen anymore, said something for his desk mate.

“Don’t even think about it, you should first think about who Shi Ning’s brother is.

In case this conversation today is spread….”

The boys who remembered those rumors about Shi Chen, as the undefeated king in their school, all shut up their mouths.

Even just now, Shi Ning appearance, and surprised everyone.

Excluding her previous heavy makeup, this was the first time everyone saw her with light make up and was dressed nicely.

There were so many good boys in the class, which were more handsome and richer than him.

Not to mention the F4 who were personally recognized by the school except her brother, Shi Chen was all in the same bus, how did the fairy end up sitting beside him

Deng Lan couldn’t really understand.

And the next second Shi Ning gave him the answer.

“We usually sit together.”

Deng Lan froze.

“Just because of this”

Shi Ning nooded, then put her headphones and started listening to English Practice.



Her words, directly broker all of Deng Lan’s illusions.

Deng Lan aggrievedly muttered.

“But this time everyone is free to choose their seat ah.”

Unbeknownst to this, just a second before Shi Ning chose to sit with Deng Lan, and walked towards him.

Lin Suno did a full minute of mental construction and was about to open his mouth at Shi Ning to sit with him when Shi Ning walked up to Deng Lan.

As well, after Shi Ning sat down, Nan Xiao’s oppressive sight fell on Shi Ning and Deng Lan.


blank sheet of paper1– innocent or does not know anything


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