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After the teacher left the classroom, the students begun to discuss the upcoming exam.

“Ah! Why do we need to take the exam again!”

“Exams comes too fast like a tornado.”

“It comes and goes, worst it come once a month.”

“I thinks it’s good to test our current level! I hope I can improve this time!”

“I just don’t want to fail ah, but ugh..

I also don’t want to take math..! I don’t want physics either!”

“Don’t even talked about it, last month’s exam I only got 30 points, is that even a score”

Sarcastically complaint by a male student.

It was the first time they encounter a senior high level mathematics problems, compared to junior years the gap was to wide.

The questions formulated by the school was too difficult, that almost half of the class failed the test.

“Oh, but I remember your score was not the lowest in our class—wasn’t it 28 points”

“Who was it”

“If I remember it correctly it should be Shi Ning.”

Someone pointed out.

Everyone’s eyes simultaneously looked at Shi Ning, who recently has been so focused on her studies that people tends to forget that she was once also one of the dumbest student in the school.

“Bother your unlucky this time.

Shi Ning has change, she now study’s really hard.

This time, you are destined to be the bottom of the class on the math test.”

Another boy patted the student who got the 30 points, on the shoulder.

The 30 points walked towards Shi Ning and asked her,

“Shi Ning ah, how many points do you plan to get in the math test this time”

Shi Ning who was still focused on her physics exercise book, turned her head and answered,

“I don’t know, it depends on the difficulty of the problem.”

“You’re not going to pass it this time also— are you”

Shi Ning looked at the boy with a puzzled look,

“Isn’t it basic to pass a test”


Look, this is what people say!

Are these the words of a student who once scored 28 in math!

This was basically as difficult as heaven and earth for him!

“Don’t be naïve, and don’t think that just because you work hard for a while, you’ll really become one of the top students.”

The 30 points boy defiantly retorted.

Shi Ning frowned,

“Passing doesn’t really mean you’re one of the top students ah, isn’t that what a student should do”

Annoyed, thirty points boy stopped talking to her, and walked back to his friends.

He felt that if he continue to argue with her, he will die of anger.

“Speaking of top students, we have two of the top scorers in our class, one male and one female.

The first placer and the second placer.”

“Yes ah, Seno and Chuyao are already good looking but they also have good grades!”

All the students in the class cast an envious eyes at the male god and goddess.

Yu Chuyao smiled and said modestly,

“What are guys talking about, I didn’t even take the exam last time, second placer in our grade is not me.”

“That’s because you didn’t come.

Since junior year, the first and second was always been Seno and you.

Tong Lu that transferred student is nothing.

She’s just a country bumpkin.”

A female classmate in the class said.

“She doesn’t deserve it but you do”

Nan Xiao’s gloomy voice came sounded in the whole room.

The big boss who was slumped on the table sleeping whole afternoon raised his head and opened tired eyes that was full of annoyance and impatience.

The girl who obviously forgot that Nan Xiao was still in the classroom, immediately apologized when she realized that she had said something wrong.

“Sorry, I was wrong.”

Nan Xiao sneered and stood up from his seat.

“A bunch of nerds—how boring.”

He swung his bag on his shoulder and put his other hand into his pants pocket and walked out of the classroom coolly.

Before leaving he left one sentence.

“Studying counts for nothing.”

Shi Ning: “…..”

Originally he had no problem saying that, after all for him studying was flatulence for him.

But what did he mean with those words when he said this sentence after passing by Shi Ning

Shi Ning felt that he had insulted her and her effort at the same time, after hearing him.

“You are already nothing, even without studying.”

Shi Ning muttered in a small voice.

Her voice was not loud, but Nan Xiao has surprisingly good ears.

He turned his head and stared at Shi Ning.

“What did you say”


“I f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g̲ heard it all.”

“But you still asked Why do you always talked so much nonsense.”

What’s with this righteous look on her face

The last person who dared to treat him with this attitude was still lying in the hospital!

“Damn it.”

Nan Xiao walked out of the room with black face while cursing.

“Shi Ning you are so awesome.”

After Nan Xiao left her desk mate, Deng Lan gave her a thumbs up.

Shi Ning turned around a little and found that everyone in the class was looking at her with inconceivable eyes.

After all, she was the first one in Yang Chuan that made Nan Xiao defeated just like that.


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