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Chapter 40


Shi Ning and grandmother Shi talked happily, there was no room for anyone to interfere.



Yu Chuyao could only looked at them angrily, and after talking to Cao Shu, she went back to her room resentfully.



Walking back to her room, she saw a familiar figure.



“Sihan what are you doing here”



On the second floor corridor, she saw Jin Sihan standing, and looks like he was waiting for someone.



When Jin Sihan saw her approaching, he hid his hands behind his back and his face a little flustered.



“Sister Chuyao, I ….”



Jin Sihan was one or two years younger than all of them, with a delicate baby face and big eyes more beautiful than that of girls, he looked very cute.



Usually, Jin Sihan would act cute and joyful that even those who doesn’t like skinny and beautiful boys were willing to spoil him.



But at this moment, Jin Sihan looked so timid, and his hands that were behind his back was obviously hiding something.



He also didn’t dare to look at her directly and his ears were obviously red.



This expression—



She had seen many of them.



Those boys who chased her, where all like this.



Yu Chuyao smiled and said warmly,



“Are you here to see me”



Jin Sihan nodded as his red ears became a shade darker.



Yu Chuyao took a few steps closer to him, smiling gently and her voice were as soft as water.



She put her hand on his shoulder.



“Why are you nervous, you’re making me a little nervous too.”



“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you…”


“Not at all, we have met many time since I came back.”



But I never seen you alone, like this.



Jin Sihan said from the bottom of his heart.



“But yeah, you were right, we’ve been very busy this days and we really didn’t have the chance to chat properly.

Sihan it’s been a long time, I miss you.”



Yu Chuyao smiled and extended her hand towards him.



Jin Sihan looked at her sweet smile and nervously extended his hand also.



“Long time no see..

and I’ve….

Miss you very much too.”



“What’s behind you Won’t you let me have a look”



Yu Chuyao turned her head to look over.





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