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Translated by: Parfait


Of course, they only dared to talk in a low voice, because after all, everyone knew each other in the classroom, and they knew behind her was the Shi family.

No one dared to offend her.


It’s time for class.


Nan Xiao, Lin Suno, and Jin Sihan came in together.


Shi Ning then remembered that she was not in the same class as Nan Xiao, so she pestered her father to change her to Nan Xiao’s class.


Seeing her reading, Nan Xiao smiled mockingly and walked straight to his seat.


Lin Suno walked over to her side and placed something on her desk when he passed by.


Shi Ning saw that they were ointment and band aid.


He probably noticed that she was hurt.


When Shi Ning wanted to turn her head to thank him, Lin Suno had already gone to his seat.


It was Chinese class.


The Chinese teacher was their head teacher, her surname was Yang, and she was in her forties.


She came in to see Shi Ning sitting on the seat, and asked, “Is Shi Ning in good health now”


Shi Ning replied, “I’m fine, teacher.”


“Don’t do stupid things in the future.

It’s normal for you to have a crush at your age, but you have to learn to control your feelings.

When and what to do should be carried out clearly.

At this stage, you should abandon these kinds of thoughts and focus on learning.”


After she finished saying this, she felt that she was too strict and demanding for a girl who had just committed suicide for love.


Then she lowered the standard and said to Shi Ning: “Of course, teacher knows that your feelings for Nan Xiao are stronger than gold, and it’s not so easy to give it up.

But you should be rational.

Don’t hurt yourself in the future.

If you do it again, it will also bring trouble to Nan Xiao.”

Shi Ning stood up at this time. 


“Teacher, I think you are right.”


“At our age, we should study hard.

Don’t worry.

I don’t like anyone.

I only have learning in my heart.”


Everyone stopped reading and looked at her in unison.


The moment she stood up, the teacher thought that she would lose her temper and leave class.

Who knew she would say such a sentence


Teacher Yang: “Well, since you figured it out, you may sit down.”


“My God, Shi Ning says she doesn’t like Nan Xiao anymore The sun has just risen!”


“I suspect my ears are hallucinating…”


The students couldn’t believe it.


And sitting in the back of the classroom, Nan Xiao’s expression is more like eating Xiang.


And Nan Xiao, who was sitting at the back of the classroom, had a more ugly expression.


After the turmoil ended, Teacher Yang began to teach, holding a stack of study plans in her hands.

She then asked the Chinese class representative to distribute them.


“Tomorrow, the teacher will have an open class.

It will not be in the textbook, but an extracurricular class.

Today will be an introduction to the lessons.”


After the copy was sent out, Shi Ning saw that it was not in the textbook.

The title of the article was Huanggang bamboo house, with a length of about several hundred words.


The teacher explained the content of the text briefly.

After explaining the meaning of the article, she looked at her watch and saw that it was ten minutes before class would be over.


“That’s all for today’s class.

For the rest of the time, read the text carefully and get ready for tomorrow’s open class.”


The students began to read the article.


After several minutes, the students lost interest, and most of them only waited for the bell to ring.


Upon seeing this, Teacher Yang joked, “You won’t read it anymore If you can recite it, then it’s not necessary to read them all over again.

That’s right, who can recite the whole next now Raise your hands.”


Because it was an extracurricular Chinese classic, the length was not long, but because the text contains a lot of strange words, and the meaning was difficult to understand, understanding them smoothly was hard.


The students thought the teacher was just joking so they were not too concerned.



Why is someone raising their hand” Jin Sihan said at this time.


“Damn it, it’s Shin Ning! Shi Ning! Am I right ” Jin Sihan exclaimed after seeing it clearly.


Everyone looked at Shi Ning.

Her hand was slightly raised from the table.


“How can she recite such a difficult article in a few minutes I don’t believe it.”


“I will believe it if it’s Lin Suno, but it’s impossible for Shin Ning.”


“If she can recite it, I will eat the Chinese book.”


Jin Sihan’s favorite thing was to make a fuss.

Seeing the bustle in the classroom, he turned to Nan Xiao who was sitting behind him and said, “Brother Xiao, Shin Ning is so powerful that she can recite this nonsense in a few minutes!”


Nan Xiao sat on the sit with his legs crossed as he threw the textbook on the table.


“Oh, she raised her hand and you believed it Her grades are lower than you in the last exam.”


Jin Sihan: “What if she really recited it”


Nan Xiao: “She will be my father.”


Jin Sihan: “Shin Ning probably doesn’t want you as her son.

This is not a reward.

How about satisfying her wish”


Satisfying Shi Ning’s wish


What could her wish be but be his girlfriend


Forget it, she couldn’t recite it anyway.


Nanxiao: “Okay.”

Jin Sihan immediately yelled in the classroom: “Shi Ning! Nanxiao says that if you can really recite it, he will fulfill your wish and will call you father!”


Nanxiao: “”


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