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“Crap, what did I just see”

“Second place is Shi Ning”

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes and rubbed them hard.

“It’s not Yu Chuyao but Shi Ning! This is really a big news!! A big news!!!”

“Impossible, the last monthly exam Shi Ning is at the bottom ah! how could she suddenly jump to second place, she must have cheated.”

“Are you stupid Shi Ning took the exam in the last examination room, tell me who did she copied to In our class her scores are closer to Lin Suno, surpassing Chu Yao who was in the ninth place.”

Everyone was stunned at the amazing speed of Shi Ning’s progress and was even more stunned to see that she taken the position that was second only to the-ten-thousand-year unbeaten first placer Lin Suno.

This time Yu Chuyao could hold back the expression on her face, she couldn’t believe that Shi Ning scored better than her.

“Wow Shi Ning your political science, history, and geography all scored almost full marks.”

Everyone checked Shi Ning’s score on every subject and found out that her science score was not particularly good, but her English was far worse.

While Lin Suno’s scores, he got full marks on mathematics, physics and chemistry.

But Shi Ning’s liberal arts was also good it was just that her English was scored lower.

She only got 70 points out of 100 in English.

Yang Chuan belongs to the International Noble College, where most of the students were promoted from junior year to senior year.

And since their junior year the school has spent a lot of money to hire the best English teachers and professional foreign teachers for their students.

So the students of Yang Chuan have high scores mostly on English and Shi Ning score was just average.

Being in the top of the grade and only getting an average score in one subject was pretty bad, and it belong to one of the most critical subject.

But thinking of it on another way.

If her English was only score 70 points, but was able to be the second on her class and fifth in her grade.

What’s more if her English score was improved, she would be close to top three on her class, and if her science was also a little better, she may even shake up Lin Suno’s position.

After all her political science, history, and geography were 99, 98, 100 were all unprecedented.

Everyone looked at Shi Ning like she was a monster.

Shi Ning felt nothing, this was not her ultimate goal, before reaching the finish line again, these was not worthy to be proud of.

It’s one thing not to be proud, but you had to educate some people who were overly proud, right

Shi Ning turned her head, looked at Yu Chuyao and smiled.

“Sister Chuyao, this time I accidentally beat you in the test.

It seems that this learning casually just by listening was not that reliable in making you a second placer.

You have to work a little harder ah.”

Yu Chuyao’s face stiffened and pulled out a smile.

“It seems that you have improved a lot during my absence Ningning, sister is truly happy for you.”

“Thank you for your praise sister Chuyao, I’ll try to make you happier in the future.”

Her stress fell heavily on the word happier, which has deep meaning behind it.

Yu Chuyao was choked by her words and could only smile awkwardly.

Shi Ning glanced at Yu Chuyao’s follower behind her.

“As for some people, don’t think I can’t hear you.

You know I really have a bad temper, if you let me hear later that you are chewing your tongue1 behind my back, I may not be very happy.”

The girls turned pale in an instant.

“I’d like to see who dare to upset my sister.”

A clear male voice came behind Shi Ning.

In a noisy classroom, it was as beautiful as a jade plate, catching everyone’s ears.

Shi Ning turned her head and saw that it was none other than her brother, Shi Chen.

Shi Ning didn’t notice when her brother was standing behind her.

“Brother, when did you get here”

“Just came, I won’t join the do inter-class exercises today and it will take a long time before it ends, thought I’d come and see you.”

“It’s Shi Chen, Shi Chen in F4! So handsome ah!”


my male god..

senior three is not the same building as us, usually it’s rare to see him.

I did not expect that he’d come to our class today!”

“What’s he doing here Looking for Shi Ning But why did I hear that those two siblings are not on good terms”

“Yes ah, I’ve also heard that the two of them have the same relationship as enemies.”

The students couldn’t help but talked a lot when the man of the wind came.2

“What happened just now Who made you unhappy”

Si Chen asked again.

Before Shi Ning could say anything, Yu Chuyao talked first.

“It’s just a few ignorant students in our class joking around, Ningning will definitely not take it to heart, don’t think too much.”

“I’m even more unhappy when sister Chuyao say’s it like that.

A few of them are talking behind my back saying that I’m not as good as you, so in your eyes, it was just a joke”

Yu Chuyao’s face paled in an instant, and her nails dug into her palm.

“Sister didn’t mean it like that, I just think that it’s better to avoid unnecessary trouble since we’re all classmates.”

“I don’t really care about that trouble, for me Shi Ning’s matter is my business.”

When he threw these words out, all the whispers and discussion was silence.

He was this protective with his sister

What bad relationship! Your mother! This is simply spoiling his evil sister to death!

After Shi Chen said those words, Yu Chuyao’s face turned paler.

She looked at Shi Ning with jealousy.

She bit her lip and turned her head to scold the people behind her.

“Did you hear that Is Shi Ning someone you can talk about behind her back Don’t think that a few words could stir up the feelings between me and Shi Ning.

If I hear you talk badly about Ningning behind her back again don’t say that you know me in the future.”

Those girls did not expect Yu Chuyao to change sides so quickly, obviously they had been discussing these privately before and Yu Chuyao had never stopped even after hearing them.

Bu because Shi Chen was here, these girls did not dare make a sound.

Although Nan Xiao was the person they were afraid to offend of in the school now, but before Nan Xiao, the one who dominates the whole Yang Chuan was the one in front of them.

Several girls came forward and apologized.

“Sorry Shi Ning we didn’t expect……”

We really didn’t expect that you’d do well on the exam.

“I really didn’t expect you to do better than Chuyao in the exam.”

Some of these girls were dissatisfies with what Yu Chuyao had just done and coldly mocked.

Shi Ning didn’t really care about them, frankly speaking she didn’t care much if they discussed about her behind her back because honestly she was not hurt, at all.

She did this just to take the opportunity to intimidate Yu Chuyao.

“Forget about them, by the way brother I got second in my class this time.”

In front of her family, Shi Ning’s attitude changed from calm and quiet to a lively person.

Shi Chen smiled,

“I know, just now on the way here I heard people in your class talking about how great you are to get from the bottom third of the class to second place.”

He then looked at closer at her score.

“Pretty good ah, your liberal arts subject are very good.

I used to be much more worse than you in politics, history and geography when arts and sciences were not divided into classes yet.”

Shi Chen boasted.

“But I’m not as good as you in science nor in English.”

Shi Chen put his hand on her head and rubbed it.

This was the first time Shi Chen felt that having a good sister was good, especially after they reconciled and Shi Ning changes.

He specifically like to rub Shi Ning’s head.

The girl’s hair was smooth and soft, it also has mild fragrance in it that was not nauseating.

“What are you afraid of With your brother her, you can make up for everything.”

“And now that the exam was over, don’t think too much about it.

Let’s go, I’ll take you to relax and unwind.”

With that Shi Chen pulled her out of the classroom.


chewing your tongue1– talking behind her back/insulted her

man of the wind came.2 –influential figure


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