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“Students, you have worked hard during this period.

After the midterm exams, in order to let you relax, the school organized an autumn trip for all the senior students.

This activity is a group activity, no one can be absent without reason.”

As the top aristocratic school in the capital.

Naturally, the life of a student cannot be as boring as that of a normal school.

Just after the end of a major exam, the school immediately arrange an autumn trip for the students.

After Lao Yang announced the news in the class, everyone was very excited.

“Teacher, where are we going this time!”

“I’ve been to most of the tourist spot in the country, so I hope the school will come up with something this time.”

“If we could go into an island, we could all play together something interesting!”

“It’s still fun to explore, and I know a place where CS* is especially fun.”

Seeing that the students were chatting more and more energetically, Lao Yang had to interrupt them.


The class was a little less loud, but the enthusiasm of the students continued to spread and the classroom was still noisy.

“What’s all the noise”

Nan Xiao shouted in a cold voice.

The whole class immediately quietened down, which was more effective that Lao Yang.

Lao Yang sent a grateful glance at Nan Xiao, which the latter ignored and continued to sleep on his table.

Lao Yang was used to this, and was not embarrassed at all.

He cleared his throat and continued.

“This trip is divided into three days, one is Wuzhu Peak and the other to Longhai Resort.”

Jin Sihan whistled.

“Yo, there are mountains and water, the school is not treating us badly.”

Lao Yang cast his gaze in him, and smiled.


Jin Sihan, as far as I know, the most famous hotel in Longhai Resort is Shengheng Hotel.

The place where you live is Shengheng, you can ask your brother to give us a discount.”

When Jin Sihan heard this, half of the smile on his face faded away.

He tugged the corners of his lips, smiled awkwardly and said.

“That’s for sure.”

“At six o’clock tomorrow morning, we will gather on time.

There will be a shuttle bus to pick us up.

So we’ll finish school early today, so everyone can go back early to make preparations for tomorrow’s trip.”

“Teacher, can we go outside to play without wearing our school uniform and just wear our casual clothes”

One of the female students in the class asked.

Lao Yang stood still for a few seconds, then nodded his head.

“Oh yeah!!!”

The whole class cheered.

“I can finally wear my new Chanel dress.”

“If I don’t go out often to play, my clothes and bags at home are going to get dusty.”

“Going to a resort eh, so we can go swimming Can I bring my bikini”

“Wow bikini huh, that’s too slutty.

All the people here are minors okay!”

“Hahahahah I’m just joking, I’m afraid old Yang will kill me.”

All the girls in the class laugh like a group of birds who have been caged for a long time had finally caught a chance to let out to enjoy the sky and the sea.

Among the girls in the class, Shi Ning’s expression was the calmest.

Deng Lan asked tentatively.

“Are you not happy to go out and play”

Shi Ning shook her head and said.


Deng Lan pointed the others,

“Look how excited they are, how come you don’t seem to feel anything”

Shi Ning: “……….”

It’s not that she didn’t feel it, she just wasn’t that excited about it.

The children from noble school have to compete with other to get someone’s attention when they travel for the trip.

In her previous life, spring and autumn trips organized by school were all mountain climbing and mud playing.

There was no time to compete pretty themselves much less compete with others.

What she was most concern of was, for an excursion of this extravagance, there must definitely be a fee.

Shi Ning prepared her heart for this, the cost would certainly not small, but when she saw the school notice–

It seems that preparing her was not enough the pay was 10,000 yuan.

Shi Ning was silent for a moment.

When she saw the message send by their teacher, she happened to be in the living room.

Shi Ning immediately said to her parents.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t want to go on this trip.”

Shi Pingzhan who reading the newspaper asked.

“What’s wrong It’s good to play with your classmates.”

“It’s too expensive to play for only three days, the school made us pay 10,000 yuan.”

As she finished telling this, the whole family fell into silence.

Lin Xuemo stopped peeling apples in her hand, Shi Pingzhan put down the newspaper and Shi Chen’s fingers playing the game paused.

Even the aunt who mops the floor at home also stopped moving.

All the eyes of the whole family were instantly cast on her.

Shi Pingzhan was the first to break the silence and said.

“Daughter, have you been stimulated by something again recently”

“No ah.”

“Then how can you say that 10,000 yuan is too expensive to use for playing.

Dad clearly put 100,000 yuan of pocket money into your card only two days ago.

It was Shi Ning who was silent this time.

She vaguely remember that there seems to be such a cad.

But after she crossed over, she basically was home and school, and nothing to spend the money for.

So she never had the occasion to use the card.

Even if her family was very rich, Shi Ning momentary consumption concept has not fully transformed yet.

Also the 10,000 yuan could cover her living expenses in her previous life.

“I just think 10, 000 use just for playing in three days in not cost-effective.”

Shi Chen talked this time.

“Sister, when you say this, please go and check your cloakroom next to your room and take a look.

The price of a random set of clothes hanging on the wall, not to mention you can play for three days, you can play for a week, and the most expensive you can play for a month.

Do you think that is still cost-effective”

Shi Ning: “…….”

Sorry to interrupt, forget I said that.

Shi Chen smiled and looked at her, his light brown eyes were full of doting.

“My sister even have a suite in the capital.”

Few question marks was hovering on Shi Ning’s head.

Is this a complaint on the clothes..

Shi Chen thought and said.

“If you feel that this is not enough, brother then will give more some more, after all this is your first time going out of school, so it’s right to prepare more money.”

Shi Pingzhan rolled his eyes at Shi Chen.

“It’s not your turn to give money yet.”

After he spat on Shi Chen, he smiled and said to Shi Ning.

“Ningning ah, is it because the pocket money Daddy has given you last time was all used up again Its okay, you can tell daddy, daddy will give you more money.

You did well in the exam this time, daddy will give you as much money as you want.”

Shi Ning waved her hand.

“No, no, dad I think you don’t even need to me money, after all studying doesn’t cost anything.”

Shi Pingzhan firmly opposed.

“That’s not good, you’ve been studying so hard.

How can you deprive yourself of the hobby of spending money.

Spend it! Go ahead and spend it! I have as much as I want here!”


CS- Counter Strike it could be the same with Paintball game


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