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When Shi Ning started to study seriously, everyone thought that she was just pretending, and showing to Nan Xaio that she could do it too.

After all everyone knew that Nan Xiao had a different attitude towards the new girl who recently transferred to the next class Tong Lu as she has good grades.

Everyone thought that Shi Ning also wanted to follow Tong Lu as a good student.

Unexpectedly weeks passed and she was still able to put up with it.

Shi Ning seemed to be possessed by something, she was the first student to arrive at school and the last to leave.

And most surprisingly, whether Nan Xiao was there or not she would still continue to study.

Even more shocking was she doesn’t even care if Nan Xiao was really there, as long as the room was too noisy she would go out and find a quiet place.

Deng Lan secretly watched her answer the questions and the quietly opened the page for the answers in the exercise book.

Strangely enough, all was correct.

This was just simply unscientific.

In the past, Shi Ning’s grades were always at the bottom, but then suddenly she just turned into a study machine and her grades were one of the top.

How could she suddenly do that!

Either she was hiding her strength before.

Or she was a genius, who do not like to study, but once she put her mind on it!..

No matter which one it was, Deng Lan feels that his desk mate was quiet frightening.

In the afternoon, their teacher had a short meeting before the class was dismissed.

“Students, it’s been more than two months since the school started, how do you feel about studying”

There was a lot of complaints at the bottom of the class.

Although senior one’s courses were not difficult.

They were not divided into liberal arts and science courses, so they need to learn many courses instead.

As one of the best private high school in the province, Yang Chuan’s demands on the students were naturally high, with wide range of courses and heavy learning tasks, making everyone wails.

“Us teachers knows that you just entered senior year, the amount and difficulty of courses are not the same level as your junior years and you may have difficulty in adapting.

But there is nothing we can do about it.”

The teacher added,

“This is the most crucial period of your life, college entrance examination will be much more difficult than this, so don’t think that you can just relax.

As long as you allow yourselves to relax, you can’t catch up and when you can’t catch up you can’t lay a good foundation, and later when you wanted to study it will be more and more arduous.”

After Lao Yang finished his sermon, he said.

“Anyway, after a long time of studying, I believe that everyone wanted to know how far their achievements are.”

As soon as the whole class heard this, they immediately had a n ominous premonition.

Sure enough, the next second Lau Yang said,

“Next Monday will be our midterm exam.

All student please seize the time to prepare.”


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