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“What’s wrong with me”

Nan Xiao was almost choked to death after Shi Ning asked back the question.

Really what’s wrong with her

The anger and scorn he received recently was all because of her, and no woman had ever dared to do this to him.

At first he thought that she was just trying to get his attention, but then, day by day she didn’t care about him and she didn’t even talked to him.

And even if she did, she would anger him to death with just a word or two.

It had been a long time since anyone had annoyed him this much, and this woman succeeded in attracting his attention.

“Have I offended you Why do you always have problem with me.”

Nan Xiao asked impatiently.

Shi Ning has full of question marks hovering over her head.

How dare you, ignore me!

It’s too late for you to avoid me.

Nan Xiao thought.

Since she started it he would make sure she would finished it but not by ignoring him!

“You’re overthinking.

I don’t have a problem with you.”

Not understanding Nan Xaio’s question and with the thought of cherishing her life by staying away from the male lead, Shi Ning added.

“If you’re not satisfied, I’ll make a detour whenever I see you in the future, how’s that”

After saying these, she immediately pushed the door open intending to leave.

But, who knows why, Nan Xiao pusher her against the door, locking her in between his arms.

And suddenly approached her closer.

“Didn’t you say you love me Now you’re avoiding me like I am a monster, is your love that cheap”

His eyes were fixed on her, hoping to see through her facade.

Unfortunately he didn’t see anything, from beginning to end.

She was like a thousand year old pool, no ripples could be seen1.

Her eyes that was once full of love and admiration were all disappeared.


Shi Ning doesn’t understand anything that Nan Xiao was talking.

His mood was so baffling.

He’s what’s wrong with him..

She grab Nan Xiao’s arms and break free from him.

Shi Ning looked into Nan Xiao’s eyes and said the words seriously.

“I don’t like you anymore.”

After saying that she pushed him and walked away from him.

While Nan Xiao froze in place.

It was only at that moment that he really believed that she wasn’t really getting his attention by ignoring him.

She just doesn’t really love him anymore.

These days everything in his eyes was wrong with her, because she no longer loved him.


The school was so efficient in checking the papers that the day after they finished the test, the result were out.

But before the results were uploaded, there was a lot of talked in the class.

“First place must be still Lin Suno.

He is no longer the master of study but the god of study.

Since junior year he’s always been the top one in our grade and it never changes.”

“Of course, but who do you think will get the second place this time”

“It should be Yu Chuyao.

I stand by my goddess unconditionally.”

“I also think its Yu Chuyao, she’s really smart and clever, and she even know music.


I feel so inferior when I stand in front of the goddess.”

When Yu Chuyao heard her classmates say this, she laughed lightly and pouted.

“You guys quickly stop talking, I’ve been away for so long, how can I take the second place for year 1”

Thinking about this, Yu Chuyao was right.

After all she away for more than one month, and just came back recently, this surely would have an impact.

“Then, what will be your rank this time”

Someone asked.

Yu Chuyao lowered her head and smiled,

“Hmm..If I can’t get the second place in our grade then, it should be second in our class.”

“Wow! That’s amazing too!”

“The goddess really deserves to be called a goddess.

Even if she was away for more than a month she could still get second place in whole class.”

“Usually I don’t see Yu Chuyao take notes on discussions that much.

She really is smart.”

The class song lot of praises for Yu Chuyao.

Yu Chuyao lowered her head to express her embarrassment and innocently said.

“I was just lucky.

It was not that hard for me to catch up with the topics since it was not that difficult.”

“I just listen carefully in class since I’m lazy taking notes and I don’t really like reviewing the topics at home.”

Yu Chuyao explained shyly.

What nonsense.

Shi Ning thought while rolling her eyes.

At this time Yu Chuyao saw Shi Ning and asked her with a smile.

“Ningning, how did you do in the exam this time I see you’ve been studying really hard lately, you should make a lot of progress this time.”

Shi Ning smiled and replied.

“Of course, maybe even better that you.”

As if hearing a joke Yu Chuyao covered her mouth and laugh.

“Ha ha ha, Ningning you really know how to joke.

Sister hopes to see that day.”

Shi Ning turned her head away, not wanting to pay attention to her anymore.

Seeing her indifferent look, Yu Chuyao thought that when the result came out later, she would know who’s better than who.

There were a few loyal followers of Yu Chuyao in the class, and when they saw Shi Ning turned around, someone whispered to Yu Chuyao.

“Chuyao don’t pay attention to her.

Can she even do better than you Just look at her level.”

“That’s right, so what if she study’s hard when her brain can’t even catch up with it.

Unlike you, you can take the second place even if you don’t study hard.”

“Chuyao you are so smart, how can you do it, being smart and beautiful at the same time, ah..

Were so envious.”

Floating in happiness with her classmates praises, Yu Chuyao thought to herself.

What’s the use of hard work Shi Ning

You can’t even climbed up from the bottom of the class to me.

However on the surface she still reproached them and said.

“How can you guys say that.

Ningning is working so hard, she will definitely be rewarded.”

“Hey, you’re just too kind.

Can’t you see that Shi Ning is throwing her face at you now”2

“Yes, she if getting more and more arrogantly lately, even brother Xiao dare not looked at  her in the eyes.”

These girls were really upset, as if they were fighting injustice against Yu Chuyao.

They all talked badly at Shi Ning, not minding if she heard everything or not.

While Yu Chuyao smiled and said nothing.

After a while, one of their classmate came running to the room and shouted.

“Classmates! Classmates! The grades are out!”

The computers finally received the uploaded report cards.

Someone turned on the projector so everyone could see the exam results on the big screen.

The student operating the computer clicked on the report card as the class watched nervously.

No one could see it clearly, and he had to drag it straight in the middle, while saying.

“Everyone wait, I’ll look at my score first”

The boy holding the computer mouse, giggled playfully.

“Hurry the hell up.”

Someone in the class berated.

After the boy checked his scores, he dragged it back to the grade ranking.

They first check who was at the bottom.

Nan Xiao.

He’s name was at the very bottom of the class ranking.

Jin Sihan looked shocked and said.

“Brother Xiao, what’s wrong with you You used to get better grades than me.

I’m fifth from the bottom this time but how did you end up at the very last”

Nan Xiao said with a cold face.

“Not in the mood to take the test.”

In those three days, Nan Xiao was just watching Shi Ning, writing and answering all those questions, while ignoring him who was sitting beside her.

Looking at Nan Xiao’s name at the bottom, everyone was scared of provoking him so they quickly asked the boy holding the computer mouse to move it directly to the top.

The first place, as everyone expected was Lin Suno.

And the second.

Was not Yu Chuyao.

But Shi Ning.


TL: So I did replied and commented back on the comments section, but there was just some problems on our side so some of the comments and my replies are not posted.

(but we are already working on it)  And for that I’ll post it here instead ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

yes, I know that Jia you is Chinese, what I mean was that it should have the same meaning as korean’s fighting/hwaiting which was cheer up.

I guess I wasn’t able to explain that clearly, that was my bad.Yup the author used the Seno on that chapter, but it should Lin Suno.

If you wanna check and use any translation app it would sometimes be translated as Sennuo or Senu

And lastly thank you for all the comments and likes, please do not hesitate to ask me on the comments section below if you some question or and clarification, and I’ll do my best to answer and explain.


thousand year old pool, no ripples could be seen1–  there was no changes in her emotions, like a pool no wave, just calm

throwing her face at you now.”2– provoking/ asking for a fight


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