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When Shi Ning was dragged to the school supermarket by her brother, and watched him buy her two large bags full of snacks with the manner of sweeping the supermarket, she realized that this was his so-called relaxation.


Shi Ning was rendered speechless.


“There’s so much, I can’t finish it.”


Shi Chen didn’t care and said,


“Then eat slowly, and then you can give it to your classmates if you can’t finished it.”


Finally, Shi Ning could not resist him and went to the classroom with two large bags full of snacks.


The original owner had no other friends in the class besides the three childhood friends, F4.

Shi Ning looked at the two large bags full of snacks and was worried that she couldn’t finished them at all.


The two large bags were so full and felt heavy to carry.


She carried one bag and gave it to Jin Sihan.


“You ask Suno and eat it with him.”


Jin Sihan looked at the large bag full of snacks,


“Brother Chen bought it for you”


Shi Ning nodded.


“Your brother is feeding a pig, right, to buy you so much”


“So didn’t I come here to feed you”


Shi Ning dropped the sentenced and turned around to leave.


Jin Sihan: “…..”


Shi Ning returned to her seat and opened a packet of biscuit.


It’s really a lot”


How can I finished this alone


As she ate, she suddenly noticed that the table next to her was looking at her intently.


Shi Ning looked at Deng Lan’s sturdy body.


En, he should be quite good at eating.


She moved the other bag that was full of snack on the table to the side.


“Let’s eat together.”


Deng Lan was so shocked that his jaw dropped.


“What’s wrong with you”


Shi Ning asked in confusion after seeing him so emotional.


“Nothing, just touched.”


He still remember the first day of school.

Seeing her beautiful and fairy-like young lady as his desk mate he felt so overwhelmed, however her first words to him was.


“Hmp! Sitting the same table as me, don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and see if your deserving to be my desk mate Just because teacher Lao Yang doesn’t allow me to sit with Nan Xiao, I wouldn’t sit here.”


Puzzled, Shi Ning just stared at Dng Lan who was lost in his thoughts as if reminiscing something.


She did not understand why he was touched, she was only thinking that he should be very good at eating.




At class A, year 3.


When Shi Chen returned to the classroom he dropped two large bag of snacks at the center of the room.


“Come on everybody, let’s celebrate together.”


The people in room looked at him with surprise.


“Brother Chen, what’s the celebration about, you’re getting married”


Shi Chen grabbed a piece of chocolate and threw it at the man’s head.


“Married you mother, Laozi1 is not a law breaker.”


I’m not even at marriageable age.


“Then for what!”


Everyone continued to ask.


Shi Chen curled his lips and smiled,


“I’m happy that my sister is striving for success.”


“I know, I know.”


Someone in the class said.


“My brother from year one told me that Chen’s sister, Shi Ning had good scores in the exam.”


Everyone was even more confused.


Is it worth celebrating the fact that your sister’s scores have improved a lot


How come you don’t celebrate every time you get the top score for the whole year three


Everyone felt a little bitterness for the big brother who has just recently experienced the happiness of spoiling his sister too much.


One of Shi Chen classmates said,


“Shi Chen you are already this happy that your sister’s grades improved, then what about if your sister gets the first place on the next exam”


“Then I will immediately hang a banner at the school to celebrate.”


He would tell the world that his sister was the best.




After Shi Ning’s results came out.

It really caused a big stir, a stir not only among the students but also generated a lot if controversy in the teacher’s office.


People have seen fast progress, but never seen such fast progress.


Some teachers also suspected that she cheated on the exam, so they checked the cameras installed for monitoring.


It showed that Shi Ning has been concentrating on her own papers, and there was no cheating happened.


The math teacher who saw Shi Ning’s changes said,


“But this child is very hard working recently, yes she did not study before but she work’s hard than anyone else and was also very smart.

She recently came to me to ask advance and more difficult problems than the usual things learned in class.

I just give her some pointers, and some examples and she already knows what to do next.

Really gifted child ah.”


The history teacher, supported.


“And this girls had a great comprehension skills and remembers things faster than anyone else.”


The class advisor, Lao Yang immediately agreed.


“Yes, yes, yes! It’s true that she has a good memory! I was shocked by the speed of her memorization and doubted if she ever forget it.”


“Too smart”


“Indeed really talented ah.

If you study hard surely you will be the backbone of the country.

This an honor to our school.”


“Sure enough.

An apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree2, she’s as good as her brother.

As for senior 3 Shi Chen, I heard that he was taken the top in the exams.”


“As long as she is willing to work hard, she will be the next Shi Chen in the future and she will be the most powerful competitor for Lin Suno.”


“That’s not necessarily.

No one can compare to Lin Suno’s mathematics and chemistry.

Second grade will be divided into arts and science, she is obviously more suitable for arts.”


A group of teachers gathered around and talked as if they had discovered a new treasure.


The director coughed to get their attention again.


“If she’s this talented, why wasn’t she discovered earlier If I remember correctly she was the problem student, right She even committed suicide a while ago.”


According to Shi Ning’s situation, if it wasn’t for her strong background she would have been advised to drop out of school.


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