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After returning home in the evening, Shi Ning hurriedly finished her dinner and then went back to her room and study.


It has been half a month since she was transmigrated.

In that past half month, Shi Ning had been studying advance courses in addition to what she learned in class.


However since mid-term exam coming up, she had stopped with advance courses and focused on the mid-term’s coverage.


She naturally has no problem with liberal arts since she has good memory.




There should be no problems with basic questions, but each set of papers would have a few difficult questions.


The topics and techniques of teaching in big cities was different from that in remote mountainous areas.

Shi Ning has never been exposed to this kind of things since she was a child.


Although she was smart, she was not a god, and her brain can’t keep up with all of it at once.

So it would be difficult for her to get high marks or even full marks in physics and mathematics.


After reading some books, Shi Ning analyze and check the set of questions that she got wrong.

She carefully circled the easy to overlook but tricky questions and find correct answers, after practicing few more questions.


A long time had passed, but Shi Ning was still focused on answering the questions and simply did not mind to care about other things.


When Shi Ning finished all the tasked she had set for herself on that day, Shi Ning sighed with relief and put down the pen in her hand.


And because she had wrote too much, her fingers hurt a bit.

After rubbing her finger together, she stretched her sore neck a bit.


When Shi Ning looked at the time, it was already more than 12 o’clock in the evening.


It was still too early.


Shi Ning rubbed her temples, lying on the table intending to close her eyes and rest for five minutes before continuing to listen on English practice.


Among the courses, she had more difficulty in was English, and she can’t learn it overnight.


It could be said that the original owner did not study at all before, she only relied on her family background.


Being accepted on the best school from childhood to adulthood were due to her family’s influence.


In class, she would either read comic books or romance novels, Shi Ning could hardly find any knowledge or learning in her memory.


Shi Ning did not learn English in primary school before but only in her junior year.

Their education condition were so poor that most of the teacher who came to teach them would leave soon after teaching them.


Most of the thing they know were taught by themselves.


She could easily remember the words but unfortunately her pronunciation was not the standard, also her grammar and conversational English was not good.


She need to take time and study it every day.


The best way to learn language was to make use of the spare time, for example after completing the task, she could listen and remember a few words before going to bed.


Shi Ning originally just wanted to take a nap for a few minutes and then get up to study.


She just didn’t expect that when she lay down, she would feel deeply asleep.


In the middle of the night, Shi Chen was thirsty and planned to get up, go downstairs and pour himself with a glass of water to drink.


He passed by Shi Ning’s room and saw that the light was still on while the door was halfway open.


She’s still awake at this hour


Shi Chen thought, he pushed the door and walked in to take a look.


With warm yellow light shining the room, Shi Ning who was lying on the desk, eyes closed, with a shallow breathing was sleeping quietly.


Her head was still resting on the book and the lamp was faintly warm, apparently it had just been turned off.


Shi Chen check the time, and it was already one in the morning.


This girl actually studied until so late.


His eyes fell on Shi Ning’s face, he didn’t seemed to notice but she has a long, curved eyelashes covering her eyelids, and cute, beautiful face.


On the table was different kinds of books and papers scattered, Shi Chen also saw her math and physics scratched papers and the corrections she made as well as the papers full of mistakes next to them.


And under her head an English listening book.


Shi Chen knows that she has been studying hard recently, but he didn’t expect it to be this serious.


He was touched inside, looking at his sister who had been studying late at night that she had fallen asleep on the table, she looked very clever and lovable.


Shi Chen always felt that studying was an easy thing, exams were even simpler, but at this moment he hated why studying was needed and exams existed.


Their country has was exam-oriented education, which makes Shi Ning worked so hard.


Shi Chen gently flipped the paper test result next to Shi Ning.


And his eyes widened looking at the score above, Shi Chen was surprised.


His sister.

When did she became so smart


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