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Shi Chen flipped through the papers she had done answering.

Mathematics 85.

Physics 80.

The wrong ones were all difficult problems and the basic ones were almost all right.

The two sets exercise books she chose were of medium high difficulty, about the same difficulty as the school’s usual questions.

They were only in first year of senior high school.

The total score of all the subjects was 100, according to the difficulty of the test papers, the score of Shi Ning’s two subjects should be the top ten in a single subject class.

When Shi Ning heard a rustling sound, she rubbed her eyes, looked up and saw that her brother was turning over the papers that she was done answering.

“Brother, when did you come in”, asked Shi Ning.

“Just now, why haven’t you sleep yet”

“It’s time for the mid-term exams, just study a little longer.”

Shi Chen smiled helplessly,

“Your just on your first year, you can just work harder when your third year.”

“You are a genius.

I can’t compare to you, so I need to start ahead.”

“I remember that you have never passed in mathematics before, but now just for the past half month you can already get 85 points in this difficult test”

Shi Chen continued,

“Although you are only in your first year, your knowledge was already high.

I am your brother but I can’t tell what level you are now.

A month ago even if you are given a middle school math test, you might not be able to pass it.”

This person is really sharp!

When he said these word by word, Shi Ning slowly felt uneasy, afraid that he could be see through her.

Shi Chen was not wrong with what he said, just based on the original owner’s knowledge, it was impossible to make such great progress in such a short time no matter how smart you are.

Moreover, if she was really that smart, why did she not do it earlier

Shi Ning also once thought about whether to hide her strength and slowly, step by step she would progress steadily.

But thinking about it carefully, she was now Shi Ning, even if someone suspects her what could they do

She did not cheat, nor engage in crooked ways, this was her own scores, her own efforts and there was no need to deliberately fail the test.

But today looking at her brother, she suddenly felt guilty.


As she was trying to figure out how to explain it to him.

“As expected of my sister, her brain is as smart as mine.

You can do others can’t do.”

Shi Chen suddenly said.


Shi Ning’s heart that was suspended above suddenly fell on the ground.

She looked at her brother in daze.

Shi Chen rubbed her head and said,

“There are ready-made resources here.

Why don’t you know how to make use of them ah if you don’t know how to solve the problem in the future, just come and find your brother, okay”

“I’m afraid, I might disturb you.”

Shi Chen was in senior three, and she doesn’t want to trouble him.

Besides, except for some problems that she can’t solve, she could usually read and try to analyze then understand it by herself.

“Fool, you are my sister.

You can find me anytime you needed me, it’s not a disturbance at all.”

Shi Ning was quiet for two seconds and looked at him, then said seriously.

“Brother, you are so kind.”

Shi Chen chuckles and closes the book on her table.

“Don’t study.

What time is it now, and yet you’re still awake.”


I haven’t listened to the English practice yet.”

Shi Ning said weakly, finally shutting her mouth under her brother’s warning glare.


so fierce oh..

Finally Shi Ning was pulled to sit on her bed, Shi Chen watched her lie down before walking out of the room and also helped her turn off the lights.

Shi Ning lay down on the bed and covered herself with the blanket.

While closing her eyes, she thought to herself.

So this is how it feels to have a brother.

It’s like having a mountain to lean on, she could rush forward without hesitation and could occasionally stop to rest in peace.


On the day of examination, Shi Ning packed her things and was prepared to enter the examination room.

The school assigns exam rooms according to the ranking of grades and because the original owner’s grades were so poor, she went to the bottom room this time.

On the way to examination room, Shi Ning ran into Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao.

“Ningning, we’re in the same exam room again this time.”

Jin Sihan smiled at her.

“Jia you1”

Nan Xiao butted in.

“Studying so hard every day, are you planning on taking the first place this time”

Shi Ning heard that he was being sarcastic, she chose to ignore him and went directly to the examination room by herself.

Jin Sihan and Nan Xiao entered the examination room together.

Nan Xiao confidently took the seat in the front row of the examination room.

This means that he has the best scores in the whole room, although the people inside the room were from the bottom few of each classes.

“Brother Xiao is so amazing, surely you’re going to the next room for the next exam.”

No one in the school don’t know who Nan Xiao was, the male classmate seated beside him praised Nan Xiao.

Nan Xiao leaned on his seat, his slender legs stretched straight and looking so bored, he said.

“What next door I don’t like it there.

I like it here.

The air is fresh and it’s lively.”

Shi Ning: “…..”


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