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At the Shi family mansion.

After Lin Xuemo went home, she hurriedly asked the aunt maid at home.

“Aunt Zhang, take out that bracelet that came from the old master’s charity auction last time for me.

Also take out that mink coat that I bought in France before.”

Aunt Zhang did as she was told while wondering,

“Madam, these are all your treasures, you don’t even bother to take them out to use them normally.”

But Lin Xuemo was too busy and excited to answer back Aunt Zhang.

After instructing Aunt Zhang, Lin Xuemo was busy dressing herself at the dressing table.

She tried several outfits and called out to Aunt Zhang again for help.

“How about this Aunt Zhang”

“Good, especially for your complexion madam.”

“No, it’s a little too fancy.”

“What about this one It doesn’t seem to work either, it’s not modest enough.”

“This one, right But the color is too dark and looks dead.”

Aunt Zhang looked at the lady standing in front of the mirror trying on the clothes back and forth, with tears and smiled plastered on her face.

“Madam, what exactly is important today Normally you don’t even attend dinner parties with master with such care.”

Lin Xuemo who was excited replied.

“I am so happy, my daughter give me big face1 today.”

“Miss must have done well on the exam this time, the smile on madam’s face hasn’t gone down since you returned from the parent-teacher conference.”

Lin Xuemo nodded with relief.

“Yes, I finally experience today what it means to be a mother relying on his son.”

“Aunt Zhang, guess what rank Ningning got in the exam Guess what rank she is on class oh.”

Aunt Zhang deliberately exaggerated and said.

“I guess Miss got into top 20 in the class this time!”

This was almost middle of the class, so I guess I should be right!

Lin Xuemo smiled at her and said.

“Wrong, it’s second place, even better than Chuyao’s.”

Aunt Zhang was stunned.

“Miss is really enlightened all of a sudden ah, this achievements is almost catching up with young master.

Madam I will immediately go and make Miss a few more dishes that she loves.”

Aunt Zhang was also surprised and was about to head into the kitchen when Lin Xuemo stopped her.

“No need, we’re all going over to the old mansion for dinner tonight.”

Aunt Zhang was even more stunned, she remembered that except New Year the madam and even master has never been in the old mansion, because the old lady did not like it when the madam visits.

And so the madam never visited the old mansion other than New Year.

Lin Xuemo sighed.

“I didn’t expect to hear mother take the initiative to call me back for dinner in my lifetime, although its’ just a meal, but it’s a big step forward between us as a couple and mother.”

Aunt Zhang knew how difficult it had been for Lin Xuemo wall these years, her eyes also welled up with tears.

“Madam, you have finally waited until this day.”

“I’m really happy.

I now feel that there is no difficult problem in this world that cannot be solved, as if things that I originally had no expectations for are suddenly hopeful.”

The outsider could only say that marrying into a wealthy family was beautiful, but no one knows the hardship behind it.

The high door pressure, and the complicated relationship was just one of them.

And for a pure nature like Lin Xuemo this was difficult to deal with.

She was part of a wealthy family that was full of family struggle.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she loved Shi Pingzhan too much, she wouldn’t have chosen such a life in the first place.

Originally, she only intended to endure all of this in silence, but today she found out that it could be change.

And that was because of her daughter.

Ningning was really and angel given to her by god.

While the two were talking, Shi Pingzhan happened to arrive from work.

He put down his briefcase, walked over to his wife and said.

“Honey I’m home.”

Lin Xuemo raised her head, Shi Pingzhan immediately notice the wet corners of his wife’s eyes.

This is, did she cry

Shi Pingzhan quickly comforted.

“Momo, why are you crying, is it because of the parent-teacher conference today.”

The more he thinks about it, the more sure he was.

Lin Xuemo nodded and held Shi Pingzhan’s hand excitedly.

“Honey, our child she—”

Before she could finished her sentence, Shi Pingzhan took over her words and said.

“Wife, don’t worry I will attend the next parent-teacher conference.”

Lin Xuemo stared blankly at Shi Pingzhan, not understanding what he meant by his words.

Shi Pingzhan rubbed her little hand.

“Did the teacher said something again with Ningning’s bad grades or was the other parents giving you a look Tell me, I’ll see who dared to look down on my wife and children of Shi Pingzhan!”

Lin Xuemo pushed his hand away.

“Who said our daughter had bad grades My daughter did well her grades.”

“Then why are you crying”

“I’m just excited, I ran into Mother at the parent-teacher conference today, she attended the conference for Yu Chuyao.

Knowing that our Ningning did well on the exam this time, mom was really happy and invited our whole family to go to the old mansion for dinner together.”

Shi Pingzhan opened his mouth in surprise.

“Did mom really say that to you Is the sun coming out from the west…”

Lin Xuemo wiped the tears from her eyes.

“It’s all thanks to our baby girl.”

Shi Pingzhan had not yet recovered from the shock.

“Wait, what kind of score would Ningning gotten to coax the old lady into saying that Is it possible that she has improve better Did she get out from the bottom and get into the middle rank”

Shi Pingzhan asked tentatively.

“Is that all you know about your daughter”

Shi Chen came down from upstairs at this time.

He was wearing a hooded blue shirt and work pants, looking so extraordinarily handsome on him.

He was also holding a skateboard on his hand, obviously planning to go out.

He lightly glance at Shi Pingzhan with a scornful expression.

“Your daughter dumped a group of mediocre students by wide margin this time, she was second in her class, almost better than Suno.”

It was probably rare to see such colorful expression on the face of his father, who has always been a majestic man.

So Shi Chen who rarely talked to his father, said two sentences to him today.

“The most annoying thing in life is the Doctrine of the mean2.

Life should be about living life to the extreme.

As Shi Chen sister, she could choose either the nothing at all or the top.”

“What kind of thinking is that! What is wrong with raising ordinary children, at least they work hard! What’s wrong with being on the bottom at least there is room for improvement.

Your thinking was quite problematic.”

Shi Pingzhan couldn’t help but lecture his son.

Shi Chen pulled the corner of his mouth, put the skateboard on the ground, stepped his feet on it, in a cool and handsome pose disappeared from their sight.

Shi Pingzhan could only looked at him angrily.


big face1– respect or reputation

Doctrine of the mean.2-represents moderation, rectitude, objectivity, sincerity, honesty and propriety.

The guiding principle is that one should never act in excess.


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