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Shi Ning’s examination room was quite lively, all student were chatting and was making noise.

Compared to other rooms that was busy memorizing knowledge points.


Shi Ning happened to sit next to Nan Xiao, and when the male students saw her, they all snickered loudly.


They were not in Shi Ning’s class and had never spoken to her before.



isn’t this sister Shi Ning We all remember the scene where you confess to brother Xiao last time, you were really awesome ah, really awesome.”


“I heard you went to the hospital after that ah, why is it, were you sick”


Shi Ning doesn’t want to pay attention to them, and ignored everything they said.

She was more focused on reviewing the Chinese essay as her reference, for the first exam.


The boy saw that Shi Ning ignored him but he still continued,


“Oi, don’t ignore me.

We are also considered as old acquaintance, we’ve been in the same examination room since junior year.

You even received my test notes before.”


“Can you be please be quiet for a while”


Shi Ning gave him a cold look and said.


After being warned, the boy touched his nose and said to Nan Xiao.


“Brother Xiao what’s wrong with her”


The temperament was like a different person.


Nan Xiao leaned on the chair, with his head rested on his hands, gazing faintly and after seeing Shi Ning, he withdrew his gaze, with frivolous smile on the corner of his mouth.


“Can’t you see it, someone is going to take the first place in our grade.”




The boy laughed loudly.


“Sister Shi Ning wants to be the first in our whole grade I think it should be more like within this room but even that is impossible”


“Well actually, it should be plausible, the ranking was not that far, she just need to pass 30 people.”



“The one at the back, you hear me Next time, you’re going to give up your position to Shi Ning.”



The whole room was filled with mocked and snickers from the boys who don’t believed and never saw Shi Ning’s changes for the past month.


“Is that funny”


Shi Ning spoke.


The boy couldn’t stop laughing, and laugh longer.


“Hahahah funny.”


“Then take your time and laugh slowly.”


Shi Ning looked at the initiator, Nan Xiao.


“If you don’t study hard yourself, you have no right to laugh at those who work hard.”



Her indifferent attitude bored Nan Xiao, and as the laughter around became more louder and noisy.


Nan Xiao kicked the table, and his cold stern eyes swept the around the room.



“Laugh at your mother, get out if you don’t want to take the exam.”



Everyone immediately fall into silence.


The room was so quiet as if they were in the middle of the exam.


When Shi Ning said those words, she was ready to lose his temper.


But she didn’t expect that this temper was not directed at her but at everyone.

With his temper the classroom became quieter.


She can finally review in peace.


It didn’t take long for the announcement telling everyone to go back to their seats as the exam would soon begin.

Proctors and teachers walked in each room with exam papers in their hand.



Everyone took their material out and started preparing for the exam.


The first test was Chinese language, liberal arts category was what she was good at.

Shi Ning quickly finished the questions and started writing the essay.



About 20 minutes before the end of the exam, Shi Ning finished her essay and reviewed her answers.



She felt someone staring at her, she turned her head and saw that it was none other than Nan Xiao.



She then inadvertently glanced at his test paper.



The composition page was blank.


The essay this time was about ‘What I want to write’.


Noticing Shi Ning’s eyes on his paper Nan Xiao stopped staring at her and started writing.




I wanted to hand in blank paper—



There were nine exams, which would take place a total of three days.


At the end of the exam, on the third day people coming out of the exam room were all checking the answers.



Shi Ning came back to classroom from the library and accidentally heard them talking about the topic.


“The mathematics is so hard this time, I feel like I won’t pass.”


“Math was hard I think physics is harder.”


“Isn’t geography difficult It’s obviously an arts subject, but the test is even more dizzying than science.”


Shi Ning knew remembered the questions herself, but didn’t want to check her answers with others.

She wanted to go home early, so after packing her things she went home directly.


When she came out of the classroom, she ran into someone, she was going out and the boy was going in.


The boy was very tall that Shi Ning could only looked at his chest.


“Right or left..”


She just wanted to apologize but after getting a good look at the boy’s face Shi Ning quickly change her tone.


“Let me through.”


Nan Xiao’s face blackened and didn’t move.


Shi Ning slipped out of the door though a gap on his side.


She hadn’t taken a few steps when someone grabbed her collar from behind.


Shi Ning turned her head and saw that it was Nan Xiao.


“What are you doing Let go of me!”


Nan Xiao ignored her and dragged Shi Ning by the collar all the way to the emergency stairway.


Usually there were no people passing by the emergency stairway.


After Nan Xiao dragged Shi Ning, he closes the door with one kicked.


The loud thud produce by the door after Nan Xiao kicked it declared his impatience and irritability.


Shi Ning however was calm, and to be precise she had been looking at him with calm eyes since she woke up that time.


Nan Xiao took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit a fire.

The scarlet light of the fire went out between his slender white fingers.


He finally calmed down and asked Shi Ning.


“What wrong with you lately”


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