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Lao Yang speak up for Shi Ning, since he was really happy with the recent changes he saw in Shi Ning.

He said to the director.


“Director, even a smart child had to be willing to learn before she can have good grades ah.

Shi Ning was full of thoughts about love before and never prioritized her study.

But since she came back from the hospital, she has change a lot.

She comes to school early and goes back late every day.”


The director then nodded his head and suggested.


“This Shi Ning is a good seedling, she easily realized her mistakes.

Do not let her go astray again, who did she fall in love with before Let’s talk to that student and let him not affect Shi Ning’s study again.”



But Lao Yang hesitantly said.


“……I can’t talk with that student..”


“It can’t be, that one, is he”


The director asked tentatively.


Lao Yang nodded.


The children of the four most powerful and wealthy families were all in Lao Yang’s class.

Especially the Nan family, which was the head of the four families, not to mention the school was owned by them.


This was also one of the reason why the school tolerated Nan Xiao’s’ I-don’t-care-attitude, plus since he was the only son of the Nan family, which was to put it bluntly, their future boss.


The director shivered.


“Forget it, if we can send that Budhha to graduate safely then we can peacefully burn incense to our ancestor.”


It doesn’t matter whether she’s was really in love or not, as long as it was over.




Shi Ning wondered if it was only her imagination or not.


She always felt that the number of times she ran into Nan Xiao recently was so frequent.


For example, today after school everyone in the class had left to go home.

While Shi Ning was left, reviewing her notes.


But when she finally left after reviewing, it also happened that Nan Xiao came back to the classroom after playing basketball.


The two looked at each other before moving their eyes away.


Shi Ning thought about the day he rudely pulled her to the hallway and decided to distance herself from the violent maniac.


“Your good sister is crying, don’t you want to go and see”


Nan Xiao suddenly spoke.


Not far away from the bench under the Wutong tress, there was a beautiful and lean figure of a woman.


Though her back was facing to them, Shi Ning could tell that she was crying from her sobbing movements and the constant wiping of her eyes.


Under the yellow Wutong tree, the autumn wind rolled up the maple leaves falling on the ground, matches the slim back of the girl.


She really was the modern version of Daiyu1.


The villain was a villain after all.

Even if she falls behind for a short time, she would never fail to act.


I did not see this coming.


Shi Ning sighed looked at Nan Xiao,


“What am I going to do Someone specially prepared it for you.”


After saying that Shi Ning left.


Nan Xiao looked at Yu Chuyao who was still crying not far from him, thinking that they grew up together after all, he walked over.


Hearing some movement behind her, Yu Chuyao turned around saw Nan Xiao.


“Nan Xiao why are you here”


Yu Chuyao surprisingly asked.


Nan Xaio originally wanted to say.


‘I was playing basketball, and saw you crying so I stopped by.’


But he suddenly remembered Shi Ning words.


“Someone specifically prepared it for you.”


Suddenly it seemed that the person it front of him was not as simple as she seemed.


Yu Chuyao wiped her tears.

Looking at her teary appearance any boy would feel heartache and the impulse of wanting to protect her.


“I’m sorry letting you see me like this.

It’s just too humiliating…it’s just that I ….

I feel so useless.”


Nan Xiao asked expressionlessly,




“Actually it’s not that easy to do both study and music.

I stayed up all night studying during the days I was out to compete but I didn’t expect that I would still failed this time, even Ningning has become so good now, and while I’m happy for her, I felt bad that I can’t do anything right.”


No man wouldn’t feel the sense of protectiveness after seeing a beautiful and good woman who was weak and crying in front of them.


Yu Chuyao was sure of this.


She specially came here to wait for Nan Xiao.

This time Shi Ning has robbed her of the limelight, she was already at the disadvantage.


Now what she need to do was to turned the disadvantage into her advantage and exchange her failure to Nan Xiao’s pity.


“Just because of that”


Nan Xiao asked.


The first sentence shattered Yu Chuyao’s beautiful fantasy.


Then he said,


“Crying because you didn’t do well on test, you really are quite useless.”


“Then according to you, in this kind of school, a scum like me is unworthy.”


Yu Chuyao didn’t expect him to say that at all, although Nan Xiao had a bad temper, he was still polite to her.


How did it become this way


Nan Xiao has been annoyed by Shi Ning’s 180 degree change of attitude these days, and was even more impatient to see Yu Chuyao crying.


“In the future you can go find another place to cry.

I often play basketball here, and I don’t want see any woman crying near it.”


After saying these words, Nan Xiao left without looking back.


Leaving Yu Chuyao frozen in place, completely unable to believe what had just happened.



Daiyu1– of the principal character of Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th century Chinese novel,  She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty and beautiful young woman of physical frailness who is somewhat prone to occasional melancholy


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